Sam Heughan addresses possibility of SAS: Red Notice getting a sequel

SAS: Red Notice spoilers follow.

Outlander star Sam Heughan has addressed the possibility of returning as Tom Buckingham in a sequel to SAS: Red Notice.

The new action-thriller – available to watch now on Sky Cinema – is based on Andy McNab’s book of the same name and sees Heughan’s special forces officer take on a group of heavily-armed mercenaries on board the Eurostar.

Led by Ruby Rose’s Grace Lewis, the terrorists aim to blow up the Channel Tunnel and only Buckingham stands in their way. Before we go into spoilers though, look away now if you haven’t seen SAS: Red Notice yet.

Unsurprisingly, Buckingham saves the day and SAS: Red Notice‘s climax sees him take on Lewis in a brutal battle, which he just about wins. Talking to Digital Spy, Heughan said the fight was his “proudest part” of the movie.

“It was like, ‘God, are we even going to be able to shoot this?’ The weather was minus 20-something, and freezing cold. We’re doing this huge fight in the snow. She was brilliant. She really went for it,” he recalled.

“I think she’s a great counter to Tom… Tom is fascinated by her, because she’s like him. She gives him this choice – or shows him that he could go the other way. He could become like her, and join her, and use his abilities for himself. But he doesn’t, he still has a bit of humanity in him.”


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