Why the Stakes Were Higher for David Berry to Return to Outlander This Season

I enjoyed seeing LJG again! ~V

Filming a television show during a pandemic is a complicated situation for everyone involved—especially when that series is Outlander, a story that wouldn’t be the same without its most intimate moments. But the decision to return to set for season six was even more complex for actor David Berry, who plays Lord John Grey.

“It was extremely challenging,” he tells Town & Country, reflecting on the experience. “The stakes of coming back were a little bit higher for me because I was in Australia. Australia’s experience of the pandemic was vastly different to the UK, and indeed a lot of the world. We hadn’t experienced much COVID at all and we weren’t in a lockdown or anything. So I was coming from a place of safety.”

There was also a chance that once he left Australia, he wouldn’t be able to return home for some time, due to COVID protocols. “To leave was a huge commitment and risk because there was every chance that I would be stranded in the UK,” he says.

I felt personally a tremendous sense of anxiety and fear coming to the UK. Because it’s coming from a place of safety where I hadn’t experienced any COVID, and then being thrown right into the lion’s den, right into the middle of it.

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