Even the Biggest ‘Bridgerton’ Fans Don’t Know These Surprising Facts

A lot of this I already knew; a lot of it, I didn’t. ~ V

How much do you really know about Bridgerton?

From how many original outfits were created in season 1 (hint: it’s over 4,000!) to who almost played the Duke of Hastings before Regé-Jean Page was cast, these surprising Bridgerton facts are so juicy, they’d even impress Queen Charlotte — and we all know that’s no easy feat.

1Julie Andrews is the narrator.

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Yep, that’s why Lady Whistledown’s voice sounds so familiar! Julie Andrews recorded all of her parts over Zoom in a New York studio. “We sent her the scripts, she ended up reading the scripts and loving the scripts. And she said yes,” showrunner Chris Van Dusen told StarLifestyle.

2 – Shonda Rhimes is the executive producer.

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You know, the creative genius behind Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder, and Scandal? Bridgerton is the producer’s very first project with Netflix, but not her last: She signed $150 million deal with the streaming service in 2017. Her second project was Inventing Anna.

3It’s based on a popular book series of the same name.

Julia Quinn wrote eight books in the Bridgerton series, giving the show plenty of content to work with. The novelist also serves as a consultant for producers. “I really felt like it was in such good hands that I didn’t need to micromanage in any way,” she told Town & Country.

4Queen Charlotte wasn’t in the novels at all.

The character was created for the show and the author of Bridgerton thinks it was a great call. “Queen Charlotte is the biggest new character and she’s fantastic in every way. I go back and forth between: ‘Wow, I wish I’d put her in the books.’ And: ‘I’m glad I didn’t put her in the books because I wouldn’t have done her as great as they do her here,'” Julia Quinn told Town & Country.

5 – Daphne’s hair was inspired by Audrey Hepburn.


Old Hollywood fans would recognize those curled bangs anywhere. “When I did Daphne’s first fittings she had these amazing eyebrows and the looks that we started doing reminded me of Audrey Hepburn,” hair and makeup artist Marc Pilcher told Insider. “When I Googled the images of Audrey I just looked at the pictures and thought ‘My god that’s Daphne to a T.'”


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