The Batman Trailer – The Bat and The Cat (2022)

I am getting more and more excited for this movie to come out! And, Catwoman is finally getting some scene time. The theme, darkness of the story, characters and scenes, psychology of it all and the action seem on point. Robert and Zoë have some serious chemistry too! ~ V The Batman – The Bat and The Cat ~ Video via Movieclips Trailers From Warner … Continue reading The Batman Trailer – The Bat and The Cat (2022)

Zoë Kravitz, American Woman

Zoë Kravitz grew up a flower child in the canyons of L.A. with her actress mom and a wild child in Miami and beyond with her rock-star dad. But she’s making her own way to the top. Sunday afternoon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and the neighborhood is being its Williamsburgiest self. Outside a gentrified coffee shop under the grimy elevated J-M-Z tracks, a jaywalking Hasidic man … Continue reading Zoë Kravitz, American Woman