Blacklanderz®Convos! Outlander S6 Epi1 – Echoes


Outlander S6 Epi1 – Echoes

Written by Matthew B. Roberts | Directed by Kate Cheeseman

This conversation is between Blacklanderz Cathy, Gwen, Evelyn and Vida. Arranged and edited by Vida.

When you see the first episode, the title will speak for itself. Each character will be dealing with something from their past and it will help us tell stories going forward. There was a different title on my very first drop. Sometimes that happens. You read it again and you go, wait a minute, hold on a second, there’s something better here.

~ Matthew B. Roberts

The first episode is absolutely spectacular. It’s wonderful. They’re all good. As a matter of fact, this is the first season where I have not had a single episode that I found less likable. They always do a good job; it’s just which direction they’ve chosen to head in. Anyway, the season is extremely good throughout.

~ Diana Gabaldon

V: OMG, revisiting all that happened in the previous episodes was a brilliant way to start.

Time is marked and measured in different ways.

G:  I liked this too. And I noticed how the recap was very Jame and Claire – centered, which omitted Black Jack Randall and Frank.

V: We may not have seen Black Jack, but I heard him talking about slitting someone’s throat.

There were a lot of things left in the finale of season 5 that we still have to tell. It wouldn’t make sense to a new viewer, especially with a lot of the new viewers coming on to Outlander.

~ Matthew B. Roberts

The colors of our lives were changing.

We know we had one of our most successful, most-viewed seasons ever in season 5, so we know we’re getting new viewers and a lot of them have not read the book.

Those viewers have to be told the same story and get something from it as well as the book readers who know everything that happened—or think they know everything that’s going to happen. Certainly, we keep them on their toes and move things around a little bit so they don’t know exactly when it’s coming.

~ Matthew B. Roberts

V: I am not big on voice overs, but this one works.

C:  I’ve always liked voice overs and this one didn’t disappoint. For me it gives a level of continuity.

Is time God’s eternal web . . .

…the mildest touch setting off vibrations that echo through the eons…

E: This was a good recap considering how long it has been and for those just coming to Outlander

. . . willing events to happen, bringing the future forward.

E: The episode is titled Echoes, so the voice over set the tone for the episode to come.

Wherever you are, you make choices…

. . .foolish ones . . .

Last season, losing Murtagh was an incredible storyline. For me, it was an amazing challenge and I really enjoyed that. ~ Sam Heughan

. . . or one’s that save yourself or someone else.

It’s very important to handle these things sensitively. If we can, we try to make it part of a conversation that will hopefully help people. That’s why we show different aspects of recovery. What Brianna went through is different to what Claire went through, which is different to what Jamie went through.

~ Caitriona Balfe

All you can hope for…

V: Jesus Christ, I don’t want to have to keep reliving that rape scene. But, I guess we have to see this all from Claire’s POV.

G:  Me either.

…is that the good will outweigh the harm that may come of it.

One of the things I am looking forward to seeing is how she copes with all of that and the repercussions of it.

How the family as a whole unit heals together or help her to heal. I think that is going to be a really lovely part of the story.

~ Caitriona Balfe

When we left Season 5, the whole family is fractured. They are together but Claire still has some healing to do.

~ Sam Heughan

G: I would have preferred to skip over to Marsali and Jamie’s revenge. But I feel like Claire’s recovery may play an important role in this season and so they wanted to remind us of what she endured.  I really like how the show doesn’t gloss over sexual assault.  I just wish there wasn’t so much sexual assault in the show.

Give anything enough time, and everything is taken care of…

A lot of what Marsali is about this season is protection and really having found her place and her meaning on the Ridge. She lives in a time where for women it’s not — for everyone, but especially for women — it’s not easy. It’s really rough and tough.You have to fight to stay where you are and to have your place, and Marsali is in a relationship with Fergus where it is equal, and she knows that she should be treated [well]. And so when the whole kidnapping happens, that’s her… other mother that’s been taken away. When it comes to your mom, you have to protect, and I certainly feel that.

~ Lauren Lyle

…all pain encompassed, all hardship erased, all loss subsumed.

C: The recap was helpful because I hadn’t realized how much I had forgotten. It also put viewers in the right frame of mind to understand why Claire behaved the way she did in certain scenes.

V: It really was. They were able to put an awful lot in there, which also helps us remember what happened two years ago, especially non book readers.

And if time is anything akin to God,
I suppose that memory… must be the devil.

G:  So they are taking us back to when Jamie was newly arrived at Ardsmuir, several years before he met John Grey, which was covered in S4.

V: Guess they decided to fill in the gap of Tom and Jamie’s relationship/strife.

For Jamie, the way I played it the first time, he’s just been through the Battle of Culloden, he thought he was going to die; he’s shut off, he’s living in the memory of Claire. And then to revisit that [in season 6], but slightly adapt it, he’s suddenly forced into being receptive and being a leader of men again.

~ Sam Heughan

C:  I was confused by the timeline. I couldn’t figure out when this was in relation to Murtagh and Lord John Grey. So, I spent most of the time watching, distracted by trying to remember prior seasons and the books.

E: I was a bit confused, at first, then realized this timeline at Ardsmuir was before LJG and before Jaime was put into the higher position by the first warden.

V: Isn’t Tom a prisoner too?! He sure seems high and mighty, as if he is better than everyone else.

E: Tom sure acted like he was no prisoner. Not sure what none of his fellow prisoners failed to remind him.

G: Tom does seem like he has some sort of power or privilege. I’m also noticing that Tom seems to be drawing a direct line between what the men are able to receive (food or supplies) with God or religion.

C: I guess they needed to set up the animosity between Tom and Jamie and also show Tom’s piety and the reversal of rolls, but I think they spent way too long on something that could have been conveyed in half the time.

V: Yeah, it was long.

E: I think this conflict will play a pivotal part of this season. I haven’t read Book 6 but do know some of this comes towards the end of Book 5.

G:  Once again the Outlander symbolism with the rabbits.

V: They are huge!

When we did Ardsmuir back in the third season, there was only so much story we could fit in there because we were also paralleling it with Claire’s story back in her time, but it’s something we all loved. We wanted to be able to show it, because it’s so important to see the complicated relationship between Jamie and Tom and why they’re at odds.Jamie is such a natural leader. When he first comes to Ardsmuir, he just wants to be left alone. But Ardsmuir just won’t let him rest.Tom is not a natural born leader and has taken over, and it caused a lot of conflict. As we then come to the present on Fraser’s Ridge and he shows up, we’re going to see their past really come to haunt Jamie.

~ Maril Davis

G:  Interesting that Tom has issues with the old man who appears to have dementia thinking he is Bonnie Prince Charlie, and others humoring him by bowing, after he (Tom) just gave a speech about the food he is providing and that they should be grateful.  It feels like he is using religion to subjugate the men.

V: He is a zealot, bully and a flunky.

C: And, he is judgemental and inflexible and cannot be trusted – at Ardsmuir and especially not on the Ridge.

E: He craves power. He will acquire it or take it when it suits him.

His eye is taken off the ball and he’s also dealing with Tom Christie. In the flashback [in the Season 6 premiere], it really sets up this relationship. There’s something unsaid between Tom and Jamie, this war and this powerplay that they’re constantly battling each other.

~ Sam Heughan

V:  So, Christie was like the overseer of the prisoners. He’s the ‘Yes sir, boss.’

G:  Right and he already feels threatened by Jamie, without Jamie saying a word.  I’m sure Tom has heard of Jamie’s reputation and he sees how the men follow him.

E: Did you see Christie get uncomfortable when the Governor mentioned “Red Jaime”?

V: Yeah, I saw him grimace.

C: He was a brown-noser who was given privilege but no respect. Jamie had the Governor’s respect without having to do anything but be “Red Jamie”.

V: What was that handshake between the Governor and Christie? Jamie surely took notice.

G:  I noticed that too.

C:  It was hard NOT to notice.

V: Oh lord, don’t mention losing Claire to him. For a minute there, I thought he was going to snap.

G: We begin to see him emerge as a compassionate friend. He also distinguishes himself from Tom by helping young James reminisce on the memories of his beloved.

C: He pounced like a tiger, then softened. Sam is really good at showing all facets of Jamie in the blink of an eye.

E: I thought it was someone ambushing Jaime while he slept, then realized it was James.

You can see the Buachaille Etive Mòr, the big mountain, in the background.

~ Sam Heughan

V: That singing surely will get under Tom’s skin. He is going to blow a gasket.

G:  Noticing that Tom isn’t helping with the hard labor that he agreed to with the Governor.

He views himself as being above that type of work.  No wonder he has a hard time connecting with most of the men.

Noticing how all the men respond to Jamie when he tells them to stop fighting.  You can see the bitterness growing in Tom.

V: That’s because they respect him. He doesn’t bully or scare them into work; he works along side them.

E: Right! As soon as Jaime says stop, everyone stops. Too bad it was because McCready died.

C:  It was a good set up for later events in North Carolina, but it took too long. It was important to show Tom and Jamie’s conflict and Tom’s jealousy, but did I mention I felt like the Ardsmuir part went on for too long?

V: It felt that way to me too. I had forgotten that they hadn’t even shown the title cards.

V: Old man,  you are asking for a death sentence by placing that piece of tartan on him? Someone is going to get punished for that move.

E: How in the world did that old man still have a piece of Tartan to provide?

G: Jamie should have quickly tucked that tartan in his shirt.

C:  You saw how Tom tried to point out who the Tartan belonged to? He absolutely refuses to respect Jamie.

G:  Yes, quickly to the old man.

V:  He makes me sick being so quick to have someone punished.

E: I did enjoy Jaime thwarting Christie. It’s gonna be good when they come back to the Ridge!

V: Jamie is always doing the honorable thing. Doesn’t he get tired of it?! Jesus, how much flogging can one man and his body take?

C:  How many times is he going to get flogged for someone else’s tartan? Didn’t the same happen in a prior season?

G:  This scene is somewhat of a reply to the tartan scene in Voyager where Jamie takes the blame for a young man who is holding on to a piece of his family’s tartan.  In both cases Jamie takes a beating showing that he is a leader.  Once again contrasting himself against Tom.

C: Again, how many times will he be flogged for someone else?

V: I am with you on that one, Cathy. It’s too many times!

G:  We had the rabbits in the opening scene. Now he is seeing Claire in the white dress, similar to his flashbacks of her when he was dying on the field at Culloden.

V:  Okay, I was doing okay until this scene. Look at his back.

C: Claire gave Jamie strength and he didn’t make a sound. Pissed Christie off.

V: I’m sure the hamster on the wheel in his head fell off, not understanding how Jamie could stand it in silence.

G:  Noticing that Tom and his men are laying in hammocks while the other men are sleeping on the floor.

G: Jamie has decided that he is in charge now.  Tom also missed an opportunity to make an ally out of Jamie by not verbally supporting his decision. He is quite the coward.

C: I think we had enough of showing Jamie as a leader, even though it set up the significance of Christie showing up at the Ridge.

V: That’s true. I am just glad we got to a point where he finally went and sat his ass down and shut the hell up!

V: These pompous ass governors get on my nerves. So, that’s what the handshake was about. Ooh-wee, Jamie is not as dumb as you thought, huh gov’nor!

G: “Faith without works is dead”.  And that’s the part Tom seems to be missing. Jamie hit the nail on the head. Faith isn’t the issue. They need food and medicine. Telling them to just have faith will not cut it.

V: Wow, Jamie is asking to become a Freemason, go ‘head!

C: Again, I thought establishing Jamie as a leader was overkill. But then, I was still confused by the timeline.

V: I don’t think it was establishing him being a leader again here. At least, I didn’t look at it that way. For me, this scene showed how strategic and skillful he is.

C: I doubt Tom or the governor figured Jamie knew anything about the Masons.

V: That’s becasue he’s playing chess while e’rybody else, especially Tom, is playing checkers.

V: You damn skippy. The men WILL listen to you!

G: The little purple flowers remind me of flowers Claire was picking before she went through the stones.

V: Good catch. I didn’t think about that.

V: He just took over Tom’s position with the quickness. That’s J-A-M-M-F!!

G: He came up with a solution to unite the men versus dividing them.

V: So, this is the grudge Christie holds on him.If Christie can’t talk about religion, what is he going to talk about?! Rhetorical. He does not look pleased!

G: Jamie taking away Tom’s ability to talk religion, basically muted his power.  Who is he, if he isn’t preaching to the men?

G: And just like that, Tom was made an afterthought.

C: Did you see Christie’s face when “his” men went to join Jamie? Priceless.

V: He was gobsmacked about that and NOT being invited to eat with the gov’nor.

V: I love these scenery and nature shots.

V: And, here he comes.

V: Wow, this is a long cold open, but I liked the backstory of Tom and Jamie’s relationship. We are in for a rocky ride this season.

G: Interesting that he would show up at the ridge. I wonder why?

V: You know he has to be desperate for something to show up there.

E: I feel like Fraser’s Ridge was the first Statue of Liberty…Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.

C: I need to go back and watch Voyager because I was so confused by the opening timeline, but it was a good set up for what’s to come.

V: The ridge has grown. It is nice to see them doing everyday chores.

G: Lizzie has changed a lot. She is wearing her hair down and exuding confidence.

E: She does seem different and I hope this is the Lizzie we see for some time.

G: The ridge continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

C: I know the home in the books was supposed to be simple, but I like the idea of them living well – Laird and Lady.

G: The Beardsleys, like Lizzie, have changed their appearance. The Ridge has been good for them.

V:  Lizzie is going to be a trip and I cannot wait ’til we get into their story! What a hoot.

G:  She has changed a lot. She is wearing her hair down and exuding confidence.

C:  She stays thirsty.

V: Good lord, what is that? Oh, a deer. Ian is out there doing what he ‘do’.

C:  It was exciting to see the rest of the cast, even if briefly.  John Bell is such a good actor.  I would have never expected him to be so different in person, but he is.

E: I haven’t read past B5, but I really like how he is keeping all that he learned and helping out Jaime and Claire at the Ridge.

V: I am glad they are adding these kinds of shots so we see how expansive the ridge is.

G: Yes and it also looks like they’ve added onto the house.

C: It all seemed so grand, which I guess was the point.

E: I like it! I would stay there, running water or not.

V: OMG, what’s wrong with her? I was with Jamie, at first. She is out cold!

G: That’s a bit concerning that she is experimenting with drugs without having back up.

C: She would have tried it on an animal first, not herself. That makes no kind of sense.  And based on what she said, it wasn’t the first time!

E: I was confused. I thought she was just sleeping hard, but I think this is dangerous for Claire in more ways than one.

V: What is she talking about? Oh, she’s sniffing it. Okay Missy, don’t get hooked on it. Someone needs to explain to me how her bringing 20th century medicine to the ridge  won’t change history.

G: Ether is ground breaking but also dangerous.

C: The ability to perform surgeries safely, definitely changes what she will be capable of doing, especially since she already figured out how to make penicillin.

E: She is changing history in her quest to make her and everyone around her live better lives, medically. I don’t know how this bodes for the ridge because people will have things to say about what she can do and should she be doing it.

V: Exactly. We saw that effect last season.

G: Jamie and Claire and their great intimacy.  I love how they always circle back to each other.

C: Finally! Intimacy of old. There is still an obvious difference and not all of it explained by their aging.

G: I’ve read the books. I’ve been waiting for this story line. I think it’s a good idea for Jamie to become an agent. If anyone can bring opposing sides together, it’s him.

C: This reminded me that the land they stole belongs to the Cherokee. He owes them!

V: I agree with both of you. I hate that it’s a one-sided discussion – what the Cherokees can do for the crown and not discuss how the crown stole their land. But, I agree that if anyone can bring the sides together, it’s Jamie with Ian at his side.

I think what’s going on in the world at the time, 1775, is really similar to what’s going on with Jamie and Claire. There’s going to be a revolution with them as well, and I think that’s what’s going on throughout the season: You have a foundation and when that foundation is shaken and there is a revolution, you have to deal with it. That’s kind of the theme of the season.

~ Matthew B. Roberts

V: Claire is NOT okay. She is in denial and/or trying to put on a brave face. She is going to eventually crack.

E: No, she is not okay and Jaime is right to keep an eye on her.

G: Is that Jamie’s father’s coat? Or has it been repurposed? I really like it. Jamie is keeping Claire very close. I’m sure that is reassuring for her right now.

C: They are showing the aftermath of trauma realistically and very well. I’ve said before how they seem to get the psychological aspects of events spot on.

G: It’s good to see Bree and Roger together. And Roger with the joke about the Boston Tea Party. Also it looks like their quarters are that new attachment on the main house.

E: Oh, is that the part of the house they are in? They seem to be settling in better now that they made their decision to stay.

C: It is good to finally see some chemistry between them. Their connection was missing in prior seasons which was understandable due to newness, trauma, having a toddler, in-laws. . . .

G: They’re always wondering how things can or will change now that they are in the past.

C: I love the modern day discussion when they’re in the past. How do they not let information slip?


V: I don’t know. It is interesting and I am sure, somewhat terrifying. The history they know could very easily change with  them being there. I still don’t understand this time travel business.

They are one of the most stable relationships in a world of chaos at the minute on the Ridge. They’ve accepted that Fraser Ridge is their home. Not only have they accepted it, but they’ve also embraced it and taken it to heart.

Now that they’ve done so, they don’t have that question hanging over them of whether or not they want to or should go back to their own time. There’s a real strength in Roger and Brianna in the community, and a strength in them for other people. It is really nice to see them blooming as a couple as well.

~ Richard Rankin

G: Jamie was born to be a leader of men, but he was born to be Grandda too! Happy to see him enjoying life with his family. A life that he never thought he would have after the war.

C: I wanted to get a better look at the children. Scenes with Jamie and children are my favorite.

V: I hope we see more of these kinds of scenes. The little actors are all so cute!

V: Marsali has been pregnant damn near e’ry season. That would wear me OUT!

G: Get off her Fergus!!

C: 😂😂 That ain’t going to happen.

E: 😂😂😂

Claire’s the one that notices Marsali’s not okay and really pushes to find out what’s going on.

~ Lauren Lyle

V: What is that bruise? Claire seems worried and where the hell is Fergus.

G: What’s going on with him?  He seems to be MIA a lot.

C: Even MIA, Cesar had more lines and screen time than all of last season combined – Finally! I hope they don’t make Fergus unlikable.

E: I don’t like that he is away a lot. The still is not 20 miles away. He can come home in the evening and help her with those bairns.

V: He has a lot of damn nerve showing up there and banging on the door like a lunatic.

G: I don’t like the way Tom looked at the big house.  Is that disgust or jealous?

V: Big time jealousy and resentment. He is probably trying to figure out how Jamie has all of that and he has nothing!

C: He has trouble oozing out of his pores.

E: I think he is thinking that Jaime is not living in the manner that he would. Christie needs a place to call home, but he will cast judgment on anyone, even if he needs help.

V: How are you going to appear at someone else’s home and then ask the first person you see who they are. He still has a chip on his shoulder.

E: I was talking to the TV when he did that. Roger was nicer than I would have been.

V: I am not sure I like Roger’s beard. That, with his clothes, makes him look frumpy.

C:  I hope it is intentional that they took a very attractive man and made him plain. They could have left some of his swagger.

G:  Tom is hella suspect. That was extremely rude.

C: I didn’t like the way he was taking it all in.  You know he was judging everything he saw.

V:  Because he is soooo weird and a pseudo man’s man!!! Plus, he’s acting like someone owes him something.

E: That was interesting how they played that scene out. In the book, Roger came across as much more tentative about allowing Christie to join the ridge without discussing it with Jaime first.


V: The art department is at it again producing this paper. Wonder how long it takes to create it.

V: Oh dear Roger, you have no idea about these people. Look how Bree is giving him the once over look.

C: He is the polar opposite of Claire and Jamie and Bree’s not stupid.

V: Man, you are a trip, whipping the table like that. Who do you think you are? You live in the woods.

V: Tom, don’t think you are taking over anything on the ridge. You haven’t even settled in yet and are making demands.

G: He is obsessed about building a church. Trying to establish his dominance again.

C: [*Insert eye roll here*] I’m sick of him already and the man just arrived.

V: This bastard is eating their food and doesn’t want to make eye contact with Jamie. Is the little hamster now awake in Roger’s head?

G: It’s obvious that Jamie and Tom have bad blood.  I wonder how bad things were for him to head to the ridge.

E: I am wondering the same thing, Gwen. It had to be bad and with all of those people/followers with him too. I can’t wait for this to unfurl.

V: Damn, you could cut the tension in that room with a knife.

V: Roger, that’s what you get for assuming. Jamie’s little tick smirk should let them all know that he is NOT welcome, regardless of what’s coming out of his mouth. And, the eyes and his twitchy finger should definitely do it. Damn, Roger!

C: But what could Roger or Jamie do? He sent out the invitation and Christie brought an entourage – small fish, but in a smaller pond to make himself feel big.

Tom has a religious zealotry and a cruel streak that rankles Jamie, but he feels obligated to allow the man and his family safe harbor on the Ridge since he did issue an invitation to all of his fellow prisoners to stake a claim on a plot of land there.

~ Maril Davis

G: Am I the only one taking note that Tom is counting everything that Jamie has?  I would keep an eye on him.

C:  I saw it too. If “elevator eyes” were applied to a room, that’s what Christie did…the up and down with disdain.

E: I have never heard “elevator eyes”. That is exactly what Christie was doing.

V: That smell must be really strong for her to ask if she was opening up a bar.

G: I’m still concerned that Claire didn’t speak to Bree earlier about the ether.

When we first see Claire this season, she’s really—on the surface—trying to put forward this very brave face. Obviously the events of the end of last season were so horrific that it’s not something that anybody gets over. But for Claire, she’s always been this sort of rock for other people, someone who finds it very difficult to ask for help. So when we see her, she’s trying to tell everyone that she’s ok but we see that’s not the case. She’s unraveling and she’s not really willing to admit that to herself.

~ Caitriona Balfe

V: I am glad Bree is talking with Claire. There is no way she is fine. But again, all these people in one family being raped and each trauma is different. But, I’ve never liked that plot device.

E: I really liked how she was asking Claire how she was doing and not really taking Claire’s one word answers. It’s good that Bree is keeping tabs on her; but at the same time, she is questioning how much good can be done in that time when people only see it as suspicious, which can lead to horrible things.

G: Glad that Bree is letting Claire know that she isn’t alone.

C:  The writers do a really good job dealing with trauma, but there is so dang much of it!

V: Has anyone ever wondered why people never question what Claire is doing?

G: Me!

C: They are afraid of the answer!

E: Me! I think people do question, but as we have seen over the years with Claire, she continues to “do” what she thinks is right, which puts her in harm’s way.

V: I am glad they are taking time with these types of scenes.

V: Oh geez, there they are . . . Malva and Allan. My stomach just churned.

G: Yes. Not a fan of any of the Christies.

C: They are all smarmy.

It’s very important to introduce new characters which we do every season as Diana creates new characters… In episode 1, we went backward by going to another book where the Christies are introduced and we need to fill that fans in that don’t know them. So we give them a little bit of a backstory on the Christies, the new villains in town.

~ Matthew B. Roberts

Like the first chapter of the book, it has to start with a bang. For Season 6, the writers of the series primarily used Gabaldon’s Outlander novel, A Breath of Snow and Ashes as the foundation for the narrative. We’re introducing new characters as we do every season because Diana does this in her books. But we actually go back to another book to introduce the Christies who are the new villains in town.

~ Sam Heughan

She [Malva] sees Claire, and sees that this is [a] very modern woman in a time when women weren’t seen as having brains, as being equal to men.

~ Maril Davis

V: Are you a little jealous Tom?

G: Him and his “blessings”.  Seems he is very jealous of Jamie . . . still.

C:  I don’t think he’ll ever not be jealous of Jamie – King of Men.

V: Oh Tom, what happened to thou shall not covet your neighbor’s house; thou shall not covet your neighbor’s wife . . .  excetera, excetera, excetera.

G: Claire with the obvious point.  Do we really need to let them settle on the ridge?

V: No ma’am. But, we all know how honorable Jamie is and he keeps his word.

V: That’s a lot more people they have to worry about.

V: Damn, Sam can act his ass off. I thought that one tear drop was going to fall when he told Claire she was always with him.

V: Nah Claire, an angel couldn’t do all of THAT!!!

V: Wow, that was such a sexy, mature scene. They didn’t waste any time giving us an intimate scene. Wonder if we will see the same for the other characters.

I brought on board the intimacy advisor Vanessa Coffey because with intimate scenes, it’s important that everyone is protected, but also we find a way to explore these scenes and actually maybe get something more out of them.

I think this season we’ve done an even better job with those types of scenes because she really helped us understand what we are doing and how we build up this relationship and take it somewhere else, so she’s been terrific.

~ Sam Heughan

G:  The director played tribute to the wedding episode by positioning Claire on Jamie’s lap.

All they needed was his tartan and his mother’s pearls.

C:  I missed that parallel. I’m just glad the writers stopped treating them like roommates.

V: Look, little girl, don’t be sneaking up to people like that. Malva, what the hell are you doing there? She creeps me out already.

G:  She seems so curious. If Tom wasn’t her father, I would be less suspicious.

V: Claire mentioning Lord John reminded me of the trailer. Guess he’ll be showing up again.

C: I totally missed that. I hope they bring more LJG. I loves me some David Berry.

V: Talking about phosphorus and Lucifer. Yeah okay, Missy! Be careful of people relating e’rything to the Bible. They are the absolute worst!!

G:  Be careful what you tell Malva, Claire, one witch trial is enough.

V: Seriously Malva, with all that blathering on, what the hell do you want? Bread for the congregation? Is Tom creating his own church out there in the woods? Ha!

C:  It was a good scene to show how intelligent she is, not afraid of new ideas, and how impressed Clair is with her…just beware.

V: But that curiosity might also mean she’ll be butting heads with Marsali.

E: I think Malva is a curious thing, but she is going to run afoul of her father and Marsali. So many girls want to be close to Claire.

V: Damn, I wish these people would go a-w-a-y. He doesn’t want to be an Indian Agent. And blackmail always works, doesn’t it?!

G: For real.

E: Interesting they sent a Scot in a Redcoat this time to beg Jaime.

G: Business in Brownsville?  Yikes, I hate the Browns.  I’m still not happy that baby Alicia was left in that town.

C: I forgot about baby Alicia. I can’t imagine she was treated that well. Does she show up again in the books?

V: They forgot about her too. I am not sure if she does; I don’t remember.

V: He is truly a trip and trying to take over. He already has to get bread from them, is that where the supplies are going to come from for the church and school? This isn’t going to end well.

G: He is really starting to irk me.

There’s more layers to Tom Christie. On the surface [Tom] seems to be this tiresome, Bible-bashing, fire-and-brimstone man. But as the season progresses we learn a lot more about him.

~ Caitriona Balfe

G: He has always been in Jamie’s shadow. I get the sense that he feels like he has been a good and faithful servant and worthy of God’s blessings.

But he and his family are suffering, while Jamie is living in abundance. He is angry at God, but takes it out on Jamie.

V: You tell ‘em Jamie. He just poked a whole in Tom’s plan and rightly so. I love Bree’s expression – like nope, don’t talk about you building a church. Those people don’t look like they can build anything!

A church, you say?
Sorry, we missed your sermon. . . .
Has anyone here built a cabin before?

G: Exactly. Tom wants the school and church to indoctrinate the settlers on the ridge.

C:  You’d think he’d want a home first…just saying.

Well, then, Mr. Christie,
maybe I should explain how we do things here.

E: He is bad news. I’m not one for blocking people from building a house of worship, but I’m going to have to say Jamie shouldn’t let him build a church.

It will only give Christie more leverage and cause way more drama.

V: I agree.

Look at the sisters. I love that they have a wonderful relationship!

V: Well, that was a little awkward of an exchange. But, I guess since Amy had lost her husband, she equated the same for Marsali. She does seem overwhelmed though.

E:  Marasli does love herself some Bairns. It made me sad that Amy thought Marsali was a widower too. Fergus needs to get his butt home. Marsali can’t be the only one handling the homestead and the children too.

V: Roger, how do you know so much about this woman?

C: Yeah, he seemed a little too interested.

G:  Also glad to meet Amy who will be an interesting character later in the series.

V: Oh, she’s going to be interesting, all right!

E: I don’t know this character, so I am along for the ride. I too am interested in understanding why Roger has taken a liking to her and her son.

V: Fergus can’t find his way home, but he could find them in the middle of the woods. He is as drunk as Cootie Brown!

G: You called my man Cootie Brown. LOL

C: LOL – I’m just glad they’ve given César something to do.

G:  Also Jamie normally is more attentive to issues with folks in his circle.  But Fergus seems to be his blind spot.

V:  Dealing with all these people on the ridge and Tom, he has a lot of blind spots.

E: He seems to be aware how Fergus is spending his “time,” but he hasn’t set him straight, which is of concern.

V: Tom acts like he’s never seen someone drunk before. If it is not obvious, I can’t stand him or his offsprings. There, I’ve said it!

C: There is nothing likable about that man.

E: He is getting on my last nerve. So judgy with every look.

V: Allan is holding that gun like he’s never held one before. He’d blow the animal and all the meat to smithereens with that thing.

V: Ian is showing some smooth skills with that bow and arrow.

V: You can tell something’s wrong with this family. All they talk about is religion. Ian (John) looks like he is about to create a blooper (holding back laughter) at Allan talking about his father and guns.

G:  Allan is sketchy. He also seems to be at war with his father’s beliefs.

V:  Overly religious people and upbringings, at times, produce the worst people.

E: Something ain’t right with that kid. He speaks about how his Father tells them what they should be doing; yet at the same time, he doesn’t seem to be on the up and up. Like, what’s up with that gun powder holder?

C:  They cast Allan well. He comes off as a person who is incredibly insecure, which fits with having a father like Tom.

In episode one when the Christies arrive, I have a lovely scene with John Bell [who plays Young Ian] involving a gunpowder horn and that was really fun to do – it is the start of a massive ripple effect in the Ridge, and from that scene onwards Allan upsets many people and it just has this lovely effect throughout the season.

~ Alexander Vlahos

If you haven’t read the books and don’t know what is happening, season 6 certainly delves into Ian’s character more so I have a lot to play with.

~ John Bell

V: WTF? Who are these people?

V: Oh shit, it’s Richard Brown.

G:  I hate the Browns! It’s too bad they weren’t around when Claire was attacked.  Grrr

C: They were around when she was kidnapped. They are one degree of separation removed from what happened to her.

V: I doubt very seriously he would have stopped Lionel. He probably would have turned a blind eye to the situation.

E: My stomach curled when I saw that pack of folks riding up and then to see it was the Browns. I wanted to hide. Poor Claire, she will never be rid of them or the memories.

V: You know damn well who he is.

You can’t talk about civilization with your little fake ass committee of safety.

What was that look between Allan and that man regarding his gunpowder horn?

V: Ewww . . . That cut is gross. Is that what made his ass pass out?! The sight of it? I was hollering!

E: I laughed when he passed out too. Big tough man can’t handle the sight of blood.

C:  Was suturing well known at that time? I’m surprised he didn’t call it devil’s work.

E: You are right Cathy, I had the same thoughts about the sutures. I was shaking my head again on that one cause it was so prominent in the scene that I feel like it is going to come back to haunt Claire.

V: Yeah, suturing has been around since ancient times. But, where they are in North Carolina during that time, I doubt it. That’s what I was asking earlier. Nobody questions Claire for all the medical/healing she does with tools no one there has seen before. Well, almost.

G:  It seems Allan (guns) and Malva (medicine) are more interested in worldly things than their father would disapprove of. I’m sure Tom notices this and that just adds to the resentment.

V: He is such a fanatic! Everything coming out of his mouth is about religion.

V: I see you don’t have a problem drinking now, do ya, Tom!!

The operation on Tom Christie’s [Malva’s father] hand was quite fun, just purely because Mark Lewis Jones is such a great actor. We had a lot of laughs doing that.

~ Caitriona Balfe

E: 😂😂😂

Jamie almost shoved that wine down his throat.


V: He seems speechless, yet impressed, with Claire’s skills.

V: WTF does that mean! He has a lot of nerve. I’d put his ass off of my land. Ingrate!

G:  Jamie said it’s time for your annoying self to go.

V: I don’t blame Jamie for staying. Maybe he can keep reminding him about fainting like he does about Ardsmuir.

G:  If I were Jamie, Tom would be sent off to Brownsville.

V: I’d help him pack!

C: Christie had to say something to cover up his embarrassment.

E: I guess.

V: Good lord, look at all that food.

G:  That is a lot of food. How do they keep it warm?  Or doesn’t everybody hurry up and eat.

V: I don’t think they care about it like we would. It’s obvious, because it sits out on the table for a bit.

C: Lizzie and Mrs. Buggs in a food placement turf war. LOL

V: Richard Brown is a liar!

E: We all know that fire was set by the Browns. Not an Indian in sight when that happened.

V: Offering Richard the position is a mistake!

G:  He is a bigot and a liar. That fire was set by his brother!

V: Tom is an ass. Malva, don’t be asking about Claire! Allan is obviously impressed. He is probably wondering how Jamie can live the way they do, while his family is living in the woods.

G:  The blue on the wall in the parlor reminds me of River Run.

C:  I was thinking the same thing.  All the house colors are beautiful.

E: I don’t think they have ever shown the ridge inside during a large gathering. This was nice and I really do like the interior and how they have put it together.

He’s trying to step out of his dad’s shadow and become the man he believes that he is, and by doing so in the first couple of episodes he is trying to force his way into having his own identity. He ruffles a few feathers and sets in motion with his sister a chain of events that trickles all the way through season six and causes disruption and carnage.

~ Alexander Vlahos

V: He always has something to say about Ardsmuir. Take the nettle off the record, Tom. I guess he thinks that’s a dig at Jamie or something.

He has no idea who Jamie is now and who he is dealing with. Green is not your color Tommie! He is so jealous of Jamie and he shows it every time he opens his mouth.

G: Poor Fergus seems to be struggling and no one knows how to reach him.

V: If Fergus is drunk the whole season, I am going to be pissed.

C: So am I. We finally see more of Fergus and he’s unlikable.

E: I don’t know if I can handle this Fergus. I am just going to be disgusted every time he is on the screen. I will be giving him the same look that Marsali gave him.

V: Fergus, eat the bread to soak up all that liquor you’ve consumed.

That was a funny scene with Lizzie and Josiah, only to setup the exchange with Amy,
Aidan, Roger and Bree. Hmmm . . . I can see the parallel.

G: Allan really seems out of place. He is trying to impress folks as if this is “his” house. And Roger to the rescue.

V: He, like Malva, gives me the creeps.

E: That entire family gives me the creeps.

G: Their heart is in the right place. But they need to be careful of everyone.

V: Isn’t that the truth!

E: I don’t get why they are so hard headed. Somehow, this is not going to turn out well.

G:  Roger is always willing to step in and help. He is really good with kids. I can also see him being drawn to Aidan because they both lost their fathers when they were very young.

V: Yeah, but the last time he got too close to another woman, he ended up hanging from a tree.

C: Bree better watch that. Being admired is a powerful aphrodisiac, especially when living in Jamie’s shadow and never being “the man”.

E: Right!

V: These people can’t ever get any peace. What is it now?

G:  There is never a dull moment on the ridge.

C: It wouldn’t be Outlander if there wasn’t drama on top of drama. LOL

V: That better not be Richard Brown and his cronies. Spoke too soon. It is him! And, the tension rises.

E: Here they come again.

C: My stomach gets in knots whenever I see men riding in a group like that. It’s a lynch party until proven otherwise.

This season, Jamie’s in a less strong place. He’s worried about Claire. He’s trying to protect her. He’s trying to protect the people on the Ridge. He has so many different responsibilities … It’s not as hard emotionally in some sense, but his loyalties are more challenged, so it’s more of a political play for him this season. But every season there’s always some challenge … I love the show because there’s always something to play and this season is definitely more about Jamie trying to protect the whole family.

~ Sam Heughan

V: You have a lot of nerve speaking to Claire after what your brother did to her.

G:  If I never see the Brown’s again it will be too soon.

V: You see Bree taking notice that Claire went inside. She never does that. She’s always at Jamie’s side, so she knows what’s going on.

E: The look on Claire’s face and what she conveyed to Jamie before heading in was so painful. She is not okay and these people showing up in a pack like they did when they took her is just triggering.

G:  Look at Allan trying to run.

G:  I also wonder if Phineas Brown stole it from an Indian that he killed.

V: Hmmmm . . . that’s something to think about.

V: He looks scared to death of his father.

Oh, but you want him to lie? Hypocrite. Tom is an evil, abusive man.

G:  What was the quip that Tom said to Allan about “being like your mother”? I feel like there is a lot more going on with Tom than meets the eye.

E: I agree Gwen, there is something there. I feel like she didn’t die of natural causes.

V: Oh, remember his wife bore his brother’s child (Malva) while he was in Ardsmuir. Then, she was sentenced to hang for his murder. That’s why he said she was burning in hell. This family is all kinds of twisted.

C:  I know the Christies play a pivotal part of the story, but I’m not looking forward to it. It’s going to be all kinds of messy.

V: Me either.

V: You’re NOT running anything here! Someone ought to take that whip and put it on Richard.

G:  I’m sure Jamie is pissed that Allan brought trouble to his front door.

E: They haven’t even been there a minute and they bring this band of evildoers straight to Jamie’s land. No-No-No!

V: I was thinking the same thing. And, Mr. High and Mighty’s son gets whipped, by Jamie, in front of the entire ridge. SMDH

V: So Tom, will these marks be honorable to you?

G:  I’m sure Richard Brown deferring to Jamie took Tom back to Ardsmuir.

C: He had to feel small knowing that Jamie took over because he didn’t trust Christie. To have someone beat your child and have him squeal (unlike Jamie silently being whipped), must have been belittling.

V: Should have known that would be the turning point for Jamie. He knows how Richard would treat the Native Americans.

G: I think this is the best, Jamie.  Richard is a complete mess.

C: Brown is messy!

G: Jamie is telling him that this is my property.  And, Tom mentioned God’s law.


V: And, rightly so. Jamie’s word is the law on the ridge. Tom always has a counterargument and tries to get the last word. I wish he would STFU!

Marsali and Fergus have always been this fun, romantic couple – young, cool – like the ones that make people laugh and are just really in love with each other and have all these kids.

And this time, it just got really deep and really dark… They’re at their most tested. It’s the first time you see her having to step up, and she’s sort of supporting the family and dealing with her own needs.

~ Lauren Lyle

V: What is going on with him and all that drinking? Man c’mon, get it together.

Me and César always think we’re like the cool, fun couple who never fight, but maybe there’s one or two fights this season, and Marsali is slightly more run off her feet.

~ Lauren Lyle

G: I wonder if this is giving Marsali flashbacks to what her mother warned her about.  I hope they can work it.

C:  Poor Fergus being constantly reminded he is unable to do what is considered real work. It looks like substance abuse will be the running theme this season.

E: There has to be a back story here, but unsure what it is and why it is driving Fergus to drink. Is it the one hand thing again?

V: OMG, the sight of Lionel makes me want to puke!

Caitriona was really on board in exploring what this would be like and how as a doctor she’s always kind of compartmentalized, but what happens when you’re unable to do that anymore? Claire’s so used to tamping down her feelings in some ways in this area that she’s just struggling with how to deal with that this season. So, I think we’ll see that escalate. And how she chooses to deal with that is something we added and just felt was needed.

~ Maril Davis

V: Since all these flashbacks aren’t just of the rape, they must be showing us all the trauma Claire has experienced and bottled up inside since she’s been in that time and we didn’t know it. Just glad they blurred the visions.

C:  They couldn’t spend all that time reminding us about Jamie’s prison time to set up the significance of Christie being on the Ridge, without also giving us a reminder of what Claire had been through.

V: True that.

G:  Oh, this is horrific.

When we read the books, it’s dealt with in little bits and bobs here and there, but she never really deals with it. And it felt like such a traumatic experience that it didn’t seem like we could ignore that, and it didn’t seem like we did justice to the character if we did.

And so, we really leaned into that. I think the writers did an amazing job with coming up with this coping mechanism for Claire.

~ Maril Davis

V: She is going to start self-medicating. I can see it coming.

G:  Noticing the tea and tax jokes coming from the Brits. 🙂

V: Yeah, I caught that. E’rybody had jokes that day about tea and taxes.

I’ve never been afraid of ghosts.
I live with them daily.

C: I love it when they make history jokes. Even though both Bree and Roger are from the future, it was a funny reminder that they are culturally different.

When I look into a mirror,
my mother’s eyes look back at me.

G:  This is an interesting twist. I wonder if she will become addicted to ether and if she will be able to overcome it. Outlander taking time to explore the trauma after sexual assault is very important.

My mouth curls with the smile
that lured my great-grandfather
to the fate that was me.

C: Her using ether to shut out the world was gut wrenching.

Of course, it isn’t these homely ghosts that
trouble sleep and curdle wakefulness.
Look back. Hold a torch to light the recesses of the dark.

V: Jamie knows something is not right with her and she is not letting him in.

Listen to the footsteps that echo behind when you walk alone.

C: And, he’s not letting her out of his sight.

V: This music has my heart beating fast. I feel so badly for what she is experiencing. Poor thing.

All the time, ghosts flit past and through us,
hiding in the future.
Each ghosts comes unbidden
from misty grounds of dreams and silence.

C: OL has always done a good job with portraying PTSD realistically.

E: She has so much PTSD from WWII, battles leading up to Culloden, the rape, just so many things that she has bottled up.

Our rational minds say, “No, it isn’t.”
But another part, an older part,
echos always softly in the dark, “Yes, but it could be.”

When that came up to use the ether.  What we loved about it was it’s not addictive, but there is an addictive quality to numbing the pain. For Claire, who wears her heart on her sleeve, that’s a pretty big statement for her to want to numb the feelings she’s dealing with.

~ Maril Davis

By blood and by choice,
we make our ghosts.

We see that Claire starts to lean on some things she’s been using medically to give herself a little bit of a reprieve from the pain that she’s experiencing.

~ Caitriona Balfe

We haunt ourselves.

Episode Rating (1-5 Shots)

DROUGHTLANDER IS O-V-E-R!!! With this being the beginning of the season, we give this episode 4-shots (3.6 rounded)!

They squeezed in a lot in this 90-minute episode. We saw the backstory from Jamie’s time at Ardsmuir Prison and the conflict he had with Tom Christie to fast forward to the ridge where their conflict continues. We enjoyed the flashbacks of the previous seasons and thought it was a good way to refresh people’s memory of what happened and to catch new non book readers up to this point. We also enjoyed having Claire’s voice over back. However, we hope we get more than snippets of all the characters and more of their stories.

That was an interesting ending to Epi1 and appears that it is a set up for delving into PTSD and trauma. The episode laid the groundwork for the entire season. We enjoyed seeing Jamie and Claire enjoy the simple life, for fleeting moments, but we know the rug will be pulled out from under us this season. It was also nice to see the expansion of the ridge and all the new characters. The acting, costumes, sets, and story were all excellent. One of the most unexpected, but-so-glad-it-was-there, part was the power play over food placement when Mrs. Bugs and Lizzy were setting the table for dinner.

The acting has improved with each season and we enjoyed all the performances. This was made strikingly clear when immediately after S6E1, S1E1 began to play and Caitriona’s acting was unrecognizable. Her growth was evident. Sam is still stellar, as usual, and Sophie, Richard, Lauren, César, and John have also improved and grown into their characters. With this expansive family, we do hope there is enough time to see all their stories unfold. We especially look forward the seeing how they tell Ian’s story. There were also a lot of little ones running about and we hope to be able to spend more time with them.

We were introduced to the Christies and must admit the casting is spot on. Mark Lewis Jones (Tom), Alexander Vlahos (Allan) and Jessica Reynolds (Malva) fit their characters to a tee. Now, we know that Tom, if not all of them, is this season’s villains. It will be hard for us to watch, but it will be interesting to see how they tell their story. We also know that Richard Brown (Chris Larkin) and his crew are lurking in the shadows.

We love how they continue to repurpose old costumes – Bree’s red coat, Jamie’s father’s jacket, and Claire’s belted jacket. We also noticed that Jamie looked cleaner than ‘the board of health’ and crisp with his coat and neckwear/tie. Although Roger initially looked a bit frumpy at the beginning, he surely cleaned up nicely for dinner.

Although there were several wide-angle shots of the scenery, nice transitions either of the day, night or nature, there weren’t a lot of closeups, which we miss. The close ups allow actors to express themselves with their eyes, which for us is so much more powerful than words.

For one of us, Outlander has become like a comfortable pair of shoes – a favorite, but no longer as exciting because the newness is gone. But never fear, we all still enjoy it and know this season will be emotionally intense with Claire, Marsali, Fergus and others dealing with emotional and physical trauma, the upcoming revolution, and of course the Christies.

The Skye Boat Song (Duet Version) | Outlander: S6

~ Video via SonySoundtracksVEVO

V: I wasn’t sure what to expect for the new season – Skye Boat Song – and wondered how they would change it. But, I like this rendition with Raya Yarbrough & Griogair Labhruidh.

G: I prefer the S1 version, but it’s always good to hear Raya Yarbrough.

C: This rendition did nothing for me…I’m starting to sound like a Debbie Downer, but I wasn’t impressed up to this point.

E: I agree Cathy, out of all the seasons so far, this theme song was a dud.


What we are looking forward to in S6 Epi2?

Cathy: I am curious to see what happens next (and the reason I did not read the book in anticipation). I’m looking forward to how Fergus’ and Marsali’s story plays out. César and Lauren are incredible actors and I want to see more of them.  I’m also interested in how they will tease out Claire’s trauma reaction and substance abuse. Follow Cathy on Twitter – @Dr_DoNoHarm.

Gwen: ABOSAA is one of my favorite books, but it has some really intense moments and I’m looking forward to seeing them on screen.  I am also looking forward to Marsali’s delivery and the aftermath with Fergus.  I hope he makes it back in time and I hope the baby is alright.  Allan seems to have a dark streak. I hope Claire is careful around him.  Follow Gwen on Twitter – autonomy_6.

Evelyn: I want to see more of Marsali and Fergus. Hopefully there will be a deeper story line here, as Fergus has been on the side for too long. I am also interested in seeing how the Christie family and congregants turn out for the Ridge. Follow Evelyn on Twitter – @ELoran.

Vida: I know we are in for a wild ride this season. I am also looking forward to Marsali giving birth and wondering what the hell is going on with Fergus. I am also glad that we will be visiting with the Native Americans again. Follow Vida on Twitter – @blacklanderz.

Outlander S6 Epi2 – Allegiance

~ Video via STARZ


Ian and Jamie butt heads over Jamie’s reluctance to pass along the Cherokee’s request for guns. The tension between Fergus and Marsali dissipates as Marsali gives birth to their fourth child. However, the joy is short-lived when a discovery is made.

The Outlander Official Podcast

Listen to “Episode 601: “Echoes”” ~ STARZ ⚓

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Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures.  No copyright infringement intended. 


2 thoughts on “Blacklanderz®Convos! Outlander S6 Epi1 – Echoes

  1. I absolutely loved this convos! Your insight and banter were marvelous! My favorite one was “Because he was playing chess, while e’ryone else especially Tom was playing checkers.” Jamie is always playing chess and that’s what I love about his character. As always now I have to go back and rewatch to see all the things you all saw that I missed. Great Convos ladies!


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