DP Alasdair Walker and gaffer Scott Napier on illuminating and capturing the world of Outlander

As much as we talk about the cinematography/lighting in Outlander episodes, I am glad someone put a spotlight on it and interviewed DP Alasdair Walker and gaffer Scott Napier! ~ V

Now in its sixth season, historical drama series Outlander has been pushing creative and technical boundaries once again. The time travelling adventure centres around Claire Randall, an English combat nurse, who is mysteriously transported back in time from 1945 to 1743.

“It’s a vast production and sort of like a road movie that started travelling all over Scotland before venturing further afield whilst jumping around in time,” says Scott Napier, who has been gaffer on the series since its inception.

This exploration of different periods in time and disparate worlds also appealed to cinematographer Alasdair Walker who shot pickups for the first and second series before joining the production full-time from series three.

The showrunners are keen to explore different looks according to the story as it moves around in time, especially in the latest season which has really pushed the visual language used.

~ Alasdair Walker

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