25 Swoony Outlander Moments to Celebrate ‘World Outlander Day’

HAPPY WORLD OUTLANDER DAY – Yes, we know it was yesterday.

Twenty-five years ago on June 1, a little book by Diana Gabaldon called “Outlander” was published in hardcover. And millions, if not billions, of swoons were born.

To celebrate the publication of “Outlander,” Zap2it has collected some of our favorite moments from Season 1 of TV series, which brought the beloved book to life on Starz with stars Sam Heughan as Jamie and Caitriona Balfe as Claire.

1. When Frank finds a Highlander staring up at Claire in the window (cue spooky music)

outlander 1


2. When Jamie ‘protects’ Claire from the skirmish by … throwing her off of his horse.

outlander 2

Romance ain’t dead.

3. When Jamie really gets his first real look at Claire.

jamie glint

See that glint? That glint says “I want to make ginger babies with you.”

4. When Jamie stood all stoically letting Claire check his shoulder wound.

outlander 4

“Sorry, I have to put my fingers all over you.” “Oh, no bother.”

5. When we wanted nothing more than to be a pile of hay.

outlander 6

6. When Jamie comforted Claire.

outlander 5

“You’ve nothing to be afraid of, lass. Except falling for me, because look at me, for Lord’s sake.”

7. When the attraction became friendship … and attraction too of course.

outlander 51

8. When Jamie realized Claire could always hold her own.

outlander wedding 0

You ain’t seen nothing yet, Scot.

9. When sometimes just handing over a blanket with the slightest brushing of fingers was enough.

outlander 8

ZAP! “Oh that?  That’s called ELECTRICITY, Jamie.”

10. When Jamie protected Claire’s bedroom.

outlander 7

Uh. OK. You just… be right there.  

We’ll be over here THINKING ABOUT THAT.

Had to end the post with this one in honor of Epi9 this Saturday!

11. When Jamie dropped the Fraser motto in perfect French.

giphy 52

More swoons >>>


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