Blacklanderz®Convos! Outlander S6 Epi5 – Give Me Liberty


Outlander S6 Epi5 – Give Me Liberty

Written by Barbara Stepansky | Directed by Christiana Ebohon-Green

This conversation is between Blacklanderz® Amanda-Rae (Ar), Ayana (Ay), Marsha and Tami. Arranged and edited by Vida.

Over my career, most of the challenges have just been about not being given opportunities. Although I went to the National Film School and did all of that and was qualified at every point, my experience and my ability were questioned. It was really difficult to just get really small gigs on the soaps and things like that. And you’re constantly trying to prove yourself [on those sets as] they’re supposed to be stepping-stones on to bigger things.

But for me, I found that I was kind of stuck, really hitting a glass ceiling. For years and years and years, I was doing episodes and episodes and episodes that were good, but trying to get attention from other shows and bigger things. It just really wasn’t happening which I despaired. I saw other directors, male, white, whatever, racing ahead of me, even though they had a lot less experience or a lot less training.

It was difficult because you don’t know what else you can do to give yourself the opportunities that you feel you deserve. It’s been amazing in more recent years to have opportunities on bigger things and make good episodes and thrive.

At some point, you start to doubt yourself and think, ‘Well, I wasn’t given the opportunity. Maybe they knew something. Maybe I couldn’t. Maybe…’ It’s so liberating to [work] putting in your heart and soul and being able to try your hands at all these different things that weren’t available to you before and to do them well.

~ Christiana Ebohon-Green

Ar: We’re back in Scotland in 1746. The timing of this shot had to be just right as it’s clearly the very early morning light.

Ay: Ohhh, another cold open. Isn’t this the third of the season? Mark me, we are going to get a “Mark Me”. The bonnet is what he complains about, not the corset? I agree Amanda, Scotland has always been a character in this show.

M: The scenery in this episode! Honestly, the scene is as much a main character of the show as the actors. The mood is instantly set, with the dark, misty, muddy landscape. I felt the chill in the air jump through my tv screen. Where’s my blanket?! And look who we find … the Bonnie Prince all dressed up in a woman’s dress! A welcome surprise in this scene. I didn’t think I would see his character in the show (beyond that of a reference), anymore. But it warmed my heart to see him; even though a lot of lives were lost due to his stubborn poor judgment in the past.

T: It’s funny that this is a cold opening, and the scene seems like it’s bitter cold. I like that we’re getting a backstory; it adds depth to the episode.

M: The Prince looked so vulnerable, his cold, stiff hands shaking with fear, while Flora McDonald displayed all the bravery and strength in this scene. Her character is clearly strong and vigilant.

Ar: Mark me, The prince is not convincing me that he’s an elderly woman at all.

T: I’m to be honest, I don’t understand why people are helping this popping jay. He led innocent men to their death that resulted in total annihilation for a lot of clans. He looks nothing like a woman.

Ay: Wait, isn’t she forgetting her paperwork? I would be suspicious of her for forgetting it. It seems to be a lifeline and she was forgetting it.

MARK ME! I can’t stand this man but giddy for the callback.

Hold up, they’re not rowing to a larger ship?

T: She got away with it which begs the question: does the Redcoat officer know and just can’t be bothered?

M: As the Skye Boat song now opens, this rendition of the song, as the prince in disguise sails off into the night, is just haunting…majestic… beautiful. The cinematography is purely magnificent!

Ay: All the screenshots in the beginning changed. I don’t think Outlander has done this before. The first few are always consistent with the latter shots being part of the season. This is just absolutely gorgeous. Not seeing the running legs of Claire is jarring, but the replacement is stunning. Actually, it seems all these shots are of the boat and water. Where are all the candid shots of the episodes to come?

Ar: I believe the absence of the still shots from later this season is to indicate that this episode is actually a transition point in the plot.

T: The theme song was already fantastic, but in Gaelic, it makes it even more magical. I’m a fan!

To Governor Josiah Martin,
from James Fraser, Esquire.
Yer Excellency . . .

This is to notify you of my resignation as Indian Agent.
As I find that my personal convictions
will no longer allow me to perform my office
on behave of the Crown in good conscience.

In thanks for your kind attention and many favors
and wishing you well in future,
I remain your most humble servant, James Fraser.

M:  Well now, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Once his mind is set, he sees to it. I quit, lol! No more Indian Agent, for me! Still a Man of Honor, he does so with class.

Ay: Such a long way of saying, “I quit”.

Ar: Jamie’s letter may seem a bit long by our standards today, but it’s very 18th century in style.

T: A letter of resignation before computers or typewriters. Jamie is even poetic in his resignation.

M: Jamie is still a powerful man, a leader among men and the British know it. So, my guy, John Grey, who looks marvelous I might add, plays his role so well. He is going to confirm what he knows deep in his heart is true. Jamie is not looking to revolt at all. Uh-oh… somebody’s in for a surprise.

Ar: LJG is nervous because he may not even know the full answer to the governor’s question. It’s been a minute since he’s spoke to Jamie. Both know that the men on the Ridge will follow Jamie’s lead into battle or into staying on the side lines.

Ay: Side note: I want a LJG spin-off with David Berry as lead. He is one sexy man and I love his costumes. Martin needs to be writing to Jamie about his loyalties, not asking LJG.

T: So great to see Lord John! I wish Jamie told Lord John about it before he sent his formal resignation. It would avoid putting his friend in such an uncomfortable situation. I’m glad Jamie resigned but now his loyalties are being questioned. Which is worse? Thank goodness Claire and Jamie are experienced in playing the game.

Ay: I preferred Jamie’s leather vest a couple episodes ago. However; when he threw the jacket on, it made this whole outfit pop. I can’t tell if it has another color threaded in or if it’s just dust.

I enjoy Claire and Jamie moments, this many years later. I’m not sure if it’s because I know Caitriona is pregnant or the way this is filmed. But it is standing out how they hide part of her in every shot. I’m thinking I would have noticed before because the costumes stand out in this show, and I want coverage.

T: Agreed! I’m a huge fan of all of their scenes. There is so much intimacy in all their interactions. Yes, I also agree that it is evident that Catriona is quite pregnant in this episode, but I admire how they manage to disguise it using props and costumes.

Ay: Jamie’s body language is saying crush.

I’m excited to see her
after all these years.

Ar: Agree, he was way too excited to see Flora.

You know, from everything
you’ve been telling me,
it sounds like you had
a small crush on her.

T: I think it’s a mix between a crush and admiration ( fanboy-ing). It’s a tendresse.

Ay: Fergus staying busy has to be good for him.

Ar: I’m concerned he’s away from Marsali, but it is good that he’s embarking on a new project and stage in his life.

T:  Marsali and Fergus will be fine. But I’m just concerned that since they’re moving, does that mean we’ll see them a lot less than we already do?

M: Well, now. There are some mixed feelings between Jamie and Aunt Jocasta. He’s happy to see her, but there is something more on his mind here.

Ar: I believe what happened last season has to be on his mind. It’s clear he hasn’t seen her in some time.

T: Yes, I agree I think they’re still grieving but seeing each other resurfaces the sadness.

You know, in my time in Britain,
Flora MacDonald’s likeness ended up on biscuit tins.
But the image of her and the Bonnie Prince
sitting in a boat, well, it became emblematic
of a certain spirit of Scottish rebelliousness.

Ar: I get the sense that this scene was filmed to show what REALLY happened versus how people remembered.

T: It’s true what Claire says. You can still buy souvenirs applauding Flora and the Bonnie Prince. There are so many stories and tales about him (the Skye Boat song).

Ay: What has the crown done for Jamie?

Ar: Jamie did receive the land grant, however the King had administrators that handled those final details in his name. However the bigger issue is that the King was responsible for all those years in Ardsmuir.

T: Jamie conveys the difficulty of the situation, especially being a man who honors his word. Breaking an oath won’t be easy for him but it must be done.

M: Jamie uses this moment as his opportunity to canvass the group to see if he is among allies. He needs to be sure of the key players before he speaks.

Ar: Smart move. Someone could very well be a spy.

Ay: Beeston is like nah, I’m not even going to pretend. I’m surprised he didn’t spit.

T: I applaud Jamie’s whole charade. All that practicing in France is paying off.

M:  This conversation was quick and to the point. Every observant Jamie notices Harnett’s ring and calculates his next reaction.

Ay: See, this is what I’m talking about. Martin should do what Harnett is now doing. Not just asking Lord John’s opinion, look into Jamie’s eyes and take an assessment.

T: Jamie is such a likeable and respected man. Even when people are uncertain of him, they are sure not to cross him.

Ay: Is everyone a Mason?

Ar: Very likely, quite a few of the Revolutionary War leaders were Masons.

T: Ah another Freemason. It seems like it’s the one thing that unites divided men.

M: I love how their conversation ends with their secret “Mason” handshake, solidifying their pact to support the cause.

Ay: I guess everyone is a Mason. I do like how this Mason thing is a continued through line so far this season. Love that olive green coat Harnett has on too!

T: So Jamie made up his mind about attending this meeting. This time he wants to make sure he is on the right side of history.

M: I totally forgot about this part from the books. I laughed so hard! Jamie’s reaction was equally comical.

Ar: I also forgot this part. I had to rewind when I first saw it. I was shocked but then I started laughing. It’s a bit creepy, but I also remember that Bonnet would really hate that for himself.

Ay: That’s just gross. Where is the gunshot wound? Or was that just the books? How is that mantel decoration? Am I the only one that had a longing for Master Raymond? I can see these items gracing his Apothecary.

of the Notorious Pirate
taken from His Corpse.

T: Love how they did that scene. Jamie walking forward and then slowly backtracking because it caught his eye. Why can’t I remember that part in the book? I guess I devoured the entire series and didn’t catch that part. It’s creepy enough not to forget.

M: Roger does not pick up on cues well at all. Or, he is just gullible beyond belief. He is spending too much time with this woman. You can see it in her eyes. Be careful Roger… be very, very careful!

Ar: Agreed, Roger is being too charitable for his own good.

Ay: What visit number is this, I wonder? He did make her a promise. He should just be smarter fulfilling that promise.  However, this seems to be par for the course for him.

T: I smell trouble. I get that this lady needs a man to assist her, but Roger isn’t the one. Like Claire, he didn’t learn his lesson. It is an innocent gesture and I’m sure it’s kindly meant, but it’s not being perceived that way.

M:  Beans my arse! Go home, Roger. You don’t belong here.

Ay: I appreciate her mentioning his wife. Aidan needs to be playing with the other kids or doing chores. I also wonder why Roger didn’t bring his own child along with him. He forgot what century this is.

Ar: I agree, why doesn’t Aidan play with Germain’s little group? He’s definitely close in age to them.

T: Yes, she is making conversation and acknowledging his wife, but it means nothing because she’s still chasing him.

Ar: I’m suspicious of her liking this song. It sounds more modern to me than a traditional folk song.

T: They both miss home and I think it’s something she understands that Brianna might empathize with, but won’t really understand it.

Ay: This is a sweet moment and it’s keeping him from doing his work.

T: Agreed! I don’t think it’s wise to teach her this song. Fix the chimney, then go home to your wife and child.

M:  Your good deed was done a long time ago, Roger. You’re not helping her to move on. Go home! You can tell by just looking at Roger that he knows he shouldn’t encourage this arrangement further…. But he just can’t bring himself to do the right thing here. Sheesh!

Ar: Aidan’s now tugging Roger’s heart strings, and now he really can’t get himself out of this situation.

Ay: Funny, Marsha. I see him worried about messing with the future and totally overlooking the impropriety of it all.

T: Yes, he was so worried about messing with the future but what’s changed? Again, he needs to go home. If he wants to spend time with Aidan, then invite him over to play with his son or visit with your wife and child.

For Brianna, obviously she’s had so much going on, plus this undercurrent of angst at the fact that she can’t do what we loves. She can’t be an engineer, and her whole life’s work was toward that. She knows she can help the Ridge and she just can’t do it. There’s been this longing for that future life. Whereas now, now that she has no choice, she wants to make the best of it.

~ Sophie Skelton

M:  Bree is on to her next invention (or re-invention lol). I enjoyed seeing the younger women together like this, collaborating on this project. We don’t normally see them engaged in a conversation like this. I love this!

Ay: I agree Marsha, we should get more women of Fraser’s Ridge moments, less Malva though. The less of her creepiness, the better.

Ar: I definitely loved seeing the women working together and spending some time not talking about the men. I don’t think Malva is on board with women’s solidarity though…

We haven’t seen Bree artistic skills in a while. Glad for the callback here. She is a woman of many talents, and the show has not forgotten it. Like they keep forgetting Roger was hung and lost his ability to sing.

T: At least, Brianna is wise enough to invent something that’s already been invented. Yes, it’s great that she has involved her companions, but again Malva. Have we forgotten that her father is strict?

Ay: If manipulation was a person, that person is Malva. She threw his name out there to get a reaction.

Ar: Definitely. It would have been logical to ask if Jamie or even Ian knew the place since they regularly travel around the Ridge and surrounding areas.

T: Yes, not only is Malva manipulative, but also she thrives on people’s reactions when she taunts them. Why can’t they see that yet?

Ay: Bree seems tired this conversation is turning to talk about the men. She’s trying to bring running water to the Ridge. That seems a bit more important to me.

Ar: I share Bree’s frustration. Their little sisterhood is falling apart and losing focus.

T: This distinguishes Brianna from the other women. They’re reluctant to try anything new or that goes beyond a “woman’s duty”.

M:  Malva always looks like she is studying someone for some kind of experiment. I think she is sneaky, and spies on everyone. But, she comes across as self-serving to me. She is up to no good… it’s all in her eyes!

Ay: She really is. She has to gauge the reaction without seeming to gauge the reaction. Creepy with a purpose.

Ar: I believe Malva sees Amy as “competition” in the courting/dating arena, and that creepy look is motivated by jealousy.

T: Exactly, as I have been saying. Although Roger’s actions are well meant and harmless within themself, it’s giving everyone the wrong impression and stirring up gossip.

Finger bones.

M:  Marsali’s work with Clare is paying off. She detects the rocks include finger bones.

Ay: Glad one daughter was paying attention to Claire.

T: This is reminiscent to S1 when Claire finds the ill wish. They have another Laoghaire among them.

M: Actual …finger …BONES! Constructed in a circle. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I am creeped out by this and would instantly leave this part of the woods, if I were them.

Ar: If I were them, I would already be a quarter mile away from those bones! I’m not staying around to find out anything!

Ay: I wonder what Marsali is thinking here. She has one mother that would purchase and use a charm like this. She has another mom that cuts open people both dead and alive and can obtain these bones, if she wanted too!

T: Yes, curiosity got the better of Brianna but why are you touching it? I think Marsali is used to it by now. Just the fact that she knows what it is and can distinguish that they’re  human bones shows her extensive knowledge about charms.

Some charms use grave dust
or ashes of a body.

Dried seaweed . . .
bones, and flat rocks.
I believe it’s a love charm.

Ay: How do you know such things Marsali? Tell the group.

Ar: She was always a bit more in tune with the Scottish traditional beliefs than others. She likely learned it from her mother.

T: Exactly! I think she has come across this before. It’s not uncommon in Scotland.

M: Marva looks guilty, and she is evil. That is all.

Ay: Marsha, I would hard accuse Malva just on general principle.

T: Mark me! Malva knows more than she’s letting on. If not, she’s definitely taking notes. Those eyes are making me uneasy.

Ar: Those fisher folk were following Tom Christies’ lead and I’m sure he’d call this witchcraft.

Ay: Nope Lizzie. Accuse Malva.

T: Forgive Lizzie’s ignorance. She doesn’t want to accept that perhaps the person is closer than she thinks.

M: Malva is ready to start something. No one is off limits to her. After seeing her follow Claire to spy on Clare and Jamie’s private moment was enough for me to write her off.

Ay: Marsali is inadvertently helping this test scenario along.

Ar: I can’t blame Marsali for thinking this way. She doesn’t know Malva has an agenda.

T: It would make sense that it’s Amy, but she’s too innocent to try this. Nope the person is more cunning than that.

M: Yes, Lizzie does come down with malaria from time to time. Bree and Claire are accustomed to treating her when her bouts hit. Well, I see they plan to introduce this part of the book…this should be interesting lol.

Ar: Very interesting indeed!

Ay: Thanks for that Marsha. I could not remember if the show introduced Lizzie’s malaria yet.

T: It was briefly glossed over in S4, but they never elaborated on it. Lizzie falls ill while Claire is away. Not good.

Ay: Has the blue paint faded or was it painted that way. I enjoy the shades of blue either way.

M: Dreamy Jamie and Claire walking in like sunshine! They are such an attractive couple.

Ar: I love seeing Jamie and Claire dressed to impress!

T: Oh the bagpipes. I love it! Claire and Jamie are so graceful even from afar.

Ay: It’s pretty inside too.

T: The interior decoration is magnificent. They’ve done a lovely job with the set.

M:  Lord John can’t hide his happiness whenever he sees Jamie…. and Claire lol. They may have made peace, but LJ can’t stop his deep feelings for that man! They have a deep respect for each other, so I get it.

Ay: I can’t hide my happiness seeing Lord John. His outfits are always on point. I wish Bree was here too!

T: You can kind of see Catriona’s belly. I’m not complaining, it’s more admiration than anything. The dress is gorgeous! Navy blue velvet and gold details.

M: Yes, let’s talk about a topic we can all feel good about. They all love this young man, so it will be interesting to see who plays him as the seasons progress. I love how John describes William as having so many similarities like Jamie. It will make it even harder to not notice the resemblance. That is going to be some reunion!

Ay: I can’t wait for his casting either. LJG’s excitement is genuine and I’m glad Jamie gets to hear about his son and that he is so openly spoken about between the three. I enjoy their relationship.

Ar: I’m also curious to see who will play teenage/young adult William.

T: Claire is wonderful and thoughtful to have an interest in William. I think she knows Jamie is bursting at the seams and wants to know so she asks mainly for him. It shows how intuitive they are of each other. Yes, Lord John’s description of William compliments Jamie.

Ay: LJG knows something is up. His choice of words was not accidental. He seems to be more bothered with Jamie’s resignation than he let on earlier to Martin.

Ar: I agree, LJG already suspects Jamie’s resignation is more than just not liking what the job entailed.

T: Reformed Jacobite? I don’t know, I think he’s putting too much faith in her. It is another way for Lord John to query Jamie’s loyalties. Does he think that Jamie will not pick up on that?

Of course Lord John will only see things in a way that benefits the Crown. He’s hoping to convince Jamie, but I think he knows Jamie is wavering.

Ay: Here, I will answer. B*tch, you own slaves. I don’t want to see that!

Ar: So true, and Jocasta is completely unrepentant about it either.

T: Where is Ulysses? He’s been her right-hand man for so long. Of course, Jocasta will pose such a question in a sly and kind way.

[V: Remember, Ulysses murdered Forbes and had to leave River Run.]

M: Jamie is upset with Aunt Jocasta for buying the print shop for Fergus. He doesn’t want him to get hurt in these volatile times. I know he is worried for Fergus’s safety, when he is away from the Ridge. Aunt Jocasta just does what she wants to do, if it’s what she thinks is best. She is stubborn like that too. She doesn’t ask anyone. That is kind of a MacKenzie trait. They are truly related.

Ay: So right, Marsha. He is mad for something he would have done in her place. Fergus was so happy discussing the print shop, I’m low key glad he is pursuing something he was happy doing.

T: Jamie knows his aunt and is aware her “good intentions” are always followed with something self-servicing.

Ay: I’m side-eyeing her reasons, but happy for Fergus.

T: We all know it’s more than that, Jocasta. You are a MacKenzie. Who are you trying to fool? We’ve got to give her props for trying to pull at their heartstrings.

Ay: I noticed Mary behind slave owner Jocasta. I just knew Claire was going to greet her.

Ar: Agreed, Ayana. It was nice to see Claire treat Mary as an acquaintance and not as an invisible being.

T: What is Claire playing at? Yes, addressing a slave would put them in danger. I understand that she means well, but Claire is lucky that Jocasta isn’t so wrathful.

At this moment, I’m both bothered and confused by Claire’s actions. Certainly she can’t be that daft?! Where is Phaedra?

[V: The actress who played Phaedra, Natalie Simpson, moved on to other projects.]

T: They both know Jocasta’s game. Jamie’s expression is like, Can you believe this woman?

M:  Oh… Bree gave Josiah and Kizzie the ointment! LOL!  Are they gonna show it?!  I wonder if they are going to interpret this scene because THAT would be ……!!! Boy, what a storyline they have to tell!

Ar: Now, I’m picturing the brothers fighting over who administers the ointment!

Ay: I wish they would have actually cast twins. Not that Mr. Gorman isn’t doing great but it would just make certain interpretations easier to film I would guess.

T: These boys are so taken with Lizzie. Is this becoming a polyamorous? Will they elaborate on this storyline? I hope they find more gallberries.

Ay:  I would feel some kind of way too. Major MacDonald spends enough time at Fraser’s Ridge that it’s amazing he didn’t hear first.

 Ar: His reaction is exactly why Jamie didn’t tell him first. He didn’t want to hear any pleading or even threats to change his mind.

T: At least the Major is more direct and addresses his displeasure.

T: Jamie and Claire are star struck and I don’t blame them. Too many MacDonalds, I’m sure they’re all related at this point.

T: Leave it to Lord John to continue the introductions.

Did anyone catch his smolder?

[V: You’d think it was his house or that he was the host. When he is around Jamie, he just can’t help himself.]

Ar: Jamie’s looking at Flora with a bit of longing for the simpler days of childhood/young adulthood.

T: I think we’re seeing this tendresse Claire was referring to earlier.

M: This was a cute part of the episode. I enjoyed seeing Jamie banter back and forth with another woman besides Claire. It was a light, respectful, fun remembrance.

Ay: Major MacDonald’s face had me laughing out loud, for real.

T: Bashfully reminding her that they already know one another. Yet another woman taken with Jamie.

M: As they are in Williamsburg, it makes sense that they would recall this major event in town. Claire was surprised and humbled by Flora’s compliment.

Ay: Are you Claire, are you really surprised?

Ar: It’s nice for Claire to hear she isn’t a witch once in a while.

T: Jamie is so proud of his wife being celebrated. Her reputation precedes her.

M: Sounds like another time traveler, stealing a stone…. Just one stone taken, out of that entire necklace of jewels? Mhmm.

Ay: How did the thief get time to steal one stone and is it shade for Jamie to point it out?

Ar: I didn’t think of the stone being used for possible time travel, I think you’re onto something Marsha.

T: Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t remember much of the book but when she mentioned a thief, it indeed caught my attention because this theft seems too calculated for it to be random. To steal a gem is no coincidence at all.

Ay: Was that timed, slave owner Jocasta? That just looked suspicious to me.

T: I wonder if it’s coincidental that Jocasta falls faint, or this is in response to Flora’s tale?

Ay: If Claire whips out some ether to ease nerves, I will scream.

Ar: I suspect ether would be hard to pack, most likely she has similar herbs.

T: It’s funny that Flora only sees this as mystical rather than an experienced doctor who knows her own patient.

Then putting Claire’s skills to the test, she asks her rather than confides in her.  Fear not, Claire is an experienced doctor.

Ar: Now Roger’s picking up on the red flag he missed earlier. Amy’s not from the future.

T: He is becoming more comfortable in his surroundings.

Ar: And Bree’s story about the charm seals the deal that Amy wants Roger to do more than construction work.

T: So Brianna also suspects that it’s Amy as well.

M: Tell him Bree! You had better listen to your wife, Roger. She’s in your corner right now… you better keep it that way.

T: Roger is not ready to see reason in Brianna’s warning and therefore tries to reason with her, but I love her expression. She’s not having it.

T: It makes sense when he explains it; but again, he is not seeing reason.

[V: He’ll learn quickly enough.]

Ay: Brianna has grown. I love the way she is leading Roger to understanding. She is not doing what I would have done. Simply asked/yelled, “Roger, What The F*ck?”

T: I agree! She has grown as a character. Had this happened in S4, she would have yelled and stormed off.

Ay: Bree is better than I am. I would have asked about his hanging and what actions lead up to that. He’s the historian; he should know better.

T: You know I was like, WHAT?! Your wife and child need you and yet you feel your calling is to another woman and child because he thinks Brianna is self-sufficient. I would have slapped him. So yes, she is a better woman than I.

Roger does wear his heart on his sleeve and leads with his heart, and it’s always about doing the right thing and helping when he can. There’s a certain naivety to Roger. Sometimes he doesn’t look objectively at his actions and how they might be interpreted elsewhere. Bless him. He has no ill intention. He is very much in love and faithful to Brianna and his family, but he does take certain steps that could be viewed as being inappropriate at times, but it’s always with the best intentions.

~ Richard Rankin

It’s such a common problem, though. Sorry it’s a sweeping generalization, but sometimes men are like, “No, she doesn’t like me. She’s just being nice.” It’s like, “Okay…” It’s one of those situations where he’s like, “I was just singing and playing the guitar to her, it’s fine.”

~ Sophie Skelton

Ay: They are so growing on me as a couple. He supports her and I don’t sense jealousy. Her reminding him and her response to him just saying minister is a little troubling. What about his support? It’s so satisfying knowing the engineer is engineering. Indoor plumbing? Hell yes!

Sometimes men can be guilty of misreading — or not reading any signs at all — when they are blatant.

~ Richard Rankin

Ar: He might be missing Amy’s signaling, but he still appreciates Bree’s talents.

T: I see where he is coming from, but if it is questioned, they can simply say that they’re well-travelled and educated. It’s baffling that Roger is worried about this and not teaching someone a song that has not been composed yet.

I know I said everything’s peachy with Roger and Bree, but this is Outlander. There’s obviously going to be some ruffles. And it brings up a very modern conversation about jealousy in relationships, should we say. Or men misreading signals from other women.

 ~ Sophie Skelton

M: Shout it from the rafters, Bree!

Ay: She should shout that for people in the back too!

T: Exactly! If he’s drawn to her needs, surely other men can be as well, but how can they when Roger is fulfilling them? Powerful reasoning!

M: Claire gave Aunt Jocasta some weed!!! LOL…

Her eyesight should be 100% now! She’s telling jokes! I think Claire just found a way to earn extra money at the Ridge.

Ar: I think Tom Christie needs some of that hemp flower. He’s wound way too tightly!

Ay: Puff, puff past. Why isn’t she passing?

T: This is a less invasive alternative to the novel where Claire has to relieve the pressure on Jocasta’s eye surgically.

T: It’s the price you pay, but I understand the frustration. It wouldn’t have been the case if she were a man.

Ay: Why is Claire laughing? She’s ‘done it’ in a boat before.

I love when they show those moments. We don’t normally see them in period dramas. We don’t normally see the women really bond, kind of own their own power. And relax, and plot and scheme, so I love when we actually see it on screen.

~ Maria Doyle Kennedy

T: Thank goodness Claire redirected the drink to Flora and not that coward.

Ar: Mark me, that’s the opposite of the strong leader image he wanted everyone to know him as.

T: Yes, but I think they should have left him to face the same fate as his fellow warriors.

T: It’s not as glamorous as one would think. If she met the Bonnie Prince, she would be put off by all royals.

M: I felt bad for Claire about this situation.

Ar: Agreed, Claire hasn’t had a flashback to the King in years, and now she has to process that on top of last season’s attack.

It’s very important to handle these things sensitively. If we can, we try to make it part of a conversation that will hopefully help people. That’s why we show different aspects of recovery. What Brianna went through is different to what Claire went through, which is different to what Jamie went through.

~ Caitriona Balfe

Ay: The trauma Claire has to pull from, it’s sad really. Slave owner Jocasta’s costume is gorgeous in this light.

T: It’s interesting she recalls King Louis. But then again, it makes sense given recent events.

Ay: I miss Murtagh too.

Ar: Same here, Ayana!

T: She’s still heartbroken as we all are, but at least she had the privilege of experiencing love. I wish she had more time with Murtagh.

Ay: It seems I may never see ether used in an operation. I have to say, as she uses more, she respects the ether more. She capped the bottle this time. There isn’t an open flame near. She isn’t alone. That seemed like a tiny few drops as well. She getting more refined in her usage.

Ar: They don’t really use ether anymore, we have more modern drugs used for anesthesia. Claire taking a smaller dose signals that she’s already experimented with varying amounts of it.

T: I’m personally not a fan of this storyline because it’s so out of character, but I’m still curious to see how this will unfold. If she did this in modern times, she’d lose her license. I can appreciate how important shining a light on substance abuse can be beneficial to the storyline.

Ar: If I didn’t know the future, I’d be pretty convinced by Flora’s speech.

T: She has a presence everyone can appreciate.

M: Jamie is piecing things together now. He sees that something is off with Claire. I hope he gets to the root of the problem soon. She’s finding ways to take her “sniffing” on the road now. She crept up beside Jamie like she was guilty of something, to me.

T: It is very out of character for Claire and Jamie as well since they usually do not hesitate to call each other out on their nonsense. This hesitation is creating a gap and eroding their strong relationship. I think Jamie is curious to see how long Claire will continue this charade.

T: I’ve got to give it to Flora, she has an eloquent way of speaking.

Ay: I know Claire is wondering why she had to put her name in it. She was minding her own business, showing up late, but not making a fuss.

T: It’s a bold move on Flora’s part to refer to Claire as a physician rather than a healer or wise woman.

Jamie. again, is bursting with pride at the compliment.

[V: I questioned her use of the term too, especially in the 1700s before a woman had become one.]

Ay: LJG knows something is up.

T: They are friends ,so it’s safe to assume that he feels something is up with Jamie.

T: Although they’re distant in other ways, they can still communicate through their looks.

M: Jamie lies to Lord John about his allegiance to the King even though he resigned as Indian Agent.

Jamie doesn’t feel good about lying to Lord John about what he does know about the Sons of Liberty, but he does it anyway.

Ay: I’m laughing because it isn’t only General Martin whose concern.

T: Finally, Lord John is straightforward with him. I think this charade is wreaking havoc on Jamie internally.

T: It’s known that Jamie is being pulled in both directions, but it’s up to him to choose a side.

Ay: I’m sorry what? I’m having too much fun with this scene. Did Lord John ask or demand Jamie’s disassociation? All joking aside, LJG is worried for Jamie. I am now screaming for Jamie to just tell him.

Ar: I don’t believe Jamie wanted to tell LJG but he values his friendship.

T: I think their friendship can withstand differing views and beliefs, but Jamie will tell him in his own time.

M:  Uh-oh Mary, bringing the news of trouble in town!

T: I know this is for the sake of the show, but why is it up to Jamie to save the day? This man needs a break.

M: This was a pretty dangerous scene. Jamie is lucky they didn’t know he was on the other side. Otherwise, the British wouldn’t have come to his aid. Well, they would have come to Lord John’s aid, so he still would have been okay.

Ar: I’m impressed by how much directing and preparation went into this scene.

T: However, Jamie showing up with a Loyalist will send the wrong message.

I don’t like this. What if one of them gets hurt?

Ar: Jamie is realizing the pamphlets were indeed a provocation for the colonists who want to rebel.

T: Told you Jocasta was up to something. This woman isn’t ever just an innocent victim.

Ay: Are we about to see someone tarred and feathered? 

Ar: Very likely as it was one of the common methods of punishment colonists meted out to loyalists.

T: Jocasta’s actions incited a riot and people wanting to tar and feather an innocent printer.

T: See again, one person’s actions put four people’s lives at risk. What if these rioters decide to harm Mary?

[V: Hell, I was wondering why she was even there to begin with. That is, until we found out about Jocasta’s involvement.]

M: Jamie is spotted, protecting the man inside, but appears to be working with the British. He has some explaining to do.

Ay: That was Beeston that saw them right? Jamie has to be careful and glad he told Mary to get out of there. Large angry crowds turn quickly.

T: I understand that Jamie feels he has a duty to save men but, at this point, why bother when they won’t see reason? At some point, there will be consequences for this.

It was just great that these two episodes were so different. It was difficult to schedule because there were so many bits and pieces all over the place. I think one of the scenes that was most difficult was the riot by the print shop. That was one of the most challenging days with the number of people that you needed and picking out the various bits of action that are important and go on to shape the story.

There was the tar flying and the gunshots and the person being shot. there were lots of little things to get right within that. Then we had the ball as well. So again, a lot of people and lots of bits of the story. There was the band and all of the supporting artists to really make it look like a happening event.

We really tried to keep it alive and give it a lot of atmosphere. The numbers were a bit reduced to what I think a normal Outlander ball would look like because of COVID. We passed the camera and came back again as the actors worked.

~ Christiana Ebohon-Green

M: No, not his face! I panicked at first. I know, Jamie, it’s just another scar. Lord John did his best to protect himself and Jamie.

Ay: Was that tar?

Ar: Seems like it.

T: Exactly as I predicted, Jamie gets hurt. It could have been his eye. Here come the guns. Yes, I’d walk away.

T: It’s safe to say everyone is bothered by what just transpired.

Ay: This is getting further out of hand.

Ar: The soldiers have had it it with the violence. It’s time to break it up.

T: Yes, but this will further infuriate the Sons of Liberty.

T: It’s safe to say everyone is bothered by what just transpired.

Ay: So glad that is wiping off, without his skin attached. Claire picked the perfect robe to travel with.

T: She is right, it could have been worse.

Ar: She has a point.

T: This is tormenting Jamie, but I’m glad he trusts that this time he will be on the right side of history.

T: Spoken like a true Laird. Hopefully, by being on the right side, it will spear his people. Jamie should be glad that it bothers him to lie. It should be a cause of great concern when lying no longer bothers you.

Ay: What a heavy burden to carry. If it were me, I would share the burden with Lord John by telling him. Glad to see Claire knows he will do right by him, eventually.

Ar: I agree that Claire should eventually tell LJG a version of the the truth.

T: It is a great burden and I’m surprised it isn’t aging Jamie. I understand his concern. We know independence is coming, but who is going to get caught in the crossfire?

Ay: We almost escaped this episode without seeing any more of the Christies. Malva was enough. If I had a choice, I would be back at widow’s Amy’s knowing the Christies were the other option.

T: Must be quite a heavy bell.

Ar: Of course Tom doesn’t want others to be happy as he’s not happy.

T: I don’t blame him for being suspicious given what he went through, but I’m not surprised he’s imposing that on others. Look at how he treats his children.

He [Roger] has that knowledge of where the history of Protestants and Catholics goes. It’s been a subject of contention for even a couple of hundred years before that.

I think it’s one of the motives that pushes Roger into that direction of faith. I mean faith is one of the overarching themes this year. It is about bridging that gap but he can also see how staunch Tom Christie is and how he delivers that a little bit on the heavy side.

~ Richard Rankin

M:  Whoa! Here we go! Malva is a loose woman. If she is messing with Henderson, she is messing with others too. I am certain of it! We don’t even know Henderson’s character. She is now showing that her deviousness has many layers.

Ay: So she is trying out what she saw Jamie and Claire doing. Okay, but what about Ian? We saw that flirtation. Is she just putting herself out there or trying to escape her circumstances?

Ar: I think she realized Ian wasn’t that interested, Ayana. Henderson is clearly single and available.

T: Seriously, what is her game? You can see she’s not into it. For a moment, I thought it was Ian. This is too calculated.

M:  Roger looks shocked (he’s so gullible, poor thing). I bet any of y’all would have seen this coming. Malva is lucky he felt sorry for her and gave her a heads up about her dad being outside.

Ar: She is lucky indeed. Anyone else would want Tom to yell at her or worse.

T: I don’t think she would have cared who caught her. She’s got nothing to lose. I wonder if she was trying to recreate Claire and Jamie’s encounter the creepily spied on?

M: But just like the snake she is, she threatens Roger with a lie. She is totally self-serving! He had better watch out for her from now on. If he has any sense, he will tell Bree, Claire, and Jamie.

Ay: Here’s my thing. Is Mr. Henderson witnessing this now? Is he in the corner fixing his clothes watching this heifer switch up? That threat was DELIVERED! Roger better open that door and tell on her ass. Let her catch that ass whoopin’.

Ar: If I were Henderson, I’d be thinking about a way to break up with her ASAP. Find a way to save myself from being the target of the next threat.

T: This little brat (I’d like to say worse). This should be an indication to Roger to stay away from Malva and Amy. I do hope he informs Brianna, Jamie and Claire.

M: There she goes. She already set up the lie in the woods when Lizzie fell ill.

Ay: Why is he even worried? Bree knows the truth and that is all that matters. He should not let this child manipulate him like this. Where is the Roger that was yelling at children last episode? Where is that Roger?

T: It is at this time when Roger finally sees what Brianna was talking about.

My father cannot find that out. Not happening. And if I have to put a few people in the way and step over them in the meantime, then I’ll do that.

~ Jessica Reynolds

Ay: He let her win. He is going to regret this.

Ar: Sadly yes, he has no clue what else Malva has planned.

T: You gave this wretched woman power by allowing her to blackmail you.

M: Malva left out the back like a pro! Oh, she’s done this before…. many times. She’s getting her practice in!

T: She is a busybody. Not that I condone her father’s abuse, but I wonder if he beats her because he knows what she’s capable of?

I feel like men have hurt her for so long and when it’s her weighing up you know, her own survival, and him getting in a bit of trouble, she’s gonna put herself first.

~ Jessica Reynolds

Ay: Is this Roger licking the wounds that Malva wrought?

Because he promise to help fix Amy’s cabin, not eat dinner there.

T: He is back to doing what he knows will fuel more gossip. The fact that Aidan is so attached to him is not a good sign.

Ay: Because he promised to help fix Amy’s cabin, not eat dinner there. No wonder he has to keep coming back. He is getting no work done.

T: She is really playing her helpless widow card. Roger needs to be careful not to get too entangled in this mess.

Ar: He has to start seeing that Amy’s goal is exactly to stop him from doing the actual roof repairs.

Ay: Where is her other child? Where is the baby?

T: I think the baby is inside napping. What is she hoping to get out of this man? He isn’t available and he’s a minister (soon-to-be).

Ay: Where is Amy’s other child? Where is the baby?

T: I think the baby is inside napping. What is Amy hoping to get out of this man? Roger isn’t available and he’s a minister (soon-to-be).

M: See, that’s it. I would have excused myself right then and there. Enough of this already. This is exactly what Bree was talking about. And Amy knows what she’s doing. Women know women. Bree’s words would have been screaming in the back of my head at this point. Man, she was right! How are you going to fix this, Roger?

Ay: How can he not feel awkward? I feel awkward watching this. She totally knows what she’s doing but I can’t even blame her. He needs to use that grace to ask the Lord for some better discernment. Apparently being hung wasn’t enough.

T: She is very bold. She is basically telling Roger that she wants him as the head of her household. It cannot get any clearer than that.

I don’t see what’s wrong with meandering off to the neighbouring single woman’s house for the afternoon and evening, eating there, potentially then Roger goes back home and Brianna says, ‘I’ve made dinner or do you want dinner or shall we get a takeaway?’ and Roger says, ‘Oh actually, you know what, I’ve already eaten at this woman’s house down the street. Don’t worry though! She’s a widow. It’s fine. I’m going to go back there in the morning if it’s OK to fix her chimney?

~ Richard Rankin

I haven’t bathed Jemmy tonight but I’ve bathed her kids, so it’s all good.

~ Sophie Skelton

Yeah, I’ve been looking after them fabulously and reading them bedtime stories.’ I can’t see why Brianna gets annoyed with him to be honest!

~ Richard Rankin

T: Time for Jamie to confront his cunning aunt. She reminds me so much of Colum.

Ar: He doesn’t want Fergus involved in printing any other inflammatory pamphlets, especially if he’s not around to directly supervise.

He doesn’t want Fergus to be the next tar and feather target.

Ay: I get his worry, but why is he taking it out on slave owner Jocasta?

What is he going to do, if something happens to his son? Kill his aunt?

T: I think this play is to force Jamie’s hand. Jocasta is a loyalist and expects by doing this, Jamie will fall in line.

It’s frustrating that she always acts like she’s innocent.

T: I’m assuming that this storyline will be expanded in S7.

It was briefly touched on in S5, but so curious to see how they adapt this story.

Ay: Just when you think the show has forgotten a storyline, out it pops. Frenchman’s Gold.

Ar: I was wondering if the Jacobite Gold was going to reappear as the show storyline changed part of the backstory.

T: From the looks of it, Jamie himself doesn’t understand it either, but knows it must mean something. I wonder if he’s thinking about the treasure he found back in S3?

T: Another thing put on poor Jamie’s shoulders.

[V: Isn’t it ridiculous how much he, and he alone, must bear?]

Ar: I love Marsali asking before why the toy is called the vroom.

T: Okay, I know they mean well, but why on earth would Brianna carve a plane and car for their child? Again, this is dangerous and they know that.

Ay: Oh, this is the shot from the opening credit from before. I am glad they teach him about things in the future. Just in case.

T: I didn’t pick up on that, but it’s interesting. Yes, it’s nice because knowledge is power, but this poses a risk for them and everyone they love.

M: That’s better, Roger. You dodged a bullet, big time, man.

Ay: Thank goodness he saw the light.

Ar: I’m so glad Roger got the wake up call.

T: Finally Roger got some common sense. Better late than never. Is it the same Henderson that was caught with Malva?

[V: Yes, I believe it is. Guess Roger’s doing some blackmailing too!]

Ay: This specific line about Roger losing his mother makes me think about things STARZ can do. They mentioned a prequel. ‘A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows’ anyone?

T: I’m personally not familiar with that, but perhaps it may be an option for them. It’s great that he is acknowledging his own weakness. At least she understands his motives.

Ay: I am enjoying the way they communicate, except about his ministry. That seems to set Bree off.

Ar: I think she’s naturally concerned that ministerial work would leave him vulnerable to more women like Amy.

T: I don’t think anyone was worried about infidelity, but I wouldn’t blame her if she did (Frank). It’s probably also because she isn’t a religious person herself.

Another one of my favorite scenes is where Briana tells Roger that she’s pregnant again, especially because we know that they have been trying.

~ Sophie Skelton

M: Excellent way to switch to happy vibes! How exciting for everyone involved! Oh, wait till the grandparents find out!

Ay: I can’t wait for that scene, Marsha. Especially knowing that Fergus is gone and will come collect his wife and children at some point. That’s 15 children leaving right there!

Well, I don’t think Roger and Brianna are having a baby to be checking any boxes. I understand that in those times that’s what you should be doing. But I don’t thin Roger and Brianna live up to other people’s expectations. I kind of think they just do what they want, and what’s gonna make them happy. So, it’s obviously a very, very happy moment for them both when Brianna comes to Roger with the news.

~ Richard Rankin

T: Finally!! They hinted to them trying in previous episodes. Let’s hope Claire and Jamie are around for the delivery this time.

M: What is she up to now? She is walking around these woods alone…all the time!

Ay: She has so much time on her hands. How is it that she can be alone so often?

Ar: She’s trying to avoid Tom, sorta understandable.

T: And the mood drops with Malva. What is this girl up to? Is she looking for another hapless fellow to sink her claws into?

M: She probably killed him. Why else would she be way out there at his cabin. I am telling you, this young woman is treacherous beyond belief! She probably wanted her own patient to work on, just like Claire. She is sick!

Ay: I am HARD accusing Malva of this. She isn’t bothered at all. Not by the smell or anything. Hold up, he has several fingers missing. How many love spells does she have out there?

Ar: I don’t believe she killed him, but I do believe she took advantage of him dying from an unrelated cause.

M:  She is sick!

Ay: She has sick in her rear-view mirror and she’s waving at that bitch.

Is it wrong to want to have a better life? And to get away from something that’s certainly emotionally abusive. There’s some scenes where Jessica is not even saying a word, and I want to both hug her and I’m frightened of her at the exact same time. And that dynamic is rare.

~ Matthew B. Roberts

T: I knew it! It had to be her. It was too convenient for it to be Amy and I think Malva knew no one would suspect her. So who is the spell for? We’ll find out soon enough. I have my suspicions.

M: She is really sick

Ar: I’m sick just looking at her.

Ay: Why is she looking at him? Is she expecting a reaction? How is the smell not getting to her? Will the flesh just fall off or does she have to cook it?

Has she cut off other parts? How is she managing to make this even more creepy? The casting on Outlander is so so good.

T: Again, no sane person would do this. My other question: how is the smell not affecting her? Creepy!

T: Jamie is ready to confide in his friend.

Ar: I believe LJG is disappointed Jamie won’t act as a spy for the governor. Acting as an unofficial informant/spy would have proven his loyalty to the King.

T: Lord John is asking too much of Jamie. At least Jamie is honest with him. It’s only fair that Lord John reacts that way. After all, he remembers Jamie as a prisoner. Lord John will never truly understand because he’s only known a life of privilege and wealth. To him, the Crown is never the enemy.

Lord John is very invested in Jamie keeping his allegiances to the crown, because he’s very concerned for his safety, and he’s concerned for his friend, who he doesn’t want him to be on the wrong side of history.

~ David Berry

Ar: LJG asks that question because he can’t believe Jamie could possibly break their bond over politics.

T: I think that they can work past their differences in views and still be friends. However, Lord John is more concerned that Jamie may be on the losing side and he may not be there to save him. Jamie needs to understand that although he means well, Lord John would never attend those meetings.

M: He is so disappointed in Jamie, and afraid for him at the same time.

Ay: When I was yelling at my TV earlier for Jamie to just tell him, it wasn’t this.

T: Lord John is indeed emotional because he can’t stop Jamie but at the same time cannot deny Jamie. Unrequited love will do that to anyone.

Ay: I love their relationship. He is really ride or die. John Grey is one of my favorite themes that Bear McCreary created and it’s lovely to hear it here.

T: I wish they hugged before parting, but again onlookers might suspect that they’re concocting a plan. They have survived worse so I do believe they’ll survive this.

Ay: They’re mad at Jamie for Freedom of Speech, that’s rich and some irony.

Ar: They clearly only want to hear from people they agree with.

T: It is indeed ironic. People don’t understand what freedom really means. They’re no better than the Redcoats.

M: Hurry up, spill it Jamie, before it’s too late! They are already starting to doubt you after you were seen involved in the print shop altercation!

Ay: Why is this speech so long? John said he will delay the soldiers, not outright stop them.

Ar: Jamie, get to the point already!

T: Jamie seems to be the only voice of reason. They’re views are very one-sided.

Why would he doubt Jamie on this? I understand you don’t trust the man, but it’s more likely than not.

M: OH NO, here they come! Whew! You just got finished telling them right before the British showed up. Jamie successfully got them out of there, providing a diversion, just in the nick of time! Now, they will trust you again!

Ay: Oh good, he finally got to the warning part of this.

T: I was worried too. Jamie would be arrested as well.

M: Everyone left inside plays their roles well.

Ay: Let’s hope Beeston keeps his head down though; his acting left much to be desired earlier.

T: Jamie is such a quick thinker.

This is a personal as well as a political disruption: Jamie’s admission to Lord John is—so far as they both think at the moment—the end of their friendship (and for Jamie, the end of his knowledge of his son). This realization may be what fuels Jamie’s declaration over the pool table; he’s destroyed his most important link with England, and now the time has come—as he’s known it would—to join the fight openly as a rebel.

~ Diana Gabaldon

M: Of course, saying the name “Jamie Fraser” opens all doors. The soldiers, hearing this, leave satisfied that nothing is going on.

Ar: The soldiers realize they may very well get in trouble for bothering a man of status.

T: Once again, Jamie saves the day!

M: This whole scene is just lovely. A quiet, lovely moment between sisters. It is nice to have these kinds of scenes every so often. There can be peace at the Ridge, sometimes. I need to catch my breath.

You don’t always see it on screen, women supporting one another without it being about men. And they really do come together as a family.

~ Lauren Lyle

Ay: Claire being momma to them both is extra special. Bree wears corduroy well. Her rose colored jacket from her water wheel walk and this teal top.

T: I agree Marsha. It is a great way to wrap up the episode.

M: I about died when Marsali comments to Bree about Lizzie. Hahaha… Josiah and Kezzie have been “tending” to her lol! Bet!

Ar: I also laughed as Marsali can already see the brothers are fawning over Lizzie.

T: At least Lizzie is feeling well. She has more than enough people to tend to her.

T: Marsali is as sharp-witted as ever. I love their comradery.

M: I love this scene. Marsali has been pregnant enough to know the signs of pregnancy. Marsali doesn’t hold her tongue (another trait of hers I just love) and directly asks Bree about it.

Ar: This scene is a great reminder of the Marsali we love. She’s surprised Bree would withhold such important and happy news from her.

Ay: Outlander is best when it gives us these moments. Am I the only one waiting for Marsali to announce she’s pregnant again?

T: Oh, it won’t be too long. Seems like Fergus can’t keep his hands off her.

M: Marsali is so perceptive about life in general. She knows how exciting an event it is, telling Claire and Jamie about the new baby. As Bree and Marsali discuss pregnancy, the grandparents, and dreams about the children growing up together, I was caught up in their joy too! I couldn’t help but notice how Marsali eagerly reassured Bree that she envisions their two babies getting into mischief together as they grow older.

Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, and myself have all come together before to talk about making sure that the women all do support each other and it doesn’t become women hating one another, and sisters hating each other, and any sort of rivalry being the daughters of Claire. We spoke to the writers about that and fought for that to be the case.

~ Lauren Lyle

M: Afterwards though, Marsali’s face displayed doubt, like she knew living in New Bern was going to separate them for some time.

I sensed an unease about leaving the safety of the Ridge to live in an unknown place without the rest of their family. Marsali looked troubled, and I am troubled for them.

T: I think given the life Marsali has lived made her perceptive and accepting of others. I wonder if they will return to the Ridge? Brianna needs siblings and she’s losing the only ones she has ever known.

M: This scene felt a little cold to me. It seemed like a drab, cold, day. Claire even looked distracted, or maybe she was a little high.

T: I’m sure it was a cold day. They both seem tense so it must have taken a few takes.

I also notice that they’re both leaving a little more weighed down than when they arrived.

M: Now, THAT whistling, gave me a start! I know for certain a time traveler took that jewel from Flora’s necklace! When Jamie asked her what was wrong, why couldn’t she just tell him about the song she heard?! He may need to kill another man who was part of the kidnap scheme last season! I would have put that man on alert with the quickness!

Ay: I can’t believe she is doubting what she heard.

T: This is eerie! I can imagine her getting chills hearing that whistling. Because she isn’t herself and cannot accept that, all her senses are off and that is why she is doubting herself. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think he was part of her kidnapping. Unless they adapted it, but was vague about it last season?

[V: They didn’t show who all raped her, except Lionel. But, Donner was there and would not free her. Then, he disappeared before Jamie and the others showed up.]

Ar: I know this is a teaser for a character that hasn’t been introduced yet from the books, but I have no idea who…

And in that moment, I knew who it was! I don’t need to see his face! I know that long hair anywhere. And I know he liked to tease Claire with tidbits of information just to watch her reaction. It’s Wendigo Donner! That weasel of a man. That coward. That jerk who wouldn’t help her escape. And just like he did then, he teases her again by whistling a song that only the two of them could possibly know, just to watch her reaction once again. He wants her to know he’s out there. And he wants her to know he’s coming! Why else would he go to those lengths? ‘Chile, you better tell Jamie, quick!

Ay: This season is going to end on a cliffhanger. They opened like three storylines this episode alone and we only have three episodes left. I need Claire to believe what she heard on the wind.

T: I agree that it will end on a cliffhanger because there’s so much to cover and because they’ve combined two novels it makes it even more difficult. I trust the writers will tie up the loose ends in time.

He [Wendigo Donner] might pop his ugly head back up again.

~ Caitriona Balfe

Episode Rating (1-5 Shots)

We give this episode 5-shots (rounded up)!

Outlander changes its theme song and opening credit shots every season and often more than once a season. This was the first time the opening credits were all new along with the theme and it was glorious to witness.

This episode had the intrigue, the drama, the cinematography, multiple plots, and fantastic acting across the board. The scenes fit together nicely, so thank you editor, director, and producer. The cinematography, costume and storyline were virtually flawless. We thought the plots were thought provoking … very intelligently structured. Although we thought the hour was over too quickly, the pacing was excellent. Viewers had to pay attention to every scene or else you’d miss pertinent details. You can feel the season will end in some kind of battle.

We thoroughly enjoyed sitting in on the relationships of the Ridge and valued seeing Bree, Lizzie and Malva interact with each other. We also loved seeing Lord John Grey again. He is a favorite. However, we can’t help but worry all the time that they are spending on these minor details will leave them with little time at the end and they will rush to cram everything in, therefore sacrifice beloved moments. Despite it all, Jocasta being a slave owner is still an issue with some of us. We are also concerned show-only fans may be confused by those book canon hints.

Once again, there were several scenes that were our favorites. PRINT SHOP. We really loved the print shop riot. There’s so much historical detail packed in along with the tension between the Sons of Liberty and Jamie seeming to defend the Loyalists. WATER WHEEL. We also loved the first half of the scouting for the water wheel scene. It’s great to see most of the women of the Ridge working together to achieve Bree’s goal. JOHN GREY. Any scene with Lord John Grey is a favorite because it’s Lord John Grey. We enjoy Jamie and Claire’s relationship with LJG because it’s never surface level. They manage to make it work even on opposite sides. We also liked that Jamie was troubled, lied to Lord John and even though it’s risky, told him the truth. Sam Heughan and David Berry embody these characters.

MALVA. We had another favorite of her. Walking alone quietly through the woods, entering the cabin of the sin-eater and sawing off his fingers. If this scene didn’t transcend Malva (played effortlessly by Jessica Reynolds) into a she-devil, a crazed, maniacal, lying, temptress, we don’t know what else does. Her story line is going to be C-R-A-Z-Y because it is ramping up with each episode she is in! She’s like having your own built in serial killer at the Ridge. The innocent looking, tiny young girl, no one suspects, and yet, danger is lurking from within!

ROGER and BRIANNA. It had to be done and the dialogue was powerful. Those props were outstanding as well. This scene shows both of their character’s arcs. Some may disagree, but ultimately we know they’re solid and any future adversities they’ll face together. Both have found their calling and are supportive of one another.

One of us already appreciated Christiana Ebohon-Green’s directing long before Outlander, but this episode shows that she can direct a wide variety of scenes. The print shop directing is especially impressive as the mob must act more chaotic than the battle scenes of earlier episodes. For the rest, Outlander is our first introduction to Ebohon-Green’s directing and won’t be our last. With this episode, she once again, killed it! She has an exquisite eye for details and intricately weaves them into each scene. We enjoyed how she shot Flora MacDonald’s Gathering, especially how she captured Flora’s necklace scene with the missing gemstone. Every production was affected by COVID at the time, but you couldn’t really tell at that gathering.

Jessica Reynolds, as Malva, stole several scenes in this episode. She is a powerhouse and really brought Malva to life! Honestly, in the books, some of us never paid too much attention to Malva until things started happening, but we do remember characters often commented on her eyes. Jessica really does an outstanding job of being quietly devious.

Malva’s manipulation, irrational behavior and creepiness is very hard to get right, and this episode is a perfect example of how good she is at it. She really needs to take a bow. That shed scene stole the show. Creeptacilar! We really have to give it to her for the different portrayals of Malva she exhibited in this episode. Malva is bat-shit crazy. But Jessica, as Malva, downplays it so innocently that everyone is lulled into a false sense of security with her.

As for the costumes this episode, Claire’s party dress wins hands down. We loved the blue and the contrast fabric on the skirt/bodice. Between that and the accessories used, it was all stunning. Maybe we’re being greedy, but we would have liked to have seen the shoes. Blue is definitely her color! It makes her makeup and her hair pop! We also loved Claire’s robe! Jocasta’s dress at the gathering deserves an honorable mention. Oh, and Lord John’s black suit at the beginning. But he always has nice costumes.

Last, but certainly not least, the cinematography was breathtaking, one of the main characters of the show every single week! From the cold open to the eerie ending, the entire cinematography was fantastic. They were able to show Scotland as Scotland and didn’t disappoint. There were so many homages to Scotland that we thoroughly enjoyed, but two that stood out were the Skye Boat Song, the Gaelic version [feat. Griogair Labhruidh], with those stunning shots and the scene with the prince.

The Outlander Official Podcast

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What we are looking forward to in S6 Epi6 – The World Turned Upside Down

Amanda-Rae: I’m looking forward to seeing more of Jamie navigating the politics of his choice. I’m also looking forward to seeing whatever the next stage in Malva’s grand scheme will be. Follow Amanda-Rae on Twitter – @amandarprescott. She is also a freelance contributor on several period dramas for Den of Geeks US. Check out her articles.

Ayana: Malva seems to be escalating, I wonder what’s next to come out of her creepy mind? Oh and I hope for an end to this ether abuse. Follow Ayana on Twitter –  @Ayana80Smith.

Marsha: I am looking forward to seeing Malva’s plot continue to unfold and seeing how it involves Jamie and Claire. Follow Marsha on Twitter – @marshapatrice.

Tami: Next episode they’re focusing on Claire falling ill. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out and if this, in turn, will finally close the gap between Claire and Jamie. Just like she said back in S2, when they’re apart bad things tend to happen. Perhaps this may be the end of Claire’ substance abuse? To be honest, I’m not looking forward to Malva throwing herself at Jamie but I trust him and know he will not stray. What’s going to happen with the mysterious prisoner? So much to look forward to but here’s to hoping for more tender moments between Claire and Jamie. Oh, let’s not forget Brianna has to share her exciting news with her parents. Counting down the days until Sunday. Follow Tami on Twitter – @tami_ballantyne.

S6 Epi6 – The World Turned Upside Down

~ Video via STARZ


A dysentery epidemic spreads on the Ridge, and Claire falls deathly ill; she is almost recovered when the Christies arrive and drop a bombshell; as nefarious rumors spread like wildfire on the Ridge, tragedy strikes.

Outlander – The Skye Boat Song (Gaelic Version)

~ Video via Bear McCreary, Composer

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2 thoughts on “Blacklanderz®Convos! Outlander S6 Epi5 – Give Me Liberty

  1. Oh my!!! I really enjoyed reading this convos it flowed so smoothly! I was literally writing down points I wanted to relay back to you all.
    I think I started taking notes when you all mentioned the balls of Stephen Bonnet, I didn’t realize it was on the shelf. Whose idea was this to put them there. Whomever it was had a great sense of humor!
    I agree with all of you on Roger singing. They seemed to have threw out the entire story on his tracheotomy, his coughing, hoarse speaking and the inability to sing. What’s up with that?
    Aunt Jocasta was most definitely enjoying that hemp; she was right jolly and laid back.
    Last, but not least, was Marsali touching those bones. You all know she spent season 5 with that corpse. It was like she was in medical school with Claire, so bones ain’t nothing to her.
    Once again you ladies did an outstanding job!!


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Lorinda. You are right, Marsali did not touch those bones. She let Brianna do that. Once Marsali pointed out they were finger bones Brianna quickly dropped them. Roger’s voice may be handled like Lizzie’s Malaria, only pops up when the production needs it to. She, Marsali, was clearly an apt student of Claire, noticing human finger bones on site. I think she learned from her mom Laoghaire the knowledge of charms. Laoghaire would purchase those to help her in her love game.


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