The World of ‘Bridgerton’ Video Series: Family

Step into the world of “Bridgerton” to explore the meaning of family in season two.

In the world of Bridgerton, family is everything.

Love, responsibility, loyalty, dedication, and even wealth and power — they’re all intrinsically tied to the ways that family intersects in all of the lives of the characters of the ton.

In this video, we explore those intersections in season two of Bridgerton, from complicated blood ties to the extended family of Queen Charlotte’s court to even the work-life family that has developed on the set of the hit series among the cast and crew.

The video features exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with Jonathan Bailey, Simone Ashley, Charithra Chandran, Nicola Coughlan, Luke Newton, Claudia Jessie, Luke Thompson, Phoebe Dynevor, and others, so watch to find out more about the formidable role that family plays on Bridgerton.



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