Outlander S6 Opening Credits Breakdown by Blacklanderz® Jessica L.

While Droughtlander is ALMOST over, Jessica decided to do what she is really good at . . . providing us with a breakdown of the opening credits for S6. ~ V

Spoilers Alert: For non-book readers, below may contain some spoilers. If you don’t want to know, stop here!

Starz released the Outlander S6 opening credits this week and like myself, the fandom had a meltdown.

I watched the opening credits over and over and over and over and recognized so many different things.

The first noticeable change is the Skye Boat Song rendition that starts off with a male voice (Griogair Labhruidh) instead of Raya‘s voice, which we are used to hearing.

I was hesitant at first, considering the lyrics had changed from ‘Sing me a song from a lass that is gone’ to ‘Sing me a song from a lad that is gone.’ But after hearing it a few times, it has grown on me.

I appreciate Bear’s creativity in serving a different rendition of the same song each and every season. Hearing the Skye Boat Song and seeing the opening credits feels like coming home to a warm hug.

I am excited to see A Breath of Snow and Ashes (ABOSAA) finally adapted. We got a few storylines from ABOSAA in S5, but now we really are getting a dive into it in S6.

After watching the opening credits multiple times. OK 1 million times give or take…

I noted and came up with some theories of what I think is happening and what I loved about the S6 opening credits.

So, let’s jump into it!

S6 Opening Credits Breakdown

To start, in every season of the opening credits we get this image of Claire’s legs as she is running through the woods in episode 101.

I love that they always add this to the opening credits because I feel it is just such a stamp that says this is Outlander and this entire journey starts with THE Sassenach.

The next image we get in the opening credits is Jamie riding up to the stables at Fraser’s Ridge. Let me start off by stating I could watch Jamie ride a horse looking like the king of men for an entire episode.

Also, I love this shot of him, the way he’s in the middle with the sunlight beaming on the sides of him almost like wings, he looks like some type of angel on his white horse.

Moving on to this shot of Jamie, Bree, a Red Coat, and some other men doing a bit of target practice on the ridge.

I love that we can clearly see Bree here; it’s amazing to see her being a badass alongside these burly manly men. I think images, such as this one, are another reminder that the war is looming and will continue to be a problem for the Frasers.

There is also one question I was left pondering. Who is the Red Coat? We know Jamie is done with the Red Coats after Murtagh was killed (RIP to the OG godfather) and Roger almost died from being hung.

Next, we have a look at the Ridge during winter and the construction of a church. It’s high time Fraser’s Ridge gets a church, as the Ridge is expanding, and new families are settling.

I am sure this church will see many weddings, church services, baptisms, and more! Also, spot a man walking up to the church. And based upon his stride, it appears to be Roger Mac.

The next image we see in the S6 opening credits, is a Native American.

This serves as an important reminder of the Native’s presence during this time. Additionally, I wonder if we will get into young Ian’s time among the Mohawks.

I know after reading ABOSAA, young Ian has quite the story to tell, and hopefully, the writers dive into that in S6.

Bonny Scotland. A true beauty.

I will never get tired of these picturesque scenes of Scotland. This image is of some individuals in a boat, and it is difficult to make out exactly who it is.

But without spoiling it for the non-book readers, there is a moment where certain characters escape a boat in ABOSAA. So, I wonder if this is that moment.

Moving onto the image of the jail cell.

I have so many theories about who is on which side of the bars and who in the cast does and does not have perfectly manicured hands, but I digress.

There are a few different scenarios this moment could be, but I have a strong feeling the Christies are involved and have Jamie and Claire entangled in their drama.

We know the Christies will be bad news this season and to be honest, I am not prepared for a particular storyline that left me very upset and ready to throw hands while reading ABOSAA.

So prepare yourselves for some Maury and Jerry Springer-type drama.

Now, it wouldn’t be an Outlander opening credit if we didn’t get some Jamie and Claire showing skin.

The Frasers being sensual and freaky onscreen is what is missing from the TV world I must say.

The way Claire is gripping Jamie’s hair here, I hope she unbinds it and lets his hair loose. Also, the way her hands gently trace the scars on his back is so personal and passionate.

And here is another screenshot for research purposes….

Hey Alexa, play Meeting in my Bedroom by Silk.

All right, moving on to something wholesome.

Here is Jem running with a wooden toy plane in his hand. I hope he’s playing with his Grandda and Grannie in this scene!!

Briefly, at the end of S5, we saw Roger carving wood toys for Jem and one of those toys must be an airplane. I love how similar this image of Jem with his toy airplane is to young Roger in S2 with his toy airplane.

Like father, like son.

The next part of the opening credits, we see Claire packing heat!

Claire appears to be rushing out of the house and you can see some men tussling in the distance. I went through every millisecond of this shot of Claire with this gun and I can’t pinpoint who the men are.

But whatever is going on, I think the Browns are involved. We haven’t seen the last of them, unfortunately.

Also a shout out to whoever did the editing of the opening credits.

They understood the assignment!

Claire holding a huge gun just as Caitriona’s name pops up as a producer, oh that’s just a little iconic.

Then, there is Marsali spinning at the wheel. This is probably the only quiet time that she’s had alone in months.

She usually has kids running around while Fergus is off somewhere. And she’s probably pregnant in this shot.

I must say, I am in awe of how many kids she and Fergus have because spoiler alert they’re still adding to their numbers in book 9 (Go Tell the Bees I Am Gone).

Not only does Marsali have to deal with all their children, but she also will have to deal with a depressed Fergus.

Here is Fergus, having a dram sitting lonely by the fire. Not to spoil the books, but just know Fergus goes THROUGH it in ABOSAA and it seems that will be played out in S6. He becomes the embodiment of a sad Frank Ocean song.

Brianna Ellen Fraser Mackenzie is an innovator/engineer!

It’s incredible to see Bree has created matches, ahead of its time. I cannot wait to see Jamie‘s reaction when Bree shows him the matches too.

Also, I love when the show has Roger and Bree creating things or referencing the future. it’s essential to their characters to see them bringing in the future into the past.

Most importantly, it’s lovely to see a female character being an engineer in any time.

And who am I kidding? I’m the biggest Sophie stan and a scientist, so of course, this image of Bree got me so excited! Shout out to the women in STEM!

Moving on to Roger Mac kneeling before a cross. It appears that Roger has found his calling as the minister of the Ridge. I’m glad that Roger becomes the minister because he honestly had no real function in S5.

We know Roger isn’t very good at the outdoors type stuff or shooting, so it’s good to see him find a purpose and to succeed at something.

The next image in the opening credits is Jamie leading some men along with Ian on their way to defend or protect someone probably.

It’s hard to make out who this is, but if you zoom closely you can see Jamie’s white horse and what looks like Ian with bow and arrows on his back to the right of Jamie.

I do love this shot of them riding along the beach, exquisite camera work.

And the opening credits must end with a beautiful shot of Jamie and Claire looking out over the land, the snow blowing around them.

These two have such a grip upon me. I just get giddy and happy seeing them together. They are such an incredible couple that will go down as one of the best couples in TV history no doubt.

So much to look forward to in S6 and the opening credits served us just a tidbit of what’s to come.

Four Scenes I want to see in in S6. 

1. “Both at once?”

The ABOSAA readers out there will understand what I’m referencing.

I desperately need the writers to provide that comedic levity and give us the infamous Lizzie and the Beardsley twins storyline.

2. Tom Christie is in love with Claire.

I would love to see in S6, Tom being in love with Claire because we’ve seen women being in love with Jamie.

I think it will be interesting to see that Claire is desired by other men because she is gorgeous, strong, and intelligent.

3. Claire dealing with some PTSD.

I hope we see Claire still processing her assault that occurred last season because I feel like that’s very important to her character arc, and that assault has a lasting effect upon her even years later.

So, it is important we see her still processing what’s happened.

4. Bree and Roger extend their family.

The last thing I would love to see the S6 is Bree and Roger adding to their family.

Jemmy deserves a brother or sister. After everything that has happened in S4, they deserve a bit of a do-over in terms of having a baby.

Outlander S6 premieres March 6, 2022 on Starz.


Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures. No copyright infringement intended.


2 thoughts on “Outlander S6 Opening Credits Breakdown by Blacklanderz® Jessica L.

  1. I loved this breakdown of the opening credits! Jess picked up on so many tidbits that I most definitely missed. My favorite parts were:
    1. Claire and Sam intimate scene and the song There’s a Meeting in My Bedroom, which my grandson has been playing to harass the women in my home.
    2. Tiktok meme song : They understood the Assignment with Caitronia as a Producer, as she brandishes a long Rifle.
    3. Frank Oceans sad Song when you referred to Fergus’ depression.
    Once again I absolutely loved this breaking apart of the credits! Kudos to you Jess!!!


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