Outlander | The Red Dress

For those of you who do not follow Terry Dresbach, Outlander’s Costume Designer, you are really MISSING OUT on a treat. Just this once, we will show you the types of posts on her blog. She definitely provides insight into how she designs these fabulous costumes and what the designs entail.


Not sure there is very much more to say about the red dress, except that I am glad that it is in the rear view window. Too controversial, too much hype. More and more of our audience has not read the book, so they do not understand the genesis of various things we do as a nod to the book. But maybe I can convince Ron to do subtitles. “This costume (insert name, ‘nipple dress’, red dress’, whatever, is a direct reference to the original source material, and a nod to the book fans who REALLY have waited a long time to see it. Please do not get angry about it.” LOL

~ Terry Dresbach

© Mark Shaw / mptvimages.com





Interesting re invention of a classic Dior from the late 40s. The New Look has been reinterpreted so many, many times.

~ Terry Dresbach


I was so worried that because Cait is so very fair, that she would be overpowered by brilliant red. It is neither an easy color to use onscreen, but it can eat up a mere mortal. The color made Cait glow like some sort of natural candle flame.

Extraordinary. The dress will NEVER look as good on a mannequin as it does on this particular living, breathing, being.

~ Terry Dresbach


It’s a beautiful dress and such a fan moment in the books. Jamie has to say, ‘You can see all the way down to your third rib,’ and it had to fulfill all these different things, so Terry did such an incredible job with it. But walking anywhere, I had to do this kind of sideways crab walk. It was like, ‘Wide load, coming through!’ I thought all that I was missing was the, ‘Beep! Beep! Beep!’ that these massive trucks had.

~Caitriona Balfe

One of Balfe’s favorite additions that the writers made is the fact that Claire helps design the dress herself.

It was nice to be able to see Claire explore her femininity, because she’s usually such a practical and pragmatic person, and not at all interested in her appearance. Being able to see her dressing up for the first time ever, that was a nice element.

~ Caitriona Balfe

( Fifteen yards of Duchesse Satin)



We will stop here, but there is much more.

To see more of the dress, up close and personal


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