Blacklanderz®Convos! Outlander S6 Epi6 – The World Turned Upside Down   


Outlander S6 Epi6 – The World Turned Upside Down

Written by Toni Graphia | Directed by Justin Molotnikov

This conversation is between Blacklanderz® Jess L. (JL), Margot, and Jess H (JH).

Arranged, edited, and interrupted by Vida.

Look around at you
brethren here today.
Non are all-knowing, all powerful,
and of noble birth.

But God does not require brilliance
or power or nobility for us to be true believers.

More often than not those are the
very things that keep us from
trusting the Lord.

JL: I think it was an interesting choice to start the episode with Roger preaching. It felt odd but I get Roger really takes on that preacher role on the Ridge.

JH: Yeah, I like Roger as a preacher. He’s following in his father’s footsteps. I wonder if he’ll decide to get formal training at a seminary at some point and be a minister.

M: Just showing that Roger’s really settling in this century as well as he can.

That is why God hath chosen what
is foolish in the world to shame the wise,

M: She is clearly JEALOUS! She’s maaaaddddd. Guess she hasn’t had any examples of stable love at all, and she doesn’t know how to respond or act around it when she sees something she wants.

what is weak to confound the mighty,

JH: This girl gives me the creeps! She’s always lurking around like a peeping Tom!

and what is low in the world
to bring to nothing…

JL: I agree with you both. She really has that crazy stalker look down too.

things that are.

M: While Roger was preaching, I looked at Jamie and was wondering if he approved of it.

It’s kinda funny how much Roger cares about his approval.

JL: I remember the MacNeill’s from earlier in the season. The family of five. The fact they have not been seen is troubling.

I think certainly with Roger, coming to terms with himself and accepting that they are each changed people through their experiences and through their traumas. That was a big element for Roger last season. He’s been fundamentally changed through his experiences, especially through the hanging and the PTSD that came with that and overcoming the trauma of that. I think he’s accepted that he’s not going to find the person that he was and that’s OK. He’s changed, and he has more of a hardened shell now. I think what’s interesting to watch is we see these characters carry these experiences, these parts of the narrative through the story with them.

You see that sort of evolution. It’s very easy to leave these things behind in television when it’s not directly referenced. I think it’s just important to make sure that you understand what these characters have been through and remember to carry those with you and how does that affect your character, whether it just be a steeliness to them, whether it be physically something different or it’s in the eyes. I think that’s just much more interesting for the audience, to see these characters and how these things have been brought along on their journey.

~ Richard Rankin

JL: Malva Malva Malva. Please go away.

JL: The show really shipped Fersali off like DG did in the books, but I hope they heal and thrive away from the chaos of the Ridge.

JH: I hope this is a fresh start for them. But I’m sad that we’ll probably be seeing less of Fersali now.

M: I’m glad Fergus can find something to help his family.

JH: I would not want to enter that house! I would be terrified of what I would find inside.

I would be terrified of what I would find inside.

M: I would have minded my own business and kept it pushing.

We have, it’s not quite a pandemic, but we have an illness that comes to the Ridge. Nobody really knows what the source of it is. They know it’s contagious. They know it’s passing from one person to another. When we were filming that, we were all of us wearing our masks, and it was right deep in the middle of COVID.

It’s interesting how sometimes these coincidences or these parallels end up playing out. We have this incredible medical advisor whose name is literally Dr. Claire, and it’s great. I use her hugely as a resource in terms of, well, what would she do or how would she approach this? This season was the same. We just leaned very heavily on our real Dr. Claire.

~ Caitriona Balfe

JL: As soon as the smell hit my nostrils, I would’ve turned around.

JL: Poor baby must be so dehydrated and sick.

The baby had no chance.

Like you say, it was so short but so impactful. It gave me that perfect amount of time to have that arc. Within each episode, we’re peeling back a layer. When it starts, she’s inquisitive and she’s a big people pleaser. I think she’s trying to be as genuine as possible. You know, there’s a lot of debate whether everything that she does is calculative and manipulative.

Personally, I don’t think so at all. I think she’s so young and she’s just doing what she thinks is best at the time. There’s actually like a specific point with Malva that she starts to really act out and starts to play out these horrible actions. It’s because of her circumstances. The way they wrote it, it was brilliant. It gave me such a clear structure of, okay, this is what she’s going through and hence she’s acting this way.

~ Jessica Reynolds

M: We need IVs in everyone.

But, it’s the 18th century and that’s not about to happen.

JL: Mr. MacNeill asked about his bairn. This scene is so sad.

JL: This comment was so unnecessary by Lizzie; people are dying, and she is mad at Claire for saying damn. Girl, go fetch some water and be quiet, please.

JH: I guess cursing was a bigger deal in the olden days; but Lizzie, people are dying. Priorities.

M: My eyes rolled so hard they nearly hit my brain.

JL: The way Claire told them not to touch their face, but Lizzie puts her hand over her mouth…she is just asking to be infected.

M: Yea, I peeped that and again… rolled my eyes.

JH: It must be so difficult for Claire to know that she could have saved these people if she just had the right equipment. Must be one of the many things keeping her up at night.

M: Girl, this is also keeping me up at night. Every time I see this stuff, I start thinking about what she needs, and I want to scream.

JL: Malva hovering around Claire “learning” from her makes my blood boil.

JH: If Claire’s notebooks are ever found by archaeologists, they are going to be VERY confused. Did people even know what germs were yet?

JL: Yes, they will be very confused because the show mentions it. Germ theory wasn’t discovered until the late 1800s.

M: I’m just sitting down shaking my head at how no one else but her really understands what this is. It’s making me twitch.

JH: Ugh, so that’s what the smell was! And that’s why they were so dehydrated. It’s so sad that just getting bad diarrhea could kill you back then.

M: All we needed was some IV’s, normal saline, or some Lactated Ringer’s.

I think the brilliant thing about Caitríona is she’s so present. I think that’s what I learned the most on set. She’s able to be funny Caitríona and then bam, switch to Claire.

I think coming onto that set of such a big machine and with such brilliant actors and someone like Caitríona, there was that admiration there as me, as Jess, the actor, which Malva also has for Claire. It was a parallel and made acting those sorts of scenes easy.

I don’t think we even had any conversations prior to. When I think about what we were doing in those scenes, the kind of chemistry and what that dynamic was, it was just there naturally.

~ Jessica Reynolds

JL: Thank you Lizzie for the somber information.

Where are your Beardsley boys?

We haven’t seen them this episode.

JL: I’m glad Jamie knows to tell the men to make sure their families boil their water and wash their hands.

Claire taught him well!

M: I admire the girl’s enthusiasm and helpfulness. But something isn’t right about her.

JH: She comes from a weirdly sinister family. We still don’t know who her mother was, do we?

Her father has definitely put the fear of God in her, but I don’t trust she knows right from wrong.

JH: So many hastily dug graves. it’s a hard sight. But burying people quickly should help slow the spread of disease.

M: Yes!

JL: At this moment, I knew it was not looking too good for Claire.

M: Oh lord….

JH: Sin-eater must be a weird gig. Does he just travel from town to town looking for funerals? Does he get paid, or does he survive off the bread he eats? And how does one start?

Has that guy sinned so much that there’s no hope for him, so there’s no harm in taking another person’s sins?

M: My thoughts exactly, how do you get the job as a sin-eater?

M: BRUUUHH, she’s sick now too?

JH: Another easily treatable disease that could mean death back in the day – fevers! They didn’t have Tylenol back then!

JL: Also, Claire fainting even though she doesn’t have the flux or is dehydrated makes me suspicious.

M: We need blood cultures, Tylenol, IV fluids and some antibiotics and I’m here twitching at how NONE OF THIS IS AVAILABLE.

JH: I don’t trust Malva being around when Claire is in a weakened state!

M: The man is stressed and has no idea how to help.

JL: Yes! He looks so helpless and upset he can’t do anything to save her.

M: I know we haven’t seen much of Allan, but something isn’t right about him either.

JL: Malva you are the weakest link, goodbye!

Yeah, I think so. As far as I’m concerned, she found out she was pregnant between episode 2 and episode 3. In the filler of that. That’s when she starts to have to figure out her own fate, and she’s busy in survival mode. It starts quite early on.

But in terms of when she says she wants to stay, I think she’s upset and genuine and loves Claire and doesn’t want to leave her side. But there’s also a lot playing against her and there’s a lot that she feels she has to do in those moments, which are not are very nice things.

~ Jessica Reynolds

M: Malva just met Claire, there isn’t a reason for her to be so attached to her like this. Girl, you did not imprint on her, goodbye.

JH: Yeah, she must have some kind of ulterior motive. I just don’t trust her.

JL: When Jamie picked her up, I thought back to S2 Epi4, when Claire was poisoned in France while she was pregnant with Faith and Jamie picked her up to carry her to get help.

M: Excuse me while my heart is being ripped out during this scene! Also, great cinematography.

JL: I loved Bear’s composition in this moment and the gentle yet strong manner in the way Jamie carried Claire up the steps, heartbreakingly beautiful.

M: Malva is somewhere in the corner mad that she has no one to do that for her. Her father would have beat her up the stairs and said she is the devil for being sick.

JH: Ugh! He’s middle aged and still strong as a bull. And yeah, Malva is definitely jealous.

JL: I love that these two alternate between staying by her side. As it should be.

JH: She really is the matriarch of the family. I don’t know how any of them would cope with her gone.

M: *I* wouldn’t be able to cope with her gone.

JL: Malva, please leave. Claire’s DAUGHTER and HUSBAND can take care of her.

JL: Both of them are unhelpful; they can be dismissed.

JH: They’re just in the way at this point! I hope Lizzie is keeping an eye on Malva at least.

JL: This is not her place to bring him tea. GET OUT. GO HOME!

JH: Oh, I would not drink that tea, if I were you, Jamie!

M: Isn’t she supposed to be taking care of Claire? What is she doing? If it has nothing to with taking care or Claire, maybe she should just go home…

JL: Why is he kiki’ing with her, while Claire is fighting for her life?

M: SEND THE GIRL HOME!!!! YOOO, she’s trying to seduce him, I bet. When she talks about her family, all I think is that she has no idea what a stable home is. The girl’s life must be sad. Why did DG write her character like this?

JH: I really don’t think he should be alone with this girl. I don’t trust her!

M: I feel like she said this to try to get a measure of what Jamie feels about Claire.

JH: Everywhere she goes, she gets accused of this. She must be getting tired of it.

JL: The whole witch storyline is so played out. Like we get it; she’s out of her time and all that.

M: Why is she bringing up his family like that, like they are friends?

JH: She might also be Scottish, but she barely remembers it. She’s just looking for things they have in common.

JL: Exactly! Trying to lure him in, but she doesn’t know he will not fall for her tricks.

JL: This entire scene with them was so odd and unnecessary. Also, the fact that he is sitting downstairs having a cup of tea with her, while Claire is fighting for her life, is out of place.

He should be by her bedside not eating or drinking, just focusing on Claire because we all know that’s the type of man and character he is.

JH: Yes, this is definitely a weird exchange. I don’t think he would be anywhere other than by Claire’s bedside.

Both the fever dream and its specific images are taken directly from the book. Unfortunately, it’s really difficult to convey a dream—especially a dream involving moods and unreal creatures/situations—on film. Subjective chaos is one of the things you can do much more easily (and usually more effectively) in writing, because you can evoke the reader’s own imagination. Film imposes its own reality, and if that’s too far from the viewer’s sense of things, it may not work that well.

~ Diana Gabaldon

JL: This dream sequence was strange, and I did not like it. Felt campy in a way.

JH: Yeah, it definitely felt different from other dream sequences in the show.

Maybe it was shot differently since Claire has a fever?

M: Wonder what all these symbols mean.

I’m assuming something is telling Claire she has a snake in her life/home.

JL: I get that she is feverish and hallucinating, but what was the point of her thinking she saw Malva with Jamie?

We all know Jamie would never and she knows that.

M: But, what exactly was that whole exchange about. Why was Malva in their room? You see the girl has no sense of boundaries.

Let’s talk about that section in 6×01 when she started talking about Lucifer and burning fires of hell while smiling. The girl is weird. Her whole family is weird!

JL: I am glad Roger, Bree, and Jamie all took turns sitting by Claire’s bedside. The closest to her being there while she

I don’t think it’s as evil as the surface maybe sees it as. Yeah, she thinks that it is going to make Claire less beautiful and that Jamie will somehow scare away from her because of that. It’s a very teenage girl thing to do, like, “I’m going to cut your hair.”

There’s an element of that, but alongside that, there’s so much innocence and desperation and an undeveloped brain working here and acting out and doing such awful things because she’s in dire circumstances.

~ Jessica Reynolds

JL: The way the camera is shot we don’t see Claire’s hair; we just see her face.

But when she feels her hair and the camera pans to it IT WAS A SHOCK.

M: Jess H didn’t even realize her hair was gone till I said it to her, and her jaw DROPPED!!!

JL: The fact that Malva was involved in cutting off Claire’s hair makes me angry because she clearly did it to be vindictive.

M: No, but how is she taking this so calmly. I would have fought any and every one at this point.

JH: I agree, someone cutting another woman’s hair when they’re in a weakened state weirdly vindictive, even if they did believe it would lower her fever.

I would bet it was Malva who suggested it!

JL: They are wrong for putting this 4b beauty supply wig on Claire. Her hair looks a mess. Jesus fix it!

M: They didn’t need to cut her hair. I could have done without this plot twist. I’m sorry book readers.

JH: Malva probably was hoping Jamie would find her less beautiful with short hair!

But she has no idea of the depth of their relationship.


M: This was a sweet line.

JL: It was sweet, but I also chuckled because Roger has a crush on Claire in the books LOL.

Nothing could ever make
you less beautiful.

M: HAHA! Yes, I remember that.

JH: I didn’t know that! Well, he must be over it now that he’s with Bree.

JL: I loved this line by Bree. From the first time we saw Bree in 2×13 to this moment, Claire and Bree’s relationship has made leaps and bounds.

They are in such a beautiful place as mother and daughter.

JL: This scene between them was so heartfelt and emotional compared to the other scenes surrounding Claire being ill.

M: Yea, this was cute.

JH: Yes, and I hope this is a good pregnancy for her, considering how traumatic the first one was.

JL: Me too! She deserves a stress-free happy pregnancy!

JL: Bree attempting to fix the mess Mrs. Bug and Malva made with Claire’s hair. I’m sorry Bree, but there is no fixing that travesty.

Let’s get that hair of
yours sorted out.
You look ridiculous.

M: I’m still wondering how she has taken this haircut so calmly and how Jamie has not punched or shot anyone yet. I’m stuck on this hair; I won’t get passed it.

Much better. Well . . .
I guess it’s as good
as it’s going to get.

JH: Yes, I would be out for blood! But, this is a sweet family scene.

JL: Not Jamie telling Claire to put a hat on. LOL

I, uh, dinna suppose
you’d think of wearing a cap.
Only until it grows out a bit?

No, I don’t suppose I will.

M: How is she so calm about it. I keep asking this. If this was me everyone is getting cut! JAMIE SHOULD CUT HIS HAIR TOO!! TWIN THIS OUT.

JH: Yes, now Jamie’s hair is longer than hers! He should cut it in solidarity!

M: Well, it makes sense. Honestly, I’ve been so fired up from this hair cut that I forgot about the elk from the beginning.

JL: If it wasn’t for Claire, I am sure there would’ve been a devastating epidemic on the Ridge.

Her knowledge saved so many of the tenants on the Ridge.

You know…
When we were in Paris

and we lost Faith…
…during my fever,

I saw birds, blue herons,

and Master Raymond, he said,
“Blue is the color of healing.”

But this time…
I saw storm clouds and my heart.
And a snake.
And it was in this house.

M: It’s Malva! MALVA IS THE SNAKE! GET HER OUT. Speaking of Malva, WHERE IS SHE?!?! AND MRS. BUG. They need to answer for their crimes.

JL: Most certainly needs to answer for her crimes. But also, why do they have to mention Faith? I went from being angry at Malva to being sad and emotional.

JL: I honestly believe if Claire ever died, Jamie would find her in the afterlife.

M: Yes! Soulmates should always find each other

JL: I don’t know what was happening, maybe they had to rush to film or something. But the scenes between Jamie and Claire after she woke up from being sick fell flat and lacked emotion. The typical Jamie and Claire love did not shine through the way it usually does.

JH: Yes, this has been a pretty packed episode so far. I guess they had to rush some bits to get everything in.

JL: The beginning portion of this episode with Claire’s sickness just felt rushed.

M: I felt like this was rushed too. But to be honest, the faster they get passed it, the faster time passes in the show and her hair can grow back! Malva is DUMB.

JH: Yay, I feel like we haven’t seen Adso in a while. Also, I think they would figure out pretty quickly that Claire was gone, and it was just the cat in the bed. HaHa.

M: I have said this before. I am not a cat person, but I would adopt this cat.

JL: It’s so typical of Claire to go leave her bed to check on a patient even though she has barely recovered. Doctors make the worst patients.

M: Hehe… yeaaaaa.

JL: I am a personal fan of Claire’s pimp hat.

M: I can’t with any of this. I don’t like how everyone is looking at her. I hate it.

JH: I agree that this is a very Claire look. It’s funny that Tom asked her why her hair was uncovered and then she ended up losing it and wearing a hat! It’s almost like he cursed her.

M: I bet he said some shit in front of Malva and Malva said, ‘snip snip‘, at some point then.

JL: He has some nerve with this joke. I hate that this made me laugh because I do not like him. LOL 

JL: I find the fact they both had the same illness different from the others on the Ridge, suspicious.

Clearly someone close to the both of them must have something to do with this.

M: Sounds about right. Now I have to ask again, WHERE IS MALVA? She should tell him that Malva cut her hair off so he can BEAT her with his belt some more.

JH: I really wonder what he saw in his dreams. She seemed to see past traumas or things she regretted. What would haunt a man like Tom?

M: Jamie’s face! That’s what haunts Tom. The man is so salty.

JL: Again, I hope we find out who made Claire and Tom sick.

This needs to be further explored.

M: I don’t know about you guys, but I hate hearing Tom speak. Everything that comes out of his mouth is foolishness. Also Claire, I understand your curiosity, but you didn’t need to go that far to ask for his feces.

JL: Same for me. His tone and attitude felt condescending, and he doesn’t like the way Claire carries herself. I DO NOT LIKE THAT!

JH: Everything about this man rubs me the wrong way. No wonder his daughter is a basket case. And yes, asking for the feces of someone who already doesn’t like you is not a great move.

JL: Tom behaves strangely when it comes to Claire. It’s like he envies her and sort of likes her.

JL: I love how Claire recognizes her and Tom had the same sickness that was different than the other settlers and we don’t hear anything about it for the rest of the episode. LOL.

M: Hopefully, we get that sorted out in the next two episodes.

JH: I’m just glad Claire didn’t have dysentery.

It seems like the sickness they got was less deadly, whatever it was.

M: She was SICK!

That’s crazy, what exactly was wrong with her.

JH: Wow, well I guess she couldn’t eat anything for a week, so she lost a lot of weight!

I love that she still has her rings, even after all these years.

She probably never takes them off.

You know,
it’s a great comfort
to see the sun come up
and go down.

And when I dwell in the cave,
and then when I was in the prison,
gave me hope,
to see the light come and go,
and know the world
went about its business.

I get the same feeling,
when I hear you rustlin’
about your surgery,

rattling things or
cursing to yourself.

If you were no longer there–
or somewhere…

Then the sun would no longer
come up or go down.

JL: The sun goes down line is a classic. I love they kept it from the book. 

[V: That was such an intimate scene.]

JL: This was so sweet and a great call back to S1 when their friendship and love was blossoming.

M: I knoooowww . . . so cute.

JH: Uggh. So cute and a throwback to S1!

M: Isn’t that crazy that Jamie could be a politician in helping out with the American Revolution.

It’s kinda like when he went in that carriage with George Washington in S4. I was like, ‘OMG WATCH THEM BE BESTIES’!

JH: Yes! I don’t know much about Scottish history besides what I’ve learned from this show.

So, it’s so cool to see Jamie in historical events that I learned about in school.

M: I grew up learning Caribbean history so I’m asking Jess H so many questions when they bring up big events in American history.

JL: I love this bantering and teasing between them in this scene because it felt like they were back on track.

Earlier in the episode, the chemistry was off, probably due to the beginning being rushed.

JH: Yes, they’re getting their groove back now that she’s recovered.

M: I enjoyed this conversation. It was cute.

JL: Jamie, please stop because . . .  WHAT? LOL

Your short hair is also…
very arousin’.

JL: I appreciate the voice overs and the fact they continue to use them, even as we get late into the series. It adds to the episodes. Claire is a guide for the audience as we watch the drama unfold.

Death’s dark shadow
had finally passed.

In the weeks that followed,

JL: I am shocked Malva didn’t catch on fire as she steps inside the church….


JH: Yes! We don’t know who her mother is. She could be a devil child for all we know.

[V: That’s not Malva walking into the church.]

the fisherfolk and the other settlers
lived beneath a bright sun
once more, their days ruled
by its rising and setting,

blissfully unaware
that the Revolution was edging ever-closer…

JL: I like the way the relationship between Jamie and Roger has developed over the course of the past few seasons. The son-in-law and father-in-law relationship has flourished since S4.

M: Honestly, this must be so cool for a history buff, saying you want to be present for certain events.

It’s kinda like looking forward to episodes in a show, but actually living in it.

[V: Knowing what is to come would scare the shit out of me.

There’s nothing you can do and you wouldn’t want to do something that would have a ripple effect.]

JL: As soon as the Christies rolled up, I knew some -ish was about to go down.

M: Gosh, I hate that Tom wanted to move to the Ridge. He couldn’t have picked anywhere else?

JH: Yes, the vibes were off since they were first introduced. If they don’t like the Frasers, they shouldn’t have stayed.

M: Did Jamie scold Roger for telling Tom he could move there?

JL: I am surprised Ian didn’t follow them when the Christies pulled up looking to talk.

Ian is usually Jamie’s right hand man. I wonder if he was ashamed after what happened with Malva and wanted to avoid her?

M: Good point. Would have probs been a very different outcome, if Ian were there.

Some of the scenes in episodes six and eight, where it is absolutely chaotic on the Ridge and the Christies, and Allan especially, are just fighting against everyone and anything that has a heartbeat – those scenes were incredibly difficult to tap into emotionally.

~ Alexander Vlahos

M: HAHA! I like how Jamie and Claire were staring at them all like, ‘And why is this our business? What are you doing here?’

JL: Right, like they were looking at them like “okay and?”

Also, are we surprised Malva is pregnant?

She was going around sleeping with every young man on the Ridge like it was bound to happen. Being a THOT really caught up to her.

JH: Yes! And that just goes to show that the kind of iron fisted parenting Tom does just made his daughter sneakier.

JL: Jamie is being too nice, once again. A huge mistake, stop showing this girl and family kindness. PLEASE.

JH: Yes, unfortunately Jamie’s kindness is rarely repaid. There aren’t many men of his caliber, but he still tries to see the best in everyone.

M: Sam Heughan naillleddd Jamie’s face looking so open and friendly trying to help the girl feel safe.

When I first auditioned for Malva, I had these sides. I think when I first auditioned, it didn’t even say Sam and Claire, it had different names. I think they were trying to hide that it was “Outlander,” which was so funny. It was actually lovely, the pretext that they wrote about what Malva was trying to do in the scene. So I already knew this is a juicy character.

One of the scenes was the accusation scene that we’ve just seen in Episode 6. So I knew that there was some dark stuff going to go down.

It wasn’t until I got the part and I started reading the book that I realized, like, oh my God, these are the worst circumstances of a character of any person I’ve ever come across. I was just thinking I couldn’t imagine anything worse happening to me. It’s a Greek tragedy.

~ Jessica Reynolds



JH: NO WORDS. They never should have let this girl into their house.

M: Never let her into America!

JL: The looks J and C exchange; they are in disbelief and shock just like the audience.

M: Am I with everyone else that is just looking at the TV knowing Jamie and Claire both know the girl is lying and there is NO WAY they could even doubt each other.

JL: Claire has taken this girl under her wing. Jamie and Claire gave the Christies a home and they come with this BS? The betrayal is astounding after everything Claire did for Malva and she goes and does this.

JH: I just want to know her motive. The Fraser’s have been nothing but kind to her. Does she think she can steal Jamie? Or does she just want to destroy the nice family that she wishes was hers?

M: That’s what is scary. We don’t know why they would do this! It makes no sense.

JL: I hate how Malva got Claire shaken up and the fact Malva is putting Claire through these pisses me off.

JL: Now Tom wants to believe a word Malva says? Allan got the wrong one. Jamie is about that life; he don’t play.

JH: Yes, very convenient for Tom to believe Malva’s word when it’s against the Frasers. 

JL: Why is Allan so vocal all of a sudden, this episode? Particularly this moment?

M: The man does not sit right with my spirit.

JL: That punch pleased me immensely.

JH: Yes, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Jamie beat someone up. Allan has no idea who he’s dealing with.

M: LOL. That was hilarious.

M: Mrs. Bug is trash; she has no loyalty.

JL: None at all. And I didn’t forget Mrs. Bug was part of the reason Claire’s hair looks the mess it does.

M: Back to the hair… Why did she still have a job after that?


JL: Malva claiming it happened multiple times. I’M SICK! 

[V: I would demand she tell me each and e’ry time it supposedly happened.]

M: No but, how do you even begin to respond to an accusation such as this without popping off.  

M: It’s so scary how she can lie so easily. Like, this is scary.

Also, we all know Claire is looking at her thinking, ‘This girl is LYYYINNGGGG’.

It’s so sad how Malva thinks this is something that could fracture their relationship.

The accusation scene, obviously, that was a big one. That was my audition scene. I was like, this is what we’re building up to. It’s so pivotal in the book as well. We spent a long day doing that scene and it was like a six-pager, which is pretty long for TV. It was brilliant. I have so much to say in it as well. There’s a lot of text for me. It almost felt like theater that day, because it was such a long thing and so many dynamics.

There’s Sam and Cat and Mark [Lewis Jones] and Alex [Vlahos] bouncing off each other. It was great doing it. When I watched it, you could see Malva obviously doing the plan that was laid out for her, this calculative thing, and she kind of cries and she gets upset. There’s also this parallel you kind of see that she’s well — that I saw anyway — that she’s so sorry that she has to do it. Like in the tears, she’s sorry that she’s doing this to Claire, but she has to.

And it was really tough to film at the start, because she’s going in devastated and there’s that mix of manipulation, but also fear. There’s so much going on. So it was tough. But then to be honest, by the end of the day, we were all in cahoots laughing and I was like, I can’t do this scene anymore.

~ Jessica Reynolds

JH: She is unbelievable! I’m sure she’s had a lot of practice lying with her overbearing father.

M: DAMN! I felt that through my television. I felt like I almost got slapped.

JL: She slapped the taste out of Malva’s mouth; and she so deserved it!

JH: Yes! Sometimes words aren’t enough. This girl dared to insult the thing most precious to Claire.

JL: If I were Claire, I would be fuming, crying, screaming, and throwing up!


JL: All of a sudden, Tom thinks Malva is sane? She’s not wicked anymore?

JL: The only thing Jamie has given this girl is a smile. And that was TOO GENEROUS.

JL: It baffles me that Tom is letting Malva speak the way she is. Like he has a heart attack when Claire asks him how his bowel movements are, but Malva can talk the way she is here?

JH: She is just building lie after lie. It’s all gonna catch up to her at some point.

M: Wait that’s a good point. How is Tom so okay with Malva talking so much?

JL: Malva made a huge mistake. Jamie and Claire are an unbreakable bond; it’s impossible to ever come between these two. She really thought her lies would come between them. She is clueless and idiotic to ever think Claire believed her.

JL: Tom is an OP; he clearly has been praying for Jamie’s downfall. Because everything Malva is saying sounds like lies and we know they are. HE KNOWS SHE’S LYING TOO!


JH: Ugh, I can’t believe she watched them and memorized the marking on his body. She’s just so conniving.

JH: It’s such a horrible position Malva has put Jamie in. There’s not much he can say without sounding guilty.

JL: The fact Tom believes her is puzzling to me. We have seen this man whoop his daughter multiple times for being wicked and evil and yet he believes her that Jamie, of all men, got her pregnant? Tom knows Jamie and the type of man he is, so this contract maintenance is ridiculous.

M: Tom should have never moved to the Ridge. They all need to be evicted from the Ridge. I HATE THE CHRISTIES!

JH: Tom has just been waiting for an excuse to turn on Jamie. They have a history that hasn’t been fully revealed. But he definitely has bad motivations.

M: And she’s out here crying? CROCODILE TEARS!!!

JL: I speak for everyone when I say we couldn’t care less about this girl crying. No sympathy for her whatsoever.

JH: This is really all her fault. All this could have been prevented if she asked Claire about birth control or abortions.

Claire would have done anything to help her, and she chose to betray her instead.

JL: I am glad Jamie went to Claire immediately after kicking the Christies out.

M: And I don’t blame him. He doesn’t need to apologize for something he didn’t do.

JH: You can tell that she was really doubting him. It’s so sad that Malva was able to jeopardize such a strong relationship.

M: Isn’t this so sad? Malva really tried to one up Claire. And it’s so sad because it feels like she’s been knocked down a few pegs because her hair is gone. It’s like Malva tried to take her beauty.

JH: Wow, this ordeal is making Claire distrust her memories and judgment. It’s so gross that Malva took advantage of her when she was sick.

JL: Claire’s response gave me chills.

I don’t belong here.
Brianna, Roger, they don’t belong here.
And, Jemmy shouldn’t be here.

But yet-but yet,
here we all are, all of us.

M: This whole response ripped my heart out.

Because I loved you
more than the life I had.
Because I believed that
you loved me in the same way.

JH: Wow. I think this is the root of Claire’s inner turmoil. She’ll never know for sure if she made the right choice, or whether she was just being selfish. But most of what happened in her life was outside her control. She didn’t expect to be transported back in time. She didn’t plan to fall in love with Jamie. All of this was forced on her.

His trust in the love between them is his most important article of faith, and he’d have to be in complete despair to abandon it. In this instance, he’s far from despair: upset, furious, and desperate to reassure Claire, but in no way about to abandon either his faith in her faith in him, or the fight to prove his innocence.

As he says, when she accuses him of having no faith in her ability to believe him, ‘If I didna have quite a lot of it, I wouldna be here.’ And he’s right.

~ Diana Gabaldon

M: NOW WHAT!!!!??! What did he do?

JL: Jamie, now is not the time. Read the room, sir.

M: Claire went, ‘WHO IS THAT?!?!!’ Like it wasn’t the time. But, I get it. He wants honesty. Men are weird; the timing is sooo bad for this confession.

JH: I was upset that he hadn’t told her this before. I don’t think he had a good reason to keep it from her, especially since she slept with Frank after she went back to the future. But, at least, it’s out now. They had a rule of never lying to each other even if they do have to keep things secret, and he never broke that Ike.

JL: Jamie, the audience and Claire do not need to relive that awkward scene between you and Mary. Please spare us.

M: I half thought Claire was going to say something like, “I would have cut your bollocks off already, if i didn’t believe you.”

JL: That would’ve been perfect, a missed opportunity. LOL

JH: Yes! A little comic relief would have been good for this heavy episode. I don’t think they’ve had a good marriage quarrel in a while.

M: Jamie gave Claire a reality check. And because society as a whole is trash, Claire will somehow be blamed for all of this.

JH: Yes! He knows the historical period they are in better! This is before the internet. Gossip is the only thing these people have to pass the time.

M: Did Mrs. Bug get fired for running her mouth? Honestly, it’s so sad, Roger is right. From 6×01, Tom Christie has been jealous of Jamie. Of course, Malva is a jealous fool too.

JL: Additionally, I feel like now would’ve been a perfect time for Roger to tell Bree about Malva threatening/blackmailing him and how he caught her with Obadiah.

JH: Yes! I’m surprised he didn’t confess that. Bree is gonna be pissed when she finds out.

M: Roger should have STOOD UP IN CHURCH DURING HIS SERMON and exposed Malva.

JL: Bree, slow your roll. We don’t need to reminisce about Frank cheating on your mom. WTF? Why is Bree taking a trip down cheating-lane?

M: Frank? Why are we talking about him?

JH: We don’t miss him, don’t need to hear about him.

JL: Frank was so disrespectful. He got what he deserved. #IcyRoads

Okay and Roger? The man she was in love with was gone, literally dead so that’s not an excuse. Claire wasn’t going around with multiple side pieces flaunting them in front of other people like Frank was.


M: Tom is weird. Why would he do that?

JH: Tom is some kind of sado masochist for that. Also, how could he expect to keep his place as a religious leader when his own daughter was messing around? Just shows his hypocrisy.

M: It’s so sad watching Malva try and push this on Claire when it is clearly not working. I have to laugh. Like sweetie, right idea, wrong bitch. HAHAHA!

JL: Malva picked the wrong couple to target. Like sweetie no!

JH: I never believed that this would seriously threaten their relationship, but it’s still a relief to see them reconcile.

JL: This was heartbreaking because Claire was sooooo betrayed by Malva and even after apologizing and trying to reason with her, Malva continued to lie.

JH: This girl did Claire so dirty but she’s still showing compassion to her. It shows the strength of Claire’s morality and principles.

M: Claire is better than I. I would have everyone Malva slept with line up and tell the church what they did. Pull a Tom Christie.

JL: Allan is ridiculous. If Claire could make potions to bring people back from the dead, wouldn’t all those tenants who died be resurrected by now?? Like boy, STFU and go sit down!

JH: Malva has been running her mouth about Claire! Maybe that was her reason for helping her all along; she just wanted to find dirt on her.

JL: Something about Allan doesn’t sit right with my spirit. The way that his character has been in the shadows all season until now is very suspicious and ominous.

M: Malva is one way one minute, then another the next. Also, Allan is weird too.

JH: Another witch accusation.


JH: Yes, Claire! She is a fair person. But when her family is threatened, the claws come out.

Stay away from my family.

JL: Henderson got some nerve because. . . didn’t he have Malva on her back, legs open in the church?


JH: I’m ashamed that this idiot has the same last name as me.



JL: Ian is me defending Jamie and Claire. In this case, violence is the answer.

M: He chose violence. Loved watching him take on all those men.

JH: Go Ian! He’s fiercely loyal to his family.

JL: I enjoy the fact that Claire finds comfort in her garden.

The solace of the quiet that comes with the garden is much needed for her.

M: All this talk about her must be exacerbating her PTSD as well.

JL: Most definitely. Can they give my girl a break. PLEASE?

JH: Yes, let Claire have some peace in her garden, she desperately needs it.

[V: When is this man going to stop popping up e’ry where with that sick smirk on his face?]

JL: Ian, this is a touchy subject.

Choose your words carefully.

M: Someone needs to shackle this girl’s legs closed. No, I’m serious. I know it sounds bad, but this girl is crazy.

She goes around acting like this and accuses someone she didn’t sleep with of sleeping with her.

JH: Malva really got to him. She’s a master manipulator.

M: That must have set Malva off too because no one loves her. This is so sad. I don’t feel bad for her though. 

JL: Aww poor Malva. Not.

JH: Maybe being scorned by Ian was part of why she wanted revenge against the Frasers.

JL: I am glad they confirmed Roger told the truth about catching Malva in the church because I was afraid Roger was going to remain silent on that issue. My love for this redeeming and superior S6 Roger continues.

M: RIGHT? I was thinking he was going to stay silent ,which would have been trash.

JH: Ian is such a good guy for this. But, he definitely deserves a better wife than Malva!

JL: Ian and his honor. He is such a good man.

Despite Ian’s news,
the damage was already done.

From that day on, we lived
under a cloud of darkness.

JL: If I were Jamie and Claire, I would’ve been handing out eviction notices. They have some nerve believing lies being spread about them and shunning Claire. All of them backstabbing tenants can pack up; it’s time to settle elsewhere since they have no loyalty. GOODBYE.

Thank God I had
Briana to confide in.

JH: These people turned so quickly on the Frasers after they’ve showed them nothing but kindness. It’s unbelievable. I wonder if the same thing would have happened in Scotland. All these people are recent setters, versus the generations of people living in the same area in Scotland. These people barely know each other, so the relationships are more superficial.

Most of the settlers
wouldn’t even look at me.

We were pariahs.
And while Jamie was away
at the Congress, preparing
to revolt against Great Britain,
the Ridge was mounting a rebellion of its own.

JL: I am shocked Jamie left the Ridge for two months after everything that transpired.

This is such a long time for them to part with the Christies still around.

[V: I thought the same thing, especially with Richard Brown and his committee of safety still around too.]

M: Since Frank was brought up. Isn’t this just a one up to Frank? JAMIE IS A PART OF HISTORY. Frank just read about it.

JL: They really did a whole time jump, but Bree isn’t showing?

She must’ve been like six weeks when she told Roger she was pregnant. So, ain’t no way she was not further along after a whole two-month time jump.

JH: Hmm. . . I guess their skirts can hide a pregnancy, but you’d think she would have more of a bump by now.

Maybe this was another rushed scene.

M: People have no loyalty. How are they gonna believe the Christies?!?

JH: Sorry to be a history nerd, but I remember reading about the Continental Congress when the colonies were starting to organize for the revolution. It’s so crazy to think of Jamie being a part of that.

M: And this is why I ask you tons of questions when we watch Outlander.

JL: Again, hand out the eviction notices ASAP!


JH: Unbelievable! She’s done so much to help the sick, but it was all for nothing.

But still, I kept believing
that this too shall pass.

JH: Claire is going through a lot of turmoil right now, so it’s good to hear what she’s thinking.

Someday people will have forgotten.

JL: Claire’s bob is bobbing, and I love it.

M: OH, thank God we have more hair! The bob is very S1 reminiscent for me, when her hair was EXTRA curly.

JH: Yes, I love the cute curls! I’m sure Jamie loves it too!

M: That is so sad. It’s sad when you don’t have patients to take care of.

JL: I hope all the settlers choke since they don’t want to come see my good sis, Dr. Fraser, who can heal their ailments.

JH: She is definitely the best doctor in the country with the knowledge she has, but she’s scorned over some rumors.

JL: They are killing me with this ether storyline. This is Epi 6 and there are two episodes of the season left. This storyline should’ve been resolved or on its way to be resolved at some point already.

It is starting to feel repetitive and somewhat pointless. I understand they want to show Claire is using it to cope with PTSD; but at the same time, they haven’t done anything else with this storyline.

[Lionel] Lonely, are you?

JH: Yes, this episode feels rushed and long, at the same time. It feels like they’ve only just started establishing Malva as a major antagonist and it’s almost the end of the season.

M: I’d do the same thing. Lock the door, if I saw Malva walking towards my house.

JL: Didn’t Claire tell this girl to stay away from her family? GO HOME MALVA!

JH: She just can’t stay away from Claire! She definitely sees her as a maternal figure.

But who would treat their mother like she has?!

M: Malva. That’s who.

JL: It’s so hard to watch Claire act crackhead-ish like this.

M: Yeah, I’m done with this storyline. We need to resolve this.

Plus, it’s making her dreams worse.

JH: Yes, hasn’t Jamie found her passed out with the ether yet?

JL: This ether dream threw me off. I was shocked because I couldn’t tell, at first, whether it was real.

JL: Malva is even more crazy in Claire’s ether dream than she is in real life.

JL: Malva, Claire will always be IT!

M: I know this is dream Malva, but she is trash. I mean It only just confirms she was jealous of Claire and she’s crazy. So, she went and did all that stuff to her and Jamie.

JH: She’s so evil for saying this. I think every woman has a fear of aging, but it’s not like it won’t happen to Malva too!

M: She’s just mad cuz she knows Claire will age better than she ever will.

JL: The way Malva is dragging Claire in this ether dream; I DO NOT LIKE THIS!

JH: It was just jealousy all along.

JL: Claire threatening Malva’s life was beautiful to see. CINEMA!

M: I felt scared for Malva for a hot second . . .  then, it went away.

JH: She always seems to attack Claire when’s she’s in a weakened state. She’s a coward on top of her other flaws.

JL: I have lost count of how many times we have seen Claire use ether to self soothe, but it bewilders me that no one has walked in on her or caught her while she was knocked out yet!!???!

JH: Yes! She must be addicted at this point. How has no one else noticed?

M: I need this to be resolved. It was shocking at first, now I’m just shaking my head every time I see it again.

JL: The sound of the crow in this scene sent a chill down my spine, that’s when I knew!

JH: Yes, whatever she finds is not going to be good.

M: It wouldn’t be an Outlander episode without some crazy stuff happening in the last minute, right?

JL: I am going to keep it respectful and say I wonder who killed this girl.

M: OMG! This is WIIILLLLDDDD. Same Jess L. who killed her?

JH: Who could it be? There are so many people she’s pissed off. It will be hard to find the culprit. But it looks like her neck was cut cleanly. Could it have been with a scalpel?

JL: The prosthetics in this scene was out of this world. The knife slicing the stomach open was incredible. And the way Malva’s dead body was moving as Claire was slicing and trying to pull the baby out. Shout out to the crew for making that shot happen.

M: This is going to sound bad. But Claire should not have touched her body. I get that she’s a physician. But at this point, this isn’t going to be good for anybody.

JH: She is going to look so guilty after this! She literally has her blood in her hands. And more people will believe that she was a witch after this. An older woman killing a younger girl/woman, who was after her husband. And they probably wouldn’t understand that she was trying to save the baby.

M: This is so wild and sad.

JH: This was hard to watch. But the baby was probably long dead.

JL: My heart sank, as Claire couldn’t save the baby. Caitriona was ACTING in this final scene. Had me shooketh at this entire sequence of the c-section and CPR.

M: She really tried to save that baby. Damn.

JH: Even in the state she was in, her first instinct is to try to save the baby’s life. Before anything else, she is a doctor.

It’s a really interesting thing about the Protestant community coming over to the Ridge and putting all this blame and all these superstitions and this witch ideology on Claire again, even though she overcame that in Season 1. It’s going to impact her greatly. But then you’ve got that personal aspect for Claire. She loved Malva. Maybe it’s her thinking why can’t she have done more? I think it’s going to be tough. It’s interesting seeing a lot of the fans say “Why can’t Claire see that she’s evil and she’s manipulative?”

Malva has a lot of sides to her, and ultimately I think she is a victim. I think Claire sees Malva as a victim as well when things were revealed. Also, it’s trauma after trauma for Claire, right? She’s processing the rape of last season, and then Malva distracts her. She’s got a lot of things to look forward to. And now it’s another blow. How much trauma can one take on?

~ Jessica Reynolds

Episode Rating (1-5 Shots)

We give this episode 4-shots! So much happened in this episode . . . so much information . . . so much drama! Classic Outlander.

Although we felt the beginning of the episode was a bit rushed with Claire being sick, the episode flowed much better once she woke up. The drama that ensues afterwards was well-written. Book readers have discuss the plotline of this episode for some time and we were excited to finally see it. We also enjoyed seeing Jamie’s long, overdue confession, though not the timing of it. We really wish they had spent more time cementing Malva as this season’s villain. The only hints we had about her intentions, thus far, were her eerie facial expressions and general creepy vibe. Perhaps, that was all they thought was needed.

Some of us knew most of the content in this episode was going to happen at some point this season. But the show has done such an excellent job adapting ABOSAA to screen and keeping us on the edge of our seats. There was a good balance with each of the characters getting the screen time they needed. There wasn’t much wasted time with each scene having implications for later events. This speaks to the storytelling ability of the author, showrunners, cast and crew.

We had three favorite scenes this week. CLAIRE and BREE. The desperation in Bree’s voice when she realizes Claire has awakened was so emotional. We loved how Bree gives Claire a kiss on the forehead that is so maternal and caring; also, how she told Claire she was pregnant was so perfect within that moment. The entire scene was beautifully done and tugged our heartstrings.

FRASERS vs. CHRISTIES. Another favorite scene was the Christies confronting Jamie and Claire slapping Malva (that slap was heard and felt around the world!). CLAIRE’S FEVER DREAM (MALVA). Although we know it was a dream, it was good to see Malva finally speak honestly about her bad intentions. It was shot in such a manner that, initially, we weren’t sure if it was real or Claire’s ether-induced hallucination. It is especially poignant because we are sure Claire is worried that she might have killed her.

Jessica Reynolds’ performance of Malva is the definite stand out for this episode! She is a bit of an enigma, uneducated and timid, but also manipulative and mysterious. She showed the entire range of her character in this episode from desperately trying to save the baby stricken with dysentery to openly threatening Jamie and Claire over her own child.

She had the ability to make us absolutely hate her character, and yet feel almost sorry for her at the same time. That has to be tough to portray and Jessica performed her scenes brilliantly! Malva was a unique antagonist. In some ways she reminds us of Geillis since we were always guessing her motivations. It’s too bad that right after we see what her character is capable of, she’s killed.

Although the costumes/accessories are always incredible, we do appreciate the costume designers’ innovations. Bree’s burgundy coat is always a favorite whenever we see it. Claire’s hat that she wore to visit with Tom totally fit her character.  We also loved Claire’s chunky knit shawl she wore wrapped around her bodice in the later scenes. She has a lot of fashion influences from the 1940s to 18th century France.

The cinematography was beautiful throughout this episode. In the opening sequence, the contrast from dark to light, as Claire opened the shades in the MacNeill cabin, really displayed the way Claire came into the cabin looking to give this dying family a bit of hope. The aerial shot of Jamie looking up the staircase, while carrying Claire, made us feel the heaviness of her illness on him. We also liked how they skillfully shot Claire’s ether-dream sequence that felt creepy and unreal, yet believable.


What we are looking forward to in S6 Epi7 – Sticks and Stones

Jessica L: As a book reader, I know what is left, storyline wise, in terms of the book. Without spoiling it for the non book readers, I am looking forward to a certain storyline with Lizzie and the aftermath of Malva’s death. I am disheartened because we only have two episodes left. It’s bittersweet because I do not want this season to end. Follow Jessica L. on Twitter – @LOutlander.

Margot: Looking forward to how the aftermath of Malva’s murder is going to play out. Who murdered her and why? Even though she was crazy, why would someone murder a pregnant girl? How is Claire going to come back from all of this? I know the Frasers have been through a lot, but Claire needs a break. Follow Margot on Twitter –  @margieleev.

Jessica H.: The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is finding out who killed Malva. I’m also anxious to see what happens to Claire. She’s already on thin ice with the witch accusations, and being caught literally red handed with a scalpel is not going to help her case. I hope she will have better justice than the first time she was accused of witchcraft. I can’t believe there are only two episodes left! I can’t wait to see how this storyline will be resolved! Follow Jessica H. on Twitter – @calypsomoon9.

S6 Epi7 – Sticks and Stones

~ Video via STARZ


Claire struggles with her demons as a nefarious rumor begins to spread on the Ridge. Tensions rise as the residents fear there is a dangerous person in their midst.

Outlander returns with new episodes Sunday April 24th on Starz.

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2 thoughts on “Blacklanderz®Convos! Outlander S6 Epi6 – The World Turned Upside Down   

  1. I really appreciate your commentaries on the episodes. It is interesting to see the different takes each of you has sometimes on what happened, especially with one of you not having read the books and the others having read them. I agree that Jessica Reynolds did a wonderful job of portraying Malva, and I agree that Malva has learned to lie and hide her feelings because of how her father treats her. Both she and Allan remind me of some of the young people I knew growing up in a fundamentalist church. The kids whose parents were the most strict and wouldn’t allow them any ‘mistakes’ in their behavior were very practiced at acting as though they were perfectly good. But behind the adults’ backs they were the worst hypocrites and they behaved very differently. They couldn’t admit mistakes for fear of being harshly punished, couldn’t ask questions about sex, for example, so they got into trouble because of ignorance and fear.


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