‘Bridgerton’ Fans, This S2 Scene Gave a Big Sneak Peek of Queen Charlotte’s Prequel

Bridgerton fans, happenings about the “ton” are heating up, indeed. Feast your eyes upon the latest news abuzz: Our favorite Netflix period drama is getting its very own epilogue.

The regency show inspired by Julia Quinn’s novels entranced viewers with the glamorous London social scene and the esteemed members within, including the show’s namesake family. Now, the Bridgerton-verse is ready to expand in a different way. Though there’s still much unknown swirling around, here’s everything we can confirm about the Bridgerton prequel series thus far:

What will the Bridgerton prequel be about?

Riding on Bridgerton‘s successful coattail, a new Shondaland show will regale the origin tale of Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel). Pulling the strings was the reigning Queen Charlotte — a fictional character inspired by the real-life royal who ruled the U.K. and may have been the first Black member of the royal family.

The untitled eight-episode prequel centers on a young Queen Charlotte in the 1760s as she forges her path to become the powerful monarch we know and worship. It also pulls the curtains back for a look inside her marriage to King George, which sparked both “a great love story and a societal shift,” according to Netflix’s news site Tudum.

Fans who’ve read the Bridgerton book series may know that author Julia didn’t write about Queen Charlotte but the character was added in the show adaption. Her impact has been so great that her past will be explored and further set the scene for the present Bridgerton family.

When is the Bridgerton prequel’s release date?

News of the prequel came in May 2021, with much excitement heralded from Bridgerton fans. Sadly, we must wait a bit longer for an official release day and a timeline on filming. But rest assured gentle reader, the script is being written as we speak. Photos published on Tudum show the cast running through table reads. Adding to the buzz, creator and writer Shonda Rhimes tweeted a photo of the script cover, revealing the title of episode one, “Queen to Be.” Iconic.

Are there any spoilers about the Bridgerton prequel?

Betrothed to the King of England against her will, Charlotte arrives in London only to realize she was not exactly what the royals were expecting, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

She must learn to navigate royalty, palace life and her unpredictable husband, young King George, who has always given in to the restraints bestowed on him by the Crown. That is, until Charlotte enters the picture.

If you’re caught up on all things Bridgerton, you’re well aware of that subtle sneak peek from season 2 episode 6’s “The Choice,” during which a delusional King George interrupts a conversation between Queen Charlotte, Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) and Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran). Thinking it’s the day of their wedding, he affectionately calls the Queen “Lottie,” describing her as radiant.

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