Richard has a beautiful voice. The day we filmed the scene where he performs is one of my favorite parts of that episode. It would be great if his version of that song was released as a single—it’s a wonderful performance.

~ Maril Davis (Executive Producer)

For the Scottish Festival, I was asked if I could learn the fiddle, to which I responded, ‘don’t be ridiculous—it takes years to master.’ I can play the guitar, so I was happy to do that. Producers told me it would be a couple of tracks, playing and singing.

The first song was an old Scottish folk song, which was fine. I had that mastered. The second song, ‘The Devil’s Kitchen,’ was only delivered close to filming and was an arrangement of an old Scottish song which was so difficult—oh my god, what a challenge.

I didn’t want anyone to ‘be my hands’ playing it. I was determined to master it but drove all the cast and crew mad with my practicing, especially Sophie. Then, she had to pretend she had never heard it when we performed it at the festival.

~ Richard Rankin (Roger)


Source: Outlander Community, Starz



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