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Outlander S4 Epi9 – The Birds and The Bees

Written by Toni Graphia & Matthew B. Roberts | Directed by David Moore

L: The title card has a message in it to be sure. The birds and the bees. How isn’t life typically about the birds and the bees? How are babies made? Our young children ask us. We teach our children how to protect themselves from getting pregnant. So, there is a nod to sex and pregnancy, which is what our girl Brianna is dealing with.

This conversation is between Blacklanderz Lorinda, Erica and Olivia. Arranged and edited by Vida. [For those who don’t know, I also interrupt at times – just because.]


Erica: So soon after her loving experience with Roger and after experiencing the most difficult thing a person could face, Brianna is dealing with the trauma of her encounter with Bonnet. In the midst of this, she finds her father and her mother in what I can describe as the YEAH moment of this episode. Not only has she found her parents, but extended family as well. All the while, Lizzie doesn’t fully comprehend what has happened to her Lady and makes assumptions that may very well cost Roger his life. Some secrets are good…some are not. The secrets that are kept between Brianna and Claire and Brianna and Lizzie are bad secrets. These should have been told if only for the benefit of Roger.


Lorinda: After this devastating incident, Bree is already suffering from PTSD. She’s beaten and bruised, but the next morning she’s moving on. However, you still see the effects of the rape. She’s jumpy when men approach her, and she doesn’t want to be touched. Upon discovering her dad, she weeps in his arms. I feel she is releasing some pain there and when she hugs her mom. As she continues this journey, she meets new family and you see her brightening up. We also see Jamie coming to life and loving his daughter being with him. Then there are the secrets Brianna is keeping, which is going to cause devastation to those she loves and will test the strength of her new family.


Olivia: You can see the parallels between Jamie’s rape and torture by Black Jack Randall and Bree’s rape at the hands of Bonnet. How she recoils at being touched. That’s reminiscent of Jamie not wanting Claire to touch him after his rape. What strikes me about this episode, and the series and books for that matter, is an exploration of how people who have been subjected to such horrors can find the strength to overcome them. Hence, you see Bree is traumatized, yet ensconced in the arms of her loving parents, she begins to heal.

L: This opening scene is devastatingly haunting; Brianna is in shock. She has no idea that she is bleeding; she can’t believe it happened to her and she seems like a robot performing rote duties.

E: Rote duties are an accurate description, Lorinda. Here, I wished that Lizzie was younger, as depicted in the books. Here she looks much older than originally portrayed.

L: Brianna doesn’t know which man she is talking about. I understand Lizzie’s feelings; I would want to help Brianna too. But, she’s a servant and not a friend; so, she can’t push the issue with her and make her tell. I feel so sorry for her and all that she just went through.

E: Watching this scene brought back memories of Jamie for me. She was deep in shock here.

L: She’s in another time and can’t go to the doctor or police to get checked out. How would she explain that she’s been with two men? My heart is breaking for her. The effects are rape are long standing and I’m sure she will suffer PTSD. Lizzie wants to be helpful and she’s trying to reach out. But girl, Brianna doesn’t want to be touched or talked to, why doesn’t she wait until tomorrow to discuss this with her.

I also think one thing that Outlander does really well is show the PTSD of rape victims. Sometimes, [rape] can happen in a story and it’s forgotten about, but on Outlander, you really do see how it affects people. I hope that for people who’ve been through that trauma, seeing Brianna go through it, and hopefully coming out the other end, gives them a bit of hope and a bit of strength. ~ Sophie Skelton

O: Brianna jumping when Lizzie touches her shows how traumatized she is. Showing the bruises on her back illustrates the brutality she endured. Notice how she is washing herself, trying to rid herself of the foul Stephen Bonnett.

L: How did it make you feel when you saw Brianna’s petty coat stained with blood and those bruised on her back?

E: The stained petticoat was hard to see. Knowing that she lost her virginity to Roger and was savagely raped by Bonnet made me wonder something. If the event with Bonnet not ever happened, would the stain have been there? Or better yet, if this all happened in a flashback, like in the book, would we have seen it at all?

L: Well lookie here, lookie here. I guess Roger just wanted to give Brianna a cooling off period. He came back (with those ugly cullocks on) to look for her. Can we please find him another outfit? I can’t take it anymore!!!

O: When he goes to the Inn and comes face to face with Bonnett, I realized this must be the same place where Bonnet raped Bree. I was aghast at that.

L: Too bad the sociopath Bonnett is still at the tavern, pub whatever you want to call it. I know we don’t talk about the book, but this guy is worse on screen than he is in the books, wouldn’t you agree? Ed Speelers is really playing this part. Roger has to be careful around him. I think after being on the ship with him and watching all his evil deeds, Roger doesn’t even try him.

What is so agonizing about the whole Stephen Bonnet aspect of the story is every one of these characters has had an opportunity at some point to get in the way of Bonnet and stop that domino effect, that ripple effect of what he then comes to do further on down the line. Which just makes it all the more annoying from an audience perspective, I suppose. He’s just such an interesting bad guy, because he is an utter psychopath, and Ed plays it with this charming, endearing quality which does lure you in. I think it’s fascinating how he does affect each of the characters’ lives separately, as well as together. ~ Richard Rankin

O: He really is with his ultimatum “Limb or lass, Mr. MacKenzie.” I know what’s coming (unless the writers make changes, as they sometimes do), but this is still chilling.

E: Poor Roger. The devil is in the details. Olivia you are right. “Limb or Lass.” So glad he chose to save his life to get back to Brianna. Beware of Bonnet, Roger. He is no good. Unfortunately, this will not be the last we hear from him.

L: Bonnett acts like he’s a king or a ruler; he kind of reminds me of a mob boss. That snide ass remark about knowing about women, and those damn fools laughing at him after he has openly raped Bree. Why did Roger think he was just going to walk away from his duties? Doesn’t he realize he isn’t in the 20th century anymore? You signed up to work on that ship and by golly you’re gonna finish this job or wake up dead!

O: Our star-crossed young lovers. Bree oversleeps, understandingly, so she misses Roger and assumes he’s leaving her forever, when he isn’t!

L: Exhausted from trauma, Brianna looks every bit of a person who has been through hell. She’s barely able to move.

Lizzie is a good servant taking care of her clothing, but Brianna ain’t about to touch those clothes again. Lizzie may as well throw them in the fireplace and let ‘em burn.

That trunk from Uncle Ian surely came in handy, too. Lizzie isn’t dealing with a 18th century woman.

E: You could not pay her to wear those clothes again…in any century. Yes, the trunk did come in handy. Thank you, Uncle Ian.

O: She won’t be wearing those clothes again. I’m surprised she didn’t tell Lizzie to burn them. I did notice, though, there were still blood stains on the petticoat, even though Lizzie supposedly had washed them.

L: Although she may think Bree needs to rest and recover, she knows she must keep moving. Her number one agenda is to find and save her mother and that’s what she’s going to do.

O: When she goes downstairs, she has a wary look on her face, as if she’s wondering if these people know what happened to her.

L: Jumpy around men and more timid now, now she has come to the realization that she’s living in a wild and dangerous time and place. She tore out of there looking for Roger. They tricked us in the previews, had us thinking she was looking for Jamie. Her outfit is simply gorgeous. If I lived in a place that was cold, I’d have someone knit me that shawl she has on. She was looking for an anchor, someone to confide in and maybe a protector for this last leg of her journey.

The Gloriana.

E: Talk about a bat out of hell. Roger was here?! Let me go and get him. He was all that she was thinking about in the mist of her regret of sending him away. If I didn’t send him away, I would have never been raped…we would have been in bliss had I only listened to reason and not been a hot head…all possible thoughts in her head.

The Gloriana’s gone, m’dear. She left on the morning tide.

O: Finding out Roger’s back on the Gloriana, and that it’s left is just devastating to see. We know he isn’t gone for good, but she doesn’t. It’s maddening.

L: I’m glad to see she’s still wearing her bracelet. I take this as a sign that although she was angry with Roger, she still loves him. Why didn’t Uncle Bob, the pub owner, tell him that they coerced him out of the tavern? Now, she believes he loves her not at all. I thought she was going to throw that bracelet out into the harbor!

I love you. . . a little. . . a lot. . .
passionately. . . not at all.

E: So, did I Lorinda. Glad she didn’t throw it away.

L: Nosey Lizzie has brought some good news, but Bree is like, why are you telling me about people I don’t know? I’ll give it to Lizzie right here. She knows how to get information, but it also makes her a tell it all, gossip at its finest.

O: I was shouting: Spit it out, girl. You’re taking too long!

That was something that we really wanted to lay on thickly, how much mutual respect Bree and Lizzie have for each other. They’ve made Lizzie slightly older than she is in the books, and I think it’s nice to show these two women as the same age but from different times. One thing I wanted to make sure that I was very careful of is that I never wanted it to look as if Bree was taking advantage [of Lizzie]. ~ Sophie Skelton

L: Ah, good news, good news: The wife of a Scotsman acting as a surgeon, cutting open a man, that has Claire written on over it! Girl, and it was last night? Go find your mama; no, it’s your daddy!!! This is what I’ve been waiting on forever!!!

Excuse me. Have you seen a tall, redheaded Scotsman?

L: Run, Bree, Run as fast as you can!!! Y’all know you’re just as excited as I am right now, all up on the television screen screaming, it’s happening, it’s really going to happen!! Ok, I like Lizzie right now; she did that thing with her snooping behind!

O: I have to point out a costume note here. The woven handbag. I used to have one in the ‘70s myself and loved it. But it got damaged and I tossed it. I just love the expertise of Terry Dresbach and her team!

E: You both have it right. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for this child to get to the blasted point. Your taking too long… get it done quickly. Run Brianna…Run.

L: I see you’re not holding to your rule it’s not ladylike to run, when you going to meet your dad, father or your Jamie, you run ever-re-where. Yes, I meant to spell it like that, lol! My heart is racing, is yours? Man, he was on that wall taking a leak for a minute, what did you do Jamie, drink a barrel of ale? How did he know he was being watched? Jamie has spidey senses.

When Jamie meets Brianna, it’s completely unexpected. Jamie Fraser is relieving himself, as his daughter arrives. In fact, when he first sees her, he doesn’t quite recognize her. It’s hard to say what he feels. He feels everything. ~ Sam Heughan

O: Finally, the meeting we’ve all been waiting for! He is peeing and she slowly approaching. I like that he senses someone is behind him.

L: She is taking everything about him in from behind. Can you imagine meeting your father for the very first time. You’ve only heard tales about him, but now he’s here, in front of you.

O: Imagine, he’s in a private moment and a stranger approaches

What d’ye want here, lassie?

E: So many emotions are running through me at this moment. First…YEAH!!!!

It’s quite a nice parallel because I think that was actually the first scene that Sam and I ever shot together. We’ve done press and been in and around set together for a couple of years, but we haven’t worked together yet. So that was really cool because it gave it that fresh sort of energy. ~ Sophie Skelton


L: Jamie must get hit on a lot, he has a good line too, I’m married, and he’s not playing about that. He took those vows and he means it! So, scoot along little girl, you don’t have a chance!

I’m sorry, lass. I’m a marrit man.

I meant it.  I have a wife.

You always want to do something a little different in the TV show to give the fans who know the books and love the books something unexpected sometimes. But this scene, in particular, was something we wanted to keep in the realm of that book scene because we were all excited to see it come to life. ~ Maril Davis

Are you – –

You’re Jamie Fraser.

Aren’t you?

Their reunion is actually one of my favorite scenes, not just because it’s one of the most anticipated moments from the book, but because there’s so much going on for Bree. It’s not a simple “meeting your father for the first time” moment. She’s got Laoghaire’s voice in her head about will Jamie accept her?; she’s missing her mother; she’s come fresh off the back of losing Roger; and a rape; and losing her virginity; and everything else. She’s so broken.  ~ Sophie Skelton 

I am. Who asks?

Have you a message for me, lass?

L: No, it’s not a message or is it? Well hell, I guess it is since she’s his daughter from the future. He walks up on her taking all of her in, saying her name and those tears in his eyes. My eyes were tearing up too. I had to go get me some tissue.

My name is Brianna. I’m your daughter.

E: All emotions are positive. Jamie finally meets the child he sent Claire through the stones to save.


It’s two people that have so many expectations for seeing each other. Certainly for Jamie, because ever since Claire came back, he found out she survived, and not only that, but their child survived and it’s a girl! So we see his excitement but also the bittersweet moment of, ‘Wow, how did she turn into this beautiful woman and I didn’t get to see any of it?’ ~ Maril Davis

Is it true?

L: All he had of her were pictures, but in his mind, she was the baby, he wanted to hold and didn’t get that opportunity. This moment is special. Jamie finally gets to acknowledge one of his children, to hold her and hug her.

It’s you.

E: Finally, he sees that his sacrifice was well worth it. Here in front of him is his grown child, the blood of his blood. Great job by all involved with this scene. Classic.

It’s me. Can you tell?

L: Jamie deserves this moment – this time with his child, his daughter. Now Bree knows that Laoghaire was a complete liar – Jamie loved you and still loves you.

Aye. Aye, I can.

Hadna thought of you as grown. Had you in my mind somehow as a . . .

She also has found the dad who loved her enough to send her to a safe place. Those terms of endearment are so special.

a wee bairn always.

She’s sort of lost all hope, and I think in that moment, meeting Jamie is relief more than anything else. He’s bringing her one step closer to her mother, and she suddenly feels home and safe. And as soon as he wipes that tear away, it feels like he accepts her. Then she just kind of falls into him because her whole world has unraveled and she needs a hug. ~ Sophie Skelton

As my babe. Never expected . . . Oh.

O: What stays with me in this scene is how she collapses into his arms and weeps. She had managed to place her traumatic experience behind a wall to deal with hunting for Roger.

Oh, dinna weep, lass.

She thinks he’s gone. She’s bereft and here is this strong man, her father. Finally. Even though she doesn’t tell him all that happened to her, it’s like she’s finally reached a safe harbor.

Dinna weep, a leannan.

Dinna be troubled.

It’s all right. M’ annsachd.

L: Jamie is still a man after my own heart. I love how he is a well-rounded man, not perfect, but well-rounded. The buildup of music by Bear was wonderful!! You thought that meetup was good? Her meetup with her Mama is going to be out of this world!

L: I was on the edge of my seat shaking! How long have they been apart and now she sees her heart! The look on her face, shock, amazed, disbelief, oh that’s her baby!


L: I was on the edge of my seat shaking! How long have they been apart and now she sees her heart! The look on her face, shock, amazed, disbelief, oh that’s her baby!

L: Cait played this part well, you could see every emotion on her face! Man, where are my tissues; I wasn’t expecting this scene. I was only thinking about Jamie and Bree. This one right here, touched me as a mother and a daughter. I know y’all saw Jamie. He has a family, his family, in the right here and the right now.


Their reunion scene shows that no matter how old you are, sometimes when things go really bad, all you need is your mum and a hug. Bree’s been on this voyage for months and months and months, and she really needs her mother. So I wanted to kind of throw Bree at her mum almost, showing that desperation and that need for her mother. I kind of winded Caitriona a bit, nearly knocked her off her feet, but that’s the moment. I think it’s lovely. I think the look on both our faces is just so heartwarming. ~ Sophie Skelton

O: And Bree finally sees her mother. Claire dropping her basket and embracing Bree was just right.

E: Meet the Fraser Family: James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser and Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser. A lot of names for a small family of three. Love it. Love. All. Of. It.

L: Died in a fire? That’s a way to open a scene. Why are you here? That had to be asked by her mother. Jamie and Claire don’t even bat an eye.

We die in a fire?

E: Lorinda, quite the scene opener indeed. Don’t mince words. Get right down to brass tacks, why don’t you.

L: They’ve been through so much. They just keep on living in the here and now and let the future take care of itself. Jamie is holding a piece of the future and he’s critiquing the printer – smudging the date, an unforgivable mistake of the printer. I thought that was funny, he and Roger both agree on the poor quality of this printer.

O: It’s interesting how calmly Claire and Jamie take the news of their “dying” in a fire sometime in the 1770’s. I agree Jamie’s disgust with the printer smudging the date was fun. But as a journalist, I agree with him. That’s unforgivable.

E: I love seeing Jamie in his spectacles. So dignified.

L: Jamie offering her a stay at Frasers Ridge. I recognize that this shows they aren’t bonded yet. So, he doesn’t assume. But Claire . . . oh she’s like, of course, she’s not leaving my sight. Even Bree asks if she can bring Lizzie along; they have a lot of space to fill in.

L: Here comes young Ian and he’s a sly one, admiring Bree. Hold up and wait a minute. This is . . . Jamie hesitates, but Claire knows Ian takes everything in stride.

She’s not company, lad. She’s . . .

This is our daughter, your cousin Brianna. Ian didn’t even bat an eye; Auntie Claire has all kinds of secrets to share

. . . our daughter.

Brianna. Yer cousin.

E: And just like that…Brianna has family. Father, Mother and cousin. Oh, and a place to stay too for herself and Lizzie. Double Yeah.

L: So handsome, Lizzie is smitten already! Ian is clueless thinking she’s talking about Rollo. Girl, Lizzie is all up in Ian, gazing. She’s smitten. I wonder which way this is going? Do y’all think they’re going to hook up?

E: I don’t think so. Lizzie is too simple for Ian. He wants more than Lizzie. Remember the girl from S3 in the pub? That’s his type.

So, handsome.

O: Her sly reference to him being handsome was a rather bold play by timid Lizzie. But it went right over his head. Typical of a young man. He thinks she’s talking about the dog.

L: Mom and daughter time. It’s good when you can talk to your mom about any and everything. I’m glad Bree and her mom are getting this time together. She needs advice from someone, cause she’s been messing stuff up!

L: Don’t get me wrong Roger has too; it’s just not Bree alone. It shows how immature she is when it comes to relationships. You don’t run off because of one argument. I don’t care how bad it is. Girl, when a man loves you, he might get angry, but he isn’t going to leave you. No, they have to go regroup and come back with their pride intact. He’s still on this side girl. Hindsight is 20/20 Bree.

E: #TRUTH Lorinda. One argument doesn’t spell the end. I have such a relationship with my mother. She’s my sounding board and my rock. So thankful for the relationship that we have. Claire and Brianna have the same type of relationship. It has certainly picked up since we initially met them together.

O: I love the interaction between Brianna and Claire. The strife we saw between them in earlier seasons has given way to more understanding and displays of love and closeness between them.

It’s really Claire and Brianna meeting each other on equal footing. This is woman to woman, whereas at the end of Season 2 she was still trying to raise a child—you’re still very much trying to guide them, trying to teach them and tell them. When you’re a mother to an adult, there is that friendship that comes into it. [Claire] knows she can’t dictate to her anymore or tell her how to live her life. She sees she’s this full woman who still needs nurturing and comfort from her mother, but at the same point, Brianna is a woman now. And I think Claire recognizes that. ~ Caitriona Balfe

L: Did you get chills? I did. Don’t you all just hate Bonnett? He has caused so much turmoil in the Fraser’s life. It’s like Jamie is being punished for having a good heart. It happens we do thing good for others and they will turn around and bite you.

His Irish charm? That’s not charm. That’s the sign of a sociopath. They pull you in and then they hit you! Bonnett has bitten two times already, I can’t wait for him to get his! Bree is getting chills too, she fought with the devil and didn’t realize her family has too.

That PTSD keeps popping up. He’s done more trouble than in night your nightmares. That ring seems to be a curse now not a blessing.

O: He gives crucial information on how Bonnett encountered the Frasers – stole from them, killed a friend. But it also gives Bree reason not to tell her mother at the beginning where she found Claire’s wedding ring and who raped her. The secret sets up the injustice that will be done to Roger later in the episode.

E: That it does, Olivia. Nothing good comes of keeping this secret.

O: As I said earlier, this tidbit of information causes problems. Bree puts two and two together and realizes she has been raped by her parents’ nemesis.

E: You both are spot on. Hearing this news did nothing to aid in her healing. Nothing at all. She just found family only to learn that the man that raped her is the cause of their pain…all be it in the past, their pain, nonetheless.

L: Jamie can’t get over Roger leaving Brianna. Being a man of valor and respecting a lady’s honor, he can’t get with 20th century guy. Jamie almost lost his life more than three times saving Claire and protecting her honor. Roger left Bree after he took her virginity. He should have kept his butt with her that night.

They are going to make a holiday out of January 21st, staying out of the cabin so they don’t die in the fire. Jamie was realistic with it saying they have never had luck changing the future.

O: Jamie noting that was a nice, light touch.

E: Finally, they have learned that they can’t change the future. Now, if only Brianna can learn that lesson. Even Roger seemed to get that lesson early on.

L: Brianna is liking this new land and Jamie is proud to show it to her. You can hear him saying, I’m leaving you a legacy. All he has thought about is leaving this land, so she can have it in the future. He has always thought of her, what an awesome man.

Come on, lass.


Since Brianna was a history major, we wanted to show a bit of her incredulity… drinking in her surroundings and appreciating the new century she’s in. One way was by remarking about Daniel Boone and how amazing it is that she’s now alive in a time with a historical figure she’s only read about. ~ Toni Graphia, Outlander Community

This is incredible.

Reminds me of Daniel Boone.

L: Bree giving her dad a lesson in future history is nice. Daniel Boone was a man, a big man. Did you all ever sing this song in school? We did. I was born in Boone County, MO. So, he must have explored through my home town. With Claire and Brianna around, he’s going to get a lot of lessons in future history.

O: Her comment about Daniel Boone was a foreshadowing of the U. S. Expansion. Jamie is a forerunner to the frontiersman who will come after him. I agree with you, Lorinda, that Jamie wants to leave Brianna a legacy.

L: Fraser’s Ridge has grown. Did you see the chimney smoke coming from the crofts?

Look at the silver fox, Murtagh. That’s a good-looking godfather. Oh, Murtagh has Jamie to thank for his life and his freedom. These two will always have each other’s back and I’m glad about it.

L: He took care of the spy, too bad for the spy. You know Murtagh goes in hard when he handles things. Remember the Duke of Sandringham, who lost his head trying to double cross Claire?

O: It’s nice to see the Ridge is humming along, more people coming to it. Jamie is becoming the Laird he was meant to be.

Ye have a spy among your men.


Now, I have a surprise for ye.

L: Here’s another cute meet. He is all smiles, looks as if he was waiting on her to get there.

This is Brianna . . .

Our daughter.

Sometimes I think Murtagh knows a little more about Claire, but I think I got that from the Graphic book by DG called The Exiled (I think that’s the name.).

E: Yes, that’s the book. Great read. See the joy on Jamie’s face? That’s the look of a man that loves his family. Fabulous.

O: I like having Murtagh around. I like his buckskins under the kilt, too. His welcoming of Bree is another nice touch.

What took ye so long, lass.

E: The gangs all here. Nothing like being surrounded by family.

L: It’s a family affair, learning about each other. Why didn’t they introduce them to Fergus and Marsali before they left Wilmington? Jenny still has a far-reaching arm.

When Brianna comes back, you see Claire look around the table like, Oh my God. I’ve finally been able to have it all. ~ Caitriona Balfe

O: I like this story Murtagh is telling about Jamie spending time at his Uncle Dougal’s home. This is straight from the book; though Murtagh isn’t the one telling it.

L: It was good to hear this story about his childhood. It gives something for Bree to think about it.

But, her passing up the story to hear about her mom meeting George Washington. Claire’s spidey-mama-sense has been piqued. Who would ever passed up the opportunity to hear about that?

Brianna is still suffering from her episode with Bonnett and missing Roger. You can tell she wants to be happy, but you can see the sadness in her eyes.

E: The underlying theme here is family.

Behind the pain and the hurt, family is here and healing is possible…if its allowed.

L: Murtagh mentioning Ellen and Brianna resembling each other was good. I’m not sure why Ian never mentioned it. He’s giving truth to Jamie, telling him that he’s suffered enough. To finally have a piece of him here, in the same room, is what Jamie deserves. Jamie and Brianna haven’t had bonding time; they are strangers with just stories Claire has told each of them. Now, they have to make time to get to know one another. I can’t imagine having to get to know one of my daughters. It has to be awkward, being unfamiliar, but sharing the same DNA.

Jamie and Brianna haven’t had bonding time; they are strangers with just stories Claire has told each of them. Now, they have to make time to get to know one another. I can’t imagine having to get to know one of my daughters. It has to be awkward, being unfamiliar, but sharing the same DNA.

O: These scenes reinforces how important family is to Jamie. It’s really all he ever wanted, but war and other people’s agenda thwarted him. This is how his life was always supposed to go, if it had been up to him. It’s taken decades for Jamie to reach this point, though.

E: I’m not sure Young Ian never met Ellen, Lorinda. When Ian and Jenny married, both parents were already gone. But yes, both Bri and Jamie have to get to know each other. The tension between them both…trying not to hurt the other’s feelings…is maddening.

L: It’s good to have a relationship with your children and they can talk to you about anything. Claire and Bree are smooth together, and they read each other quite well. Yes, Frank did know you were coming back. He was smart and a historian. He was going to find all he could on Jamie and Claire.

L: Can you imagine the one person you loved being connected to someone else and loving the other person more than you? Yeah, Frank had to hurt. I can understand why he wanted to leave Claire, but him trying to take Bree, still makes me feel some kind of way about him. That was low.

E: Even before the scene with the obituary, I had a feeling that Frank knew all about Jamie and Claire Fraser.

O: This tidbit of info about Frank knowing Claire went back to Jamie is a kicker.

Daddy knew.

It could explain Frank’s blow up and wanting to divorce Claire and take Bree to England with him. Payback.

That you came back.

E: Frank had a vested interest in knowing all there was to know about this man that his wife could not forget with all the passages of time.

I saw the obituary on his desk years ago. I didn’t realize what it was at the time, but . . .

I remembered it recently when I found it myself.

L: Now Bree can see why she had to come back to Jamie too. She sees the chemistry and relationship between her mom and Jamie; something she didn’t see between with Frank.

Bree has to adjust to this new frontier life, and she’s still dealing with anxiety.

L: Claire recognizes it and thinks it’s all Roger, but it’s deeper than that mama.

No, you can’t phone him. Welcome to the 18th century, even if you had a phone you can’t call two hundred years into the future either.

L: Foggy night on this dang ship, boat whatever it is. We’ve got to see Bonnet again. I don’t ever want to look upon his face again, good luck with that. He’s hot then cold, nice then mean, just mercurial. I would stay as far away from him as I could.

[V: I felt the same way. He just makes my blood boil, like BJR use to do.]

L: They must have made it to Philadelphia.

Smart man asking for the gems. He needs them for insurance for his ticket back. Thank God he is gone.

O: Yes, asking for the gems was smart. Roger is thinking ahead. I’m assuming they’re supposed to be rubies.

E: They sure looked like rubies to me. Get going Roger. Go get your wife.

L: Family and domestic life on the Ridge. Helping with the chores and feeding the animals. I like how she just jumps in and helps out!

O: I like this portrayal of domestic tranquility. I would also add that this is the sort of thing to help Bree heal. She’s with her family.

She’s in a beautiful setting. She’s feeding and petting the goat. All around good stuff here.

E: This reminds me of Claire in Epi5: Savages. Tending to the animals…doing her daily chores. They have both settled into farm life.

L: Jamie looks at her with the utmost admiration. She is still longing for Roger all the while keeping a stiff upper lip, but thinking where’s my man? Did he really leave me?

O: The way Jamie looks at Bree, the tenderness and love in his eyes is reminiscent of how he looked at Willie. You can see this is all he ever wanted: a loving wife by his side and his children.

[V: I loved that Murtagh and Bree got to spend time together.]

O: You sense here that something is still troubling Bree. She has a far off look on her face as she’s churning butter.

L: Claire’s mommy radar is honed in on her. She knows something is wrong. I like Bree’s breeches she’s wearing, and that Fraser’s Ridge is a well-oiled running machine. They are making it ‘do what it do’!

L: I knew she was going to shoot better than Jamie.

L: When she mentions her father teaching her you can see the hurt in Jamie’s face or was that regret? He calls him by name, you mean Frank, I’m your father.

Christ. Where is God’s name did ye learn to shot like that?

O: We get another example of Jamie’s exemplary character when he acknowledges Frank and how he raised Bree and loved her, even though she was another man’s child.

My father.

L: By the way, why did Frank teach her how to shoot? I knew he taught her how to camp; that’s how she survived that cold hike in Epi7. Wasn’t unusual for dads to take their daughters camping back then? Do you think he knew she was going to be with Claire?

Frank, I ken his name. Yer mother
told me about him.

I know that people want Brianna and her father to have this wonderful reunion, but it’s very different. They’re strangers. With Jamie and Claire, they’re going to fall into each other’s arms and pick up where they left off. Jamie and Brianna are strangers. They’ve never met each other before. ~ Sophie Skelton

E: Yes, he knew. I remember reading that he did all these things with her to try and bridge her to her actual father. He (Frank) felt that had she been born and raised with Jamie in the 18th century, they would have these skills.

L: Jamie is going to make money anyway he can. Now he’s making whiskey. I like that about him; he is very resourceful and is a shrewd businessman, who thinks outside of the box. He’s going to make sure his family is cared for, a self-made man. Well Bree, your name is the talk of the family. Bree means storm aye and she can be a storm for sure. Look at them smirking about her nickname.

Everyone always calls me Bree.

E: King of Men. Taking care of his family. You are absolutely correct, Lorinda. His family will be cared for.

L: Jamie, you told a fib, it doesn’t translate, yes it does Bree! Murtagh loves his grand-goddaughter, look at how he is smiling at her.

Is that what you call her when you shorten her name?

E: Murtagh is among family. He is loving every minute of it. He will be living at the ridge very soon.

A bree means a disturbance?

L: A disturbance huh? Well she did disturb Claire staying with Jamie. If she gets angry, she causes a disturbance. Ok, Jamie I take it back your trying to protect her heart. He even recognizes her heart sickness for Roger. Jamie is very perceptive; most men don’t know when anything is going on with a woman or anyone else.

E: Disturbance is an understatement. Being raised as a Randall, she surely has all of the characteristics of a Fraser.

O: Don’t forget Claire mentioning they could’ve told Bree what the nickname meant. Claire says Bree is not fragile, she won’t break. In other words, I feel like they’re setting up another parallel to Jamie’s trauma. Bree may in fact be a little broken now, but like her father, we can be assured she’ll survive and be stronger than before.

L: Remembering how he felt when Clair left, he said breathing was a chore. He really loves her. I love their relationship; they are honest and can confide in one another. This ain’t no ordinary love! Claire telling him to take Bree out was a great idea. Maybe they can get Frank from between them. He’s always in there messing stuff up. Go away Frank!

E: Quality time is on the horizon for Jamie and Brianna. I look forward to their relationship growing beyond what it is currently.

L: Jamie creeping out in the wee hours of the morning to go hunting.

My heart strings were tugged when he stopped to watch Bree sleep. You can hear him thinking . . . she’s mine; I made her, and I get to spend time with her. 

There’s that genetic marker, smiling in her sleep. He looked like he didn’t want to wake her from her sleep. Sam played this episode so well. You can see Jamie loving on his daughter, with all that is within him.

O: Brianna smiling in her sleep . . . is that because she is safe with family, and her trauma is receding? Just a question I have. I wonder if that smiling scene came a little too soon.


I’ll be hunting up the mountain. Will ye come wi’ me, lass?

E: Quality time with his daughter. Love it.

L: We’re hunting bees. I’m so glad they are hunting bees because daddy Frank didn’t teach you that, did he? Something Jamie can give to her, plus those names, my darling and my blessing! Bree is taken aback. I would have done the same thing; she felt special. She was his darling blessing. How sweet!

It’s, uh – –

It’s good to spend time wi’ ye a leannan, m’ annsachd.

A leannan?

It means my darling.

O: This is another occasion where one of his women—this time his daughter—is wearing breeches and Jamie doesn’t remark on it. I love the interaction between them, especially when he tells her what the Gaelic names mean – my darling and my blessing – and her smile in response.

M’ annsachd, my blessing.

L: Spending time alone is so special. Without interruptions, you’re able to discuss so much more. A walk in the woods is so peaceful and refreshing. You know you’re a bad man when you can track a bee.

O: It wasn’t until my second viewing that I picked up on all the birds and bee references and correlated that to procreation (I can be slow sometimes.).

[V: I love these nature shots.]

We included the bald eagle, our symbol of America, as a call-back to the season opener we wrote. We love the visual of father and daughter watching this beautiful bird in its natural environment. ~ Toni Graphia, Outlander Community

They light on them and wallow . . .

 till they’re all covered over wi’ yellow.

Watch. See which direction they go.

L: He moves in to get closer to him. Bree talking about they have their own home. So, are they talking in code now? Why is she so scared to let Jamie in?

Loyalty to Frank? He’s gone. You have the opportunity to get to know your biological dad, do it. You never know, if you will get this opportunity again.

E: A lot of code here, Lorinda. Bees will make a home where they are. Here the Bees are Brianna and Claire.

The only difference is that Claire has made a home in the past and Brianna is waiting to wake up from being stunned by the smoke.

L: Jamie, I like your integrity, giving praise to a man who raised your daughter and cared for your wife. I love how he admitted she was a Bree just like her mother. They can go in and disturb some things, can’t they? But, he loves her all same.

I had to give you to him.

Though I canna say I’m sorry ye came back to me.

You’re my flesh and blood.

And since ye returned to me, I’m finding ye’re my . . .
my heart and soul as well.

L: Did you notice how Jamie moved in closer and closer like he was trying to get next to a filly without spooking it. He mosied right up to a gentle hug. He finally gives her a name to call him Da. Now, she doesn’t have to struggle with what to call him.

You can call me . . . Da. If ye like.

O: You are loved. She finally calls him Da. Yes!

A really nice, wordless scene just to show the family enjoying the honey. This is the first time we see this trio in an intimate setting, treasuring their time together as a family. ~ Toni Graphia, Outlander Community

Welcome back.

L: Back home and closer; this was sweet. Eating honey and sharing stories.

O: I love this quiet moment when they enjoy the honey. These are the small moments that add up to cherished memories.

E: Quality in silence. Love it. Honey and Tea. The music here sounds like it may be the family theme.

L: Jamie’s fretting again. He just got her, and he doesn’t want to let her go. Can you blame him? Finally, getting what you prayed for and realizing you have to let her go. No, I wouldn’t let mine go back; she would have to stay here with me.

Claire is tripping, thinking practically. Nah, my girls would stay with me, if they could get to me.

These past few weeks with our daughter . . .

Means so much to me. Must we lose her?

I dinna want her to return to her own time, Sassenach.

O: Jamie and Claire talking about Bree needing to go back where she’ll be safer. If they only knew…

I wish she would stay here too. For a while at least, but . . .

Not forever.

L: Jamie is caught up, everything about Brianna he loves . . . his gift . . . his seed . . . his destiny . . . his arrow to shoot. I understand your pain, Jamie.

O: She is their gift to each other. Sweet.

She’s a gift . . . from me to you. And you to me.

And she called me Da.

We searched for something that would nudge Brianna to open up to her mother about the pregnancy. Rather than have it come from dialogue, we settled on the image of a bird’s nest filled with baby birds that moves her as she wrestles with the realization that she’s going to be a mother. As Lizzie enters the scene, she is the means by which we learn that Brianna is having nightmares, and that she is haunted by Bonnet’s attack. ~ Toni Graphia, Outlander

L: Lizzie, always wants to know what’s going on. Tell me what’s going on. I’ll tell you what’s going on, not! Brianna doesn’t want to talk about it at all.

But, I wish she would have; it may have saved a lot of heartache, beatings and pain.

For anyone who has had some sort of sexual assault, for many people there is a feeling of, Did I do something wrong? Was it my fault? How could I have stopped this? It was important to show that and how she can’t forgive herself. She does think she did something wrong. She does think she could have fought back harder. ~ Maril Davis

L: Moms have a way of reading their children, do you all have kids? Can you read yours? I can. It’s like I can feel their body rhythms. Claire Condoms? Really? I’m going back in time, so let me pack protection just in case I meet a tall, dark and handsome stranger. “How far along are you?” This was performed very well. A mother finds out her daughter is pregnant; the father is not around…but then to discover your daughter has been raped. Clutching your baby is what you do. This was devastating.

E: I have three children. Of the three, one is away at college. We talk about everything and use all forms of communication…Text…WhatsApp…Snapchat…all of it.

One thing about Bree this season is I feel like there’s always so much going on in her head. It’s always a paradox for Bree—there’s always relief mixed with heartache, and everything else. In that scene, again, it’s relief that her mother still can read her. It’s not just that Claire knows she’s pregnant because she’s a doctor, it’s showing what a great mother-daughter bond they have. ~ Sophie Skelton

L: The whole truth is out, Brianna is devastated it, but her mom is too. Not being able to protect your child. Good Lord, I would have been broken. I just couldn’t hold it together. I wish Brianna would have told her mom who it was. I really wish she would have.

E: Of the three, two are girls…my oldest and my youngest. I can’t imagine what happened to Brianna, or Jamie for that matter, happening to any of my children. I may be sitting under the jail for what I would do to that individual. Secrets are bad in any form.

O: And, this is where secrets can really mess people up.

In that moment, Bree’s probably been thinking about how to tell her mother, or if she should tell her mother [about the pregnancy]. When Claire finally says it, it’s like okay, phew, you know, and I don’t have to brooch this. Then obviously, she’s wanting to get the rape off her chest as well. But you know what it’s like when something terrible has happened: if you say it out loud, it makes it true. ~ Sophie Skelton

L: How do you a tell a father their daughter was raped and she’s pregnant?

Jamie is going to do the honorable thing, but I bet he’s as mad as hell! Can you imagine the hurt and the flashback he experienced on the word raped?

O: Yes, but there’s another parallel here: Claire realized she was pregnant with Faith when Jamie felt like he wanted to die after being brutalized by BJR. And now, their daughter is pregnant in the midst of her own trauma. That’s deep.

E: Parallels all over the place, Olivia.

The shame of sexual assault does not lie with the victims. I think that that’s the most important message, especially in this episode—we don’t get to shame victims. And that would have been such a commonplace reaction in that time. It’s nice to see how Claire, especially when she’s telling Jamie, how that conversation is guided to go in the complete opposite way. ~ Caitriona Balfe

This whole storyline was so harrowing. The thing that’s so insidious about sexual assault is what a toll it takes on every relationship in the person’s life. ~ Caitriona Balfe

L: Hello Roger.

Oh no, Lizzie doesn’t have the entire story, but she’s going to give what played out in her head. He’s the villain. Why didn’t someone ask for his name. This misunderstanding is going to cost more than one person’s pain and heartache.

O: Yes, indeed.

E: Yep. A lot of heartache and grief.

L: That ring, that God forsaken ring. Claire is shook and I would be shook too! This man has devastated their lives in so many ways and here he comes again, back around to deliver another blow.

If Bree had only told Claire the whole story. But, I guess she didn’t have to tell it all. Miscommunications and secrets are causing so many issues. All we have to do is communicate and it stops the misunderstandings and unnecessary trials.

O: Each is operating with limited information. It’s so heartbreaking.

E: Secrets are no good. Bri to Lizzie…Bri to Claire.

Problems are on the horizon. Wait and see.

L: Lizzie is spilling all the TEA. She is so graphic, but you don’t know if this is the man or not.

She never told you everything. I know you’re trying to help, but you, oh Lizzie just shut up. You are not sure of it, not at all!

E: She (Lizzie) is such a child here.

I wish that she was a child. She has the appearance of an adult, but the actions of a child.

He’s got older, so he’s now learnt a lot; and he certainly is a lot wiser and thinks before he speaks. But he also would defend his family and his daughter without thought, and that might come into play. ~ Sam Heughan

Are ye sure this is the same man who attacked her?

I’m sure of it.

Where did you get this?

L: Don’t lie Bree tell her the truth! She doesn’t know her dad, does she? Jamie would have beat the living daylights out of him. Your Da is a warrior, a soldier.

Now, why would Claire suddenly keep secrets from Jamie? Little do they know this secret could cost Roger his life.

Stephen Bonnet? He’s the man who . . .

O: And it’s so unfair. Roger loves Bree and he was coming back to her, for goodness sake!

E: Here it comes.

Good day, sir.

Could you tell me if Fraser’s Ridge is near?

L: See right here. Roger is going to take a serious beat down, because the entire truth was not told. Jamie is in a rage. He didn’t hear a dang thing, except what was in his head to beat the hell out of him!

On another note, Jamie could have at least asked the man his name, but no there was no reasoning going on today! I would have hated to be the one receiving those punches. That first punch could be heard around the world. Roger should have jumped on that horse and ran far, far away. He didn’t pay attention to the context clues that were marching toward him. That was like a Mohammed Ali vs. Sonny Liston, a quick knockout.

E: Between Brianna not telling Claire the whole truth from the beginning and Lizzie not asking the appropriate questions from the beginning, Roger is now face-to-face with an angry 6’4” Scottish dad defending the honor of his daughter.

[V: Erica, don’t forget Lizzie. Jamie told her not to tell Claire or Brianna what was happening. You know Claire would have been there in a New York minute, if she’d known.]

O: I hated this part. Roger is a sweetheart. He’s hotheaded, at times, and might say the wrong thing to the woman he loves.

Should I kill him?

L: Jamie showed why we call him the King of Men; he whipped the mess out of him. What father wouldn’t have done that? You don’t mess with a young lady that has a protective father. You have no chance at all, just like Roger had none. That was bloody. Ian saved Roger’s life. Did you see his face? It looked like pounded hamburger!!

[V: Yes, his face was awful! I couldn’t believe Jamie pounded on him like that. I don’t believe we’ve ever seen Jamie fight like that, with his fists. I felt every blow.]

O: Jamie stomped in warrior mode, nearly kills the man he mistakenly thinks has raped his daughter. I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted!

Episode Rating (1-5 Shots)

We give this episode 5-shots and a kilt! The 5-shots are for the performances we witnessed and the kilt is for Murtagh!!

This episode was all about the actors and their performances. All did a phenomenal job. It was as if they all found their character’s persona and each flowed well with one another. Sam, as Jamie, was the proud father you could see every time he looked or thought about Brianna. Also with Caitriona, as Claire, when she saw Brianna. The shock and excitement, all at one time, were written on her face. Everyone – Sophie Skelton, Duncan Lacroix, John Bell, Richard Rankin and Ed Speelers – did an outstanding job. We felt like we were in the book this time and really enjoyed it.

However, what we were waiting for was the meeting between Jamie and Brianna. Sam and Sophie knocked it out of the park with their performances. Just superb!

We now understand why Toni Graphia and Matthew B. Roberts wrote this episode. They knew, like the Print Shop scene, this one had to be right and it was. We were glad that they used a montage and no dialog to convey Brianna’s adjustment living there and appreciated most of the dialog used came straight from the book.

We love David Moore, and the other directors, because he continually uses beautiful shots to transition not only  from one scene to another and from night to day, but also to show the beauty of the land and area. Bear’s music gave us emotional ups and downs. It has truly become a character in the show.

Jon Gary Steele’s team continue to amaze us. When we asked him if he and the crew built the scenery shot of Wilmington, he replied, “We built one street, but more is coming!!!” So, we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.

As always, Terry and her crew always have something for us to marvel about. In this episode, it was with Brianna’s costumes. In case you were wondering, Terry indicated on Twitter that Bree’s clothes were “acquired from Laoghaire, Lallybroch (Claire and the boys), and at the ridge.” We loved her caplet collar cowl wrap and would wear it today!

How did you rate the episode and why? Let us know in the comments section.


What we are looking forward to in the upcoming episode.

Erica:  I am looking forward to Brianna learning the truth for Lizzy…Claire learning the truth from Jamie…all secrets to be out in the light. Remember that which happens in the dark always comes out in the light. Will Roger be free next episode and will Murtagh be part of the rescue? Looks that way. Follow Erica on Twitter: @imyourealtor.

Olivia: I’m looking forward to what I hope will be another, longer lasting, reunion between Bree and Roger. Follow Olivia on Twitter: @newsollie.

Lorinda: I’m looking forward to finding out the truth of what happens to Roger and the effects it has on the entire family. How will Roger fair where he is headed and how will they rectify this wrong that has been done to him. Finally, will Lizzy learn not to jump to conclusions without getting all of the facts? I know when those two redheads engage a fire will ignite. Follow Lorinda on Twitter: @RindalovesBruce.


Outlander S4 Epi10 – The Deep Hearts Core ~ Video via TV Promos

Written by Luke Schelhaas | Directed by David Moore


Jamie and Claire keep secrets from one another as they try to help Brianna process her recent trauma; however, the secrets they keep cause a bigger familial rift once they are revealed.


Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures.  No copyright infringement intended. 


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