“Everybody Suffered”: ‘THR Presents’ Q&A With the Cast of ‘1883’

The actor-musician, who plays opposite his real-life wife Faith Hill in the series, talks about how locations played a crucial role and how it was difficult to not get emotional in the face of the characters’ challenges in their migration west.

The cast of Paramount+’s 1883 all agree: None of them would have made it.

The group reunited via Zoom for a THR Presents conversation (powered by Vision Media) to reveal new details about the arduous making of the Yellowstone prequel drama.

During the discussion, Tim McGraw (James Dutton), Faith Hill (Margaret Dutton), Sam Elliott (Shea Brennan), Isabel May (Elsa Dutton) and LaMonica Garrett (Thomas) were asked if they think they would have survived the treacherous Oregon Trail like their characters embarked on in the show.

“I’d have set up shop in Fort Worth and called it a day,” agreed Garrett. “This is as good as place as any.”

“There were people [who worked on the show] who were definitely up to making that trek, but I wasn’t amongst them,” Elliott says.


Watch video >>>


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