Blacklanderz®Convos! Outlander S6 Epi7 – Sticks and Stones


Outlander S6 Epi7 – Sticks and Stones

Written by Danielle Berrow | Directed by Jamie Payne

This conversation is between Blacklanderz® Lorinda, Iris and Olivia. Arranged and edited by Vida.

O: What does a ladybug symbolize, I wonder? That red ladybug climbing up the bloody reed surrounding a dead Malva was interesting.

[V: Supposedly, a ladybug may be a sign of good luck, genuine love, and as a harbinger of transformation. It is a messenger and carrier of good news, and it bestows blessings upon people who come into contact with its presence. So, seeing one here . . . I’m not sure who it is for.]

I: The title “Sticks and Stone” is oxymoronic. Malva words are going to have devastating consequences for Jamie and Claire and the Ridge.

O: Good point, Iris. This will hurt them for sure.

L: Good observation, Iris. I knew the words were Malva’s words that would actually hurt Claire and Jamie’s Reputation and endanger their lives, and the sticks must be where Malva was found dead in Claire’s garden.

I’m standing before you today
to tell you that the devil is real.

I: This was such a hard scene to watch, Malva standing before “God” and the Fraser Ridge community and confessing/lying about her failed imaginary “relationship” is the worst. Who does that?

It is obvious that Malva had a bad childhood, but I don’t understand why she chose to ruin Claire and Jamie who have shown nothing but kindness to the Christies and all the people on the Ridge. It’s obvious that Malva doesn’t have a clue about what it means to love someone or the dept of Jamie and Claire’s love. Jessica Reynolds knocks it out the park.

They say he comes
in the guise of an angel.

But he spoke to me in the guise of a man.
Seduced me.

L:  I know Iris. It made me sick to my stomach, the blatant lies she was telling. Standing in the LORDS house spewing lies. You can tell how much respect she has for God, or if she even believes in Him.

How in the world do you believe in God, tell a lie in His house and not be afraid that you might get struck down right in that very spot. As for the production, I liked how they showed her playing the peeping Tomette and how she came to know about Jamie’s scars. Yes, Jessica did knock this one out the park.

I lost my innocence.

It was stolen.
Taken by someone trusted.

Who made promises.

O: I was struck by how bold and brazen she was in her “confession.” That b*tch just out and out lied. Losing her “innocence?” Please. Lord. Talking about “the devil is real.” Yeah, real in her.

Who was supposed to be kind to me.

L:  Olivia, she is the devil. I can’t stand her and the predicament she has placed Claire and Jamie in. It’s atrocious!

I:  It’s so sad how the innocent baby has been made to suffer from the start with all of Malva’s conniving and lying. I am having a hard time understanding what Malva’s end game was. I mean, did she really think Jamie would leave Claire for her? Or, that he would marry her, and she would become mistress of Ridge? Or did she not care, and her only goal was to rain havoc on the Ridge?

My baby will be a bastard in your eyes.
But I hope you can see it in your hearts to treat us kindly.

O: I don’t know, Iris. But I suppose either she’s delusional, or she just wants to hurt Jamie and Claire because she’s been hurt by her pious, yet despicable father. She’d need to sit on a psychiatrist’s couch in the 21st century to figure this one out.

L: She’s delusional, you can tell how the camera is changing the shape of her face that something is mentally wrong with Malva. I hate typing and saying her name! What good could come from this because Jamie and Claire are inseparable. The child once it was born won’t look a thing like Jamie. I’d like to see how she would have covered that up.

O: Good catch on the camera work, Lorinda. I didn’t think about that until you said it.

I:  Allan playing a crime scene detective almost makes me think I am watching a scene from NCIS.

O: Allan is suspicious here.

L: Yes he is suspicious, Olivia. What is he looking for? I keep thinking, did he have a knife? During Malva’s confession he looked like he was in pain hearing her say it. Yeah, I’m keeping my eye on Allan.

I:  This doesn’t look good for Claire. Interesting how Christie in all his piousness doesn’t bother to say a prayer.

L: I wish Claire would have just screamed, “help somebody, please help,” instead of trying to save the baby. I’m sure Malva’s body was cold by the time Claire got to her. Jamie has more of Christ in him that Christie does, it seems to me he’s happy to see people go to hell. That’s what you call a religious person, not a Christian. Christie has no Christ like traits anywhere within him. He uses his religion as a tool to punish others.

O: Christie’s piety is all show to me. Real compassion and Christ-like love is not in him.

I:  Allan interrogating Claire like a crime scene detective makes me feel like we stepped into an episode of Law and Order SVU. Claire needs to choose her words very carefully.

L: Allan knows what happened to Malva and he’s making sure Claire didn’t see anything. Who in the world does he think he is? He was a thief in the first episode. Jamie looked at Allan like, give me a reason to whoop your ass! (singing in my Luther Vandross voice)

O: That’s funny, Lorinda.

I:  Of course Claire’s explanation doesn’t make sense, she can’t tell Allan she huffed ether prior to going into the garden and she doesn’t know who killed Malva.

O: And her ether addiction is working against her here. She doesn’t really know what she may have done, she was so out of it. (I really do not like this uncharacteristic aspect of Claire through this ether addiction story line. I know, I’m repeating myself).

L: Her explanation backs her into a corner, but she always used her knife in the garden, but the Christies aren’t hearing this. They believe she was using some kind of spell or making sure Malva was dead.

O: Jamie knows this is going to be costly for them all. Is his warrior persona and the goodwill he’s built up with the residents of the Ridge going to be enough to protect Claire, and him, from further gossip and worse? I doubt it, though.

I: While it should be, I don’t think it will be enough. If I am regretting the day that Roger Mac told Tom he could stay on the Ridge, I know the Frasers must be regretting it.

L: Every time I see the Christies, I think that Roger should have said No, or you can camp here until himself returns from his journey. It would have saved a whole lot of drama, but it wouldn’t be Outlander if Jamie and Claire weren’t going through some uncanny situation. Like I said before, Jamie is getting tired of all people implying his wife killed someone. He knows her oath and character. The warrior wants to break the necks of those who try or want to harm Claire.

I:  We believe you Claire, but you know this will be a hard pill for the Christies to swallow. They were already giving you the “side eye” for your unconventional ways.

L: Yes, we believe Claire, but others won’t because their lives are full of superstition. The Christies believe Claire is a witch and by now all the fisherfolk and most of everyone on the ridge believes the same thing. This isn’t going to end very well for the Frasers, I believe a storm is coming to the Ridge.

O: All that evidence on Claire: the bloody hands, the knife. I know she was trying to save the baby, but she should have never touched dead Malva.

I:  Does it matter how long it took for Malva to die? She is still dead.

O: This man’s piety is always so misplaced. He’s more worried about whether Malva had time to ask for forgiveness. I just can’t with him.

L: He is so pious and self-righteous, he doesn’t know the grace of God. She wouldn’t have time to repent, repent of what? She confessed to the church that she was with another woman’s husband. Which leads me to ask, what don’t you believe, Tom?

I:  Tom would rather go with Malva’s obvious lie than to admit that Malva must’ve slept with someone else. Jamie will not Tom goad him into taking responsibility for Malva’s child.

L: One thing Christie ought to know is the character of Jamie Fraser, It was evident when they were in Ardsmuir prison together. He is man of honor and always tells it like it is. So when Tom calls him your bastard child, Jamie makes it known, that HE IS NOT THE FATHER!

O: We know the child isn’t Jamie’s, but will the rest of the tenants believe him?

I: Tom is so concerned with how it will look if they bury Malva and her baby on consecrated ground and he doesn’t even stop to say a prayer over them.

O: I know. He’s more concerned about propriety. He doesn’t really appear to be mourning her and her unborn baby all that much, does he?

L: I don’t believe Tom had any love for Malva, he wanted her buried in an unmarked grave and forget about her. When we love our children, we love them with an unconditional love. If they make mistakes, we correct, guide and love them onto the right path. Tom knew this child was out there so he should have married her off. I said it and I’m not taking back a fast girl needs to find one love so she can have her needs met.

I: Malva doesn’t deserve Jamie’s compassion. Also Jamie can’t afford to back down and let Tom use Malva’s death to gain authority on the Ridge.

L: I agree with you Iris, she didn’t deserve it and neither does Tom. I was thinking he was using this situation to finally get the men to follow him instead of Jamie. Tom is still salty because Jamie took his leadership place in prison.

O: But you know Jamie would give them grace, even though he won’t receive the same from them.

I: I am a non-book reader, so I’ve been having trouble reading the sibling relationship between Allan and Malva. I feel like I am missing something. He seems really broken up about Malva, but I never thought he really cared for her. Could he be the father of Malva’s child? Did he cook this scheme up with Malva?

O: Book readers know the score.

L: Yes we do Olivia. Something doesn’t smell right on the Ridge. Tom should know something’s not quite right because Claire describes Malva as she was and she was prepared to take care of her remains, the same goes for Jamie. They each have a heart of gold.

I:  I can’t imagine trying to ensure that Malva is given a proper burial when Malva caused them so much harm. If Tom weren’t such a jerk, I would have let him bury Malva in the woods. I don’t think Malva deserves any grace from Jamie and Claire.

O: This is Jamie and Claire rising above it and behaving respectfully toward this despicable woman and her entire family. Then there’s the baby to think of, to provide a proper burial no matter the circumstances of the child’s conception. He is innocent, for sure.

L: It reminds me of Michelle Obama’s words, when they go low, we go high. That’s what Claire and Jamie are doing. People are going to talk regardless of how they handle it. Did you notice Tom walks off as a man who has failed, and Allan walks off as a young boy who is angry.

[V: Tom did not show an ounce of sadness.]

I: Jamie always does his best to do what is right, but I wouldn’t bring Malva into my house/surgery.

O: That was very dignified of him to do so. He gives her the dignity she doesn’t deserve.

L: Claire looks so scared. She’s not the strong woman we always see. As she walks back it’s like she’s trying to hide within herself. All those nosy bodies get on my nerves, she has taken care of them all and now they believe she’s a murderer. These people need to all go away. Jamie carrying her in shows he has compassion, but I know those loose lips will identify it with something else.

Did you all notice the music change? It was climatic when they were talking to the Christies. Then when Jamie looks at Claire, it softens as they walk into the surgery, and it begins to sound like it’s ominous and foreboding.

O: Now that you mention it, Lorinda.

I:  I don’t know how Claire will be able to get through this.

O: Those shaking hands are the give-away that she’s not really getting through this.

L: She’s becoming worse, all the cover up she thinks she’s been doing is collapsing and everything is coming undone with her, poor Claire.

I:  Malva is the gift that is going to keep on giving. The trauma of Malva and her baby’s death is going to push Claire’s strength to new boundaries.

L: I didn’t think she was going to be able to thread that needle, her shakes are coming unhinged, she’s looking at the ether as an escape mechanism, but now she’s afraid, because she believe the hallucinations are real.

O: Yep.

I: Claire needs to figure out a way to push Malva’s voice from her head. She can’t afford to let her in.

O: Claire is really on the brink of completely losing it. Every traumatic event she and Jamie have experienced is coming to the fore now.

L: Hearing Malva call the ether being of the devil, Claire really believes it now. She has to stop using that stuff. Why hasn’t someone who is close to her recognized she needs help?

I: Claire really could use some therapy right now. She needs to purge Lionel’s and Malva’s projected accusations from her head. She needs to talk with Bree and Roger.

L: Iris she also needs Jamie. She needs all the to help her recover, from this living nightmare.

O: She can’t get Lionel Brown out of her head, this does not bode well.

L: Do you all think because she sees him, she believes he’s haunting her?

O: It’s something to consider, Lorinda.

I:  I wish Claire would have let Bree take care of Malva’s body. She should not have to do this. That pounding on the door is a trigger that might push her over the edge.

O: This door pounding is significant. Who is it? Was it Malva? Did Claire answer it? The problem is Claire doesn’t know herself.

L: Olivia, do you think it’s all her past coming back to haunt her. Something wants in and she refuses to answer that door. Who or what wants in?

O: I think someone actually was knocking on the door. The question is who?

O: Claire is at the breaking point now. But at least she turns away from the ether. This reckoning over the ether is coming. She can’t continue to hide this from Jamie much longer.

L:Well at least she understands ether isn’t her choice. She really needs to let Jamie know what’s going on, it’s better to have someone on your side to help keep the crazy away.

I: Claire is trying to resist the pull to self-medicate with the ether, but she is at the brink.

Insert Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five – ‘Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to lose my head…’

O: So she leaves the ether, now gets whiskey. Egads! Our girl needs help! I hope Jamie comes soon. Yay, Jamie enters the picture.

I: Oh no, whiskey may be the lesser of the two evils, but I don’t think replacing one crutch with another is going to help her.

L: Egads is right, Olivia. Do you see the way she’s guzzling that whiskey! Reminds of how she was drinking on their wedding night. Doesn’t she realize that getting drunk doesn’t help you, cause once that drunkenness wears off your problems will still be there. Did you all notice Jamie looks at her when she walks away he knows she is off.

O: Where are the Beardsleys?

I: I don’t know. Do they have something to do with Malva? I thought they were smitten with Lizzie.

O: Everyone needs to be accounted for, in light of the murder, though, Iris.

L: Yes they do, Malva got around a lot prior to her pregnancy and death. They need to question all the men on the Ridge.

O: I was wondering if this was another dream sequence for a minute there.

Where is Lizzie?

I: I hope we find out who did this soon and before it wreaks more havoc on Jamie and Claire. I am disappointed that Mrs. Bug doesn’t have enough faith in Jamie and Claire. We don’t need her adding to the gossip.

L: I wonder why Lizzie has so many disappearing acts. What’s she up too? Mrs. Bug is a piece of work. She’s a snoop, always looking for bits of evidence to gossip about the Ridge.

O: Mrs. Bug is speaking rather bluntly, but she’s right about Malva being trouble.

I: I am disappointed that Mrs. Bug doesn’t have enough faith in Jamie and Claire. We don’t need her adding to the gossip.

L: She should have told Mr. Crombie that they weren’t accepting guest at the moment, all she wanted to do was find some more gossip to spread. I don’t trust her either.

I: More like the devil in the guise of a “flower-faced Scottish lass.” So interesting how someone who looked so innocent can cause so much trouble, even in death.

L: Before this, I bet Mr. Crombie never even thought of Malva. Jamie needs to tell him to kick rocks.

O: I’m with you, Lorinda; and I co-sign what you said, Iris.

O: Mrs. Bug saying that Claire must’ve hated Malva’s guts, also suggests Claire could be the killer. So…Mrs. Bug is walking on thin ice here and adding to Claire’s doubts about herself, I think.

I: Mrs. Bug reminds me of the busy body church ladies, all up in someone else’s business and busy judging others.

L: She is a busy body; she just showed who she was by carrying this mess from the church and the community, back to Jamie and Claire. If you knew she was trouble then why didn’t Ms. Bug tell them before all of this happened. She’ll be running to tell this too.

I liked Jamie’s response, he told her to button her lip. Jamie has been the Jamie I know in this season.

O: Of all the difficulties Claire has faced as she’s traveled through time, this is the first time where she seems to have lost herself: her self-confidence, she can’t figure out what to do. What bothers me is the seeming change in character of this storyline; she’s not talking to Jamie about her problems. It’s presented well by Caitriona; the portrayal is realistic and dynamic, but it seems so out of character to me.

I: I don’t blame her. She knows she is falling apart, and she doesn’t need the people of the Ridge to see her losing herself.

L: She knows she’s about to crack, and she doesn’t like not being in control of herself. She has been through so much and she’s held herself together. I think because she’s held in so much she doesn’t have room for anything else. We see her as a super woman, but she is only human, and it comes a time for us to unload all we’ve been carrying to what happens to us next doesn’t crush us. It’s that time for Claire.

O: Hearing this gossip makes Claire doubt herself even more.

I: People don’t realize how gossip can impact people, even when it is not true.

L: This goes back to the title, sticks and stones. Yes sticks can break us, but words can too. It reminds me how social media has ruined our children’s lives. They use their words, crassness and lies to ruin each other.

O: I didn’t realize it was Tom’s Bible. Oh well.

I:  I guess everyone didn’t own their own Bible in those times.

L: Are you all sure Roger didn’t have his own Bible?

O: What’s up with Hiram?

L: Tom and Allan hyped him up, but he doesn’t really know who he’s messing with. JMMAF said, don’t start no mess, won’t be no mess. And if you value your life, you better watch your words.

I: Now everyone wants to forget the character and generosity of Jamie and Claire and believe in the worst, when nothing like this has happened before.

O: Has Hiram appointed himself head inquisitor or something?

L: It sure seems like he has, Olivia. How does Hiram believe what was said? There are always three sides to every story, your side, their side and the truth. Hiram’s has some nerve! She’s taken in the girl’s body, even after the lies she told. Isn’t that forgiveness enough?

I: I agree with both of you Olive and Lorinda.  Hiram is all high and mighty and who is he to judge Jamie and Claire.

O: Crombie’s rather bold here, talking to Jamie like that. “Flower-faced Scottish lass,” he says of Malva. I like the phrase, but he’s got to be kidding talking to Jamie like that. I mean, when you think about it, everybody knows, or should know, how much Jamie loves Claire.

Why would he look at a girl like Malva, beyond societal pleasantries? But of course, people are thinking Jamie did what they would’ve done, if they were in his position. That’s the rub of it, I think. They are not above doing that to Malva, even though Jamie is.

I:  Olivia, its more than the devil in the guise of a “flower-faced Scottish lass.”

O: You got that right, Iris.

L: Right Olivia and Iris. He’s so bold he cuts Claire the woman Jamie loves down in front of her husband! Hold up and wait a minute! I know he is full of himself, self-righteous ingrate. And another thing, why is Hiram talking to Jamie like he rules and reigns over him? Has he forgotten his place? Did you all see how Jamie looked at him. He’s not scared of you, Hiram! Crombie knew he better get his A-Suga-Suga out of there before Jamie cracked his neck.

O: Claire’s vision of Lionel is really doing a number on her. He’s made her unsure of herself and emotionally unsteady. How will she recover? Can she recover?

I: In the face of trauma, the words of anyone no matter how unscrupulous they might be, can linger and sow the seeds of self-doubt even in a most self-assured person like Claire.

L: I’ve got something for that voice, Satan the Lord rebukes you! Well, that’s my therapy. I wish he would just go away. Did you all notice he shows up in the places she goes to find peace. He invaded the spaces that keep her settled, in her surgery and her Garden. Claire’s peace is gone. How is it going to be restored?

[Lionel] You took the life of an
innocent young girl

to protect that husband
of yours, didn’t you?

When you swore to do no harm.

Not as if you haven’t done that before,
though, is it?

The lying,

the loveless marriage,

leaving when you should have stayed.

Staying when you should have gone.

O: She couldn’t stay away from the ether for long. Dang it!

I:  This one threw me for a loop. I first thought Lionel was talking about Jamie and Claire, but it seems to be a reference to marriage to Frank. Looks the sum total of all of Claire’s trauma is washing over her all at once.

L: Yes Iris, it’s opening a dam. How in the hell would Brown know about Claire’s loveless marriage or about her oath to do no harm?  Now she is putting herself down. These are the voices in her head. My heart breaks for her. Olivia, that was the only place she could find peace and that’s messed up.

L: Roger is ready to take the next step. Being a minister’s wife is hard, so I understand why Bree keeps telling him he’s not a minister. She doesn’t want to be in that role.

I:  I feel for her. She is probably thinking that this is not what she signed up for.

O: Still, I expect her to be more accepting of his decision.

L: I think Jamie wants Mrs. Bug to find some work to do and quit being a busy body.


I: I agree, why does she have so much free time on her hands?

O:Yeah, she’s making a nuisance of herself.

O: Oh now, that was telling. What have you been up to, Lizzie? Something’s up. Hay in the hair. Let me guess…

I: Seems like she is covering for the twins for some reason.

L: Why are you out there feeding the horses when you have duties in the house?

Now y’all now the stories and actions that take place in the barn. Lizzie is looking like she’s hiding something. I wonder what that is?

O: I’m listening to Obadiah, like what are you talking about, man? We saw you getting it on with Malva, in a church no less. Maybe he could by trying to deflect suspicion from himself.

I: Right and now he is using Malva’s murder for cover to throw shade at Jamie and Claire. The nerve of him. He should have just kept his mouth shut.

L: Yes, that’s true. Obadiah’s mad because he was talking about Jamie and Ian gave you a good whooping for it. These men seem to forget they were frolicking around with Malva too and it very well could have been their baby. Iris you said they were using transference, putting on Jamie what they would have done.

O: That’s right. Tell him, Roger. We all know you saw him with Malva, who was lying on her back with her skirts up.

I:  I wish Roger had said something to Bree, Claire and Jamie about catching him with Malva on the church floor.

L: Did you all catch Roger throwing shade at him – to anyone who knew Malva. Y’all do know he was talking in the biblical sense? (LOL) Roger just tells the entire story, Obadiah you’re a suspect too now. How about that?

I: I’m glad Roger is getting a few jabs in. These men are not to be trusted.

L: Roger closing that door was smooth. I thought they were getting ready to go to work or did he not want Bree to hear him. Balls. Ball. These men have got some balls. You are living on Fraser’s Ridge and you have the gall to threaten him. If I were Jamie, I would tell them to get their Sugar Honey Ice Tea and get to steppin’ off my ridge!

O: I’m with you, Lorinda.

I: Exactly Lorinda. They all need to step off.

O: We all know they were more than friends.

L: Much more than friends, he knew her very well. I would have given him a side-eye on this one. Girl, him saying he was going to give Ian a black eye.  If he was going to do it, he would have done it by now and not have waited months later. He’s all talk. And to taunt Jamie as he was walking into his home . . . I swear, these men sure have become emboldened.

I:  Obadiah is lucky that Ian didn’t pop him right there!

O: I don’t think she’ll ever sew that girl’s throat up. She can’t get through it without seeing Lionel’s face.

I:  Yeah, with him haunting her, it’s going to be hard to get through it.

L: She didn’t kill Lionel. Marsali took care of him. So, why does he have this power over her?

I: Lorinda, I was thinking the same thing. I think Lionel is the proxy for all the men who traumatize her in the past or for the guilt/self-doubt that she carries.

O: I wonder if Ian’s found out anything. And he’s another one of Malva’s paramours. How many have Malva been with?

L: Olivia, I’m not sure. Shoot she could have been with the sin- eater too. Like I said before, how did she know he was dead?

I:  I sure hope Ian gets to the bottom of the missing twins and why Lizzy has been acting so sketchy.

O: I wonder what made Ian keep thinking Lizzie was keeping something from him?

L: I’m wondering why she had to lie. She must have been rolling around in the hay with someone; that’s why she had it in her hair. Hmm, the plot thickens.

I: I think Ian spidey senses are tingling. He is not sure, but he knows something is up.

L: What type of trouble is she talking about? Did they mess with Malva too?

O: Hmm. I wonder.

I: It will all come out soon.

O: Now this is really odd. Claire’s not at dinner with the family. I don’t think we’ve ever seen that happen before. In the past, it’s always been a treat to see the whole family together at the dinner table. And it’s usually a joyous time. This clearly is not one of those times.

L: Yes, it is. Claire is usually there. Maybe she’s afraid the ghost of Lionel will show up with everyone around her; then, they would know she’s cracking.

I: This has to be an unbearable time for her.

L: My girl Lizzie is still acting hesitant. I guess she’s hoping Ian doesn’t tell her secret or maybe she was afraid he already had.

I:  I think she is going to have some explaining to do!

L: So now they’re canceling out people from the murder. Obadiah’s out, because he would be the first they would think about, and the sin-eater. Yuck!! He had to be mushy by the time Ian found him.

I: I am holding my nose at the thought of smelling the sin-eater.

O: Oh my.

O: I didn’t understand why Ian lied about the Beardsleys helping him bury the sin-eater. Was he covering not only for the Beardsleys, but also for Lizzie?

L: Well, maybe it was the conversation he and Lizzie had. I thought she was going to faint when Jamie and Ian were talking about the twins.

I: Ian probably doesn’t think that Beardsleys are involved, but he is trying to give the twins and Lizzy a chance to come clean.

O: So, at least they know the sin-eater is dead. And we know that it was Malva who cut off his fingers to make the love charm, obviously the charm was for Jamie. This is more indication that Malva, not only being evil, but delusional as well. Shades of Laoghaire, just for the love potion and delusion. I was about to say as much as Laoghaire was delusional for Jamie she wasn’t evil like Malva. Then I remembered Laoghaire tricked Claire into going to Geillis, where Claire would be accused of witchcraft. So, maybe…I’m torn. Though I still give Malva more evil points.

L: Being like her mom, Bree was curious about his death. But when Ian talked about those fingers, we know who placed those love charms out there. Yes, she was evil and malicious like Laoghaire. When she was screaming at Claire and Jamie, I heard Laoghaire. Now I wonder if she was casting them for Jamie. Malva was the witch. Yep, I’m talking about the dead.

I: Oh I think Malva and Laoghaire are two sides of the same coin.  They took one look at Jamie and decided they had to have him. Jamie is like catnip to these women.

O: Perry Mason. Wow, that’s a blast from the past. Though Roger’s accent was so thick I didn’t get who he was talking about at first.

L: I grew up watching Perry Mason and we do need him to solve this freakin’ mystery of who Malva’s killer is. Why are they talking about someone from another time like it was normal. When I heard Roger say there aren’t any police, I thought of the ratchet lawless Brown group.

I: I also grew up watching reruns of Perry Mason, cue the theme song here. As soon as Roger mentioned the police, I thought Richard Brown and his men would love to sink their teeth into this mystery.

O: And I’m thinking Claire is still not sure that she didn’t kill Malva. You can’t put her on the witness stand yet.

L: Yeah, she’s still uncertain. As I was watching that dream scene, I noticed when Claire awakened nothing was topsy-turvy on the bed. I hoped it wasn’t her.

I: Yeah, Claire’s mental break would make her a great witness for the prosecution.

O: Finally! Or so I thought, the Jamie and Claire dialogue about what’s troubling Claire.

She does reveal she took the ether to not deal with Malva. But all Jamie says is Christ! I thought there would be discussion between them.

L: Maybe he doesn’t understand the depth of using medicine and addiction.

I: She has lost her self-assurance.  All of the doubts are swirling around in her head.

All they know of is people who like to be drunk and still they don’t know about addictions.

L: I think her doubt is because of the ether, so she doesn’t trust her judgment.

While she has self-doubt, Jamie knows her. He has watched her work on people who meant to harm them.

He is correct. It’s not in Claire to harm anyone. And he intends to find out who actually killed Malva.

O: Claire’s losing it.

I: Yes, she is.

L: What else can you say when you see something/one and no one else does.

Her mind is playing tricks on her. I think the ticking clock is a symbol that her mind is about to blow like a stick of dynamite.

[Claire VO] Funny. We never
say that we’re “only human”

O: The Ridge tenants are turning against her. And this clearly worries Claire.

I:  She is in a very dark place.

L: As I watch the creek flowing past the big house, I hear the peaceful sound of the water flowing. As Claire goes through those names, she starts out with the positive names and ends with the negative ones.

when we’ve done something
good or worthy of praise.

O: And Mrs. Bug is all up in it.

I: She and the others are bold; they are not trying to hide their gossiping.

Instead, it’s what we tell ourselves to
excuse our mistakes. An effort, perhaps,
to convince ourselves that the person we
see looking back at us in the mirror

L: Mrs. Bug ain’t loyal. As Claire watches, the words heard and unheard are tearing Claire apart mentally bit by bit.

really isn’t so bad.

O: That baby casket is so sad.

I: Very sad. Allan looks like he is about to crumble.

L: A casket for any baby or child is very heart wrenching.

But who was I now?
What was I now?

Claire Elizabeth Beachump.
Dr. Randall. Mistress Fraser.

O: So, the Christies are making sure everyone turns their backs on the Frasers and their associates.

I:  Tom’s been coveting Fraser Ridge, so this would be an easy way for him to assume some control. Also, if by any chance he or Allan had anything to do with Malva’s death, this would be a great way to deflect suspicion from them.

It’s amazing to me that people would think so ill of Claire and Jamie after all they have done for the people of the Ridge. What we see now is a mob mentality. Not one of them has stood up to the others and said, I know Jamie and Claire and they have helped us all in our time of need and the evil spoken of them is not true. With supposedly friends like those, who needs enemies. Most of them knew the Frasers before the Christies; no loyalty at all in the community provided to them by Jamie Fraser.

Wife. Mother. Grandmother.

Witch. Murderer.

[Lionel] “Murderess” suits best.

O: Claire’s doubts throughout her time-traveling are manifest in her Lionel visions, I think. They are her doubts illustrated in her biggest trauma, the rape at the hands of a man in Lionel’s gang.

[V: A man? There were several men, including Lionel.]

I: Yes, Lionel is the proxy for all the past villains in her life.

L: He is, and she needs to find a way to stop thinking of herself as a failure and start talking about all of her successes.

L: Okay before we talk about the pregnancy, can we talk about those stairs! They are beautiful! Okay, now we can carry on, with Lizzie’s pregnancy.

[V: That is a beautiful shot!]

O: I bet Jamie is wondering what is going on now? The young women of the Ridge are turning up pregnant, and unmarried. Is it in the water?

I: Right, like there is something in the water.

L: Yep, somethings in the water and someone has to have been dreaming about fish.

I: Jamie is like GTFOH! Both of them?

L: The look on Ian’s face when he says she doesn’t know which one. He looked like, I know right WTF!

Everybody’s looking like how she managed to do this? Lizzie has been eyeing both of them all season. Y’all should have known it was about to go down sooner or later.

I: Ian is a real man, and he knows this isn’t the best situation for everyone involved.

L: Yes, he is. Remember when he was going to ask Bree to marry him because she was unwed and pregnant.

His heart is so precious to me. He actually has some of his uncle’s qualities in his character.

[V: He is one of my favorite characters. He was also willing to marry Malva.]

L: Roger seems to be moving into his calling, this is what he feels called to do.

I’m surprised he didn’t choose a teacher.

O: These superstitions are really exasperating. And the Bugs are getting on my nerves.

I: Poor Jem. The Bugs really need to keep their mouths shut.  They are a piece of work.

L: Maybe Roger can use his sermon to talk about ungodly superstitions.

O: Well, this is interesting. And Lizzie is just shyly smiling through it all.

L: The big house looks lovely. And Lizzy and the Beardsleys have been doing this for a while. And Olivia, she is smiling. She’s been having her a double good time and I bet she’s the ringleader of the ménage à trois.

O: This is kind of funny. It’s almost as if she sees this as normal behavior.

I: They are identical everywhere, but Lizzy was sick and one could say Beardsleys took advantage of the situation.

It is a wild storyline, but that’s what made me want to take the job was because there’s more to Lizzie than meets the eye and she does something that no one expects. And the thought of having the opportunity to play something so surprised was quite tantalizing.

~ Caitlin O’Ryan

L: When I read it in the book, I screamed!! Little shy Lizzie is doing what? I don’t think they took advantage of her Iris; she’s been making googly eyes at them since last season. The look on Claire’s face as she told the story was like uh-huh, girl you knew exactly what you were doing. Lizzie was thinking about it and you could see she was enjoying herself.

O: That smile from Lizzie again. A bit sheepish, but she reveals all. The girl’s got guts, I’ll say that. She won’t lie about it.

I: She is head over heels in love with both of them and enjoying her awakened sexuality.

L: Yes, she is, it’s written all over her face. Once that fire’s been stoked, ain’t no putting it out. Claire said you can fall in the bed with two men and do not mean too. Teach her Claire. They didn’t fool her, and she wanted them to do it.

Being ill and needing ointments and needing it rubbed all over seems like the perfect catalyst for her to take a step in the next direction. It got to a point where they couldn’t help themselves any longer.

~ Caitlin O’Ryan

O: Lizzie can’t understand why she should be faced with stoning because she’s pregnant. I don’t understand it, either Lizzie. But women throughout the ages have faced a similar fate, if not literal stoning, then a Scarlet Letter A. The men escape it, though.

I:  I agree; it’s always the women’s fault.

L: I went to a history fair this week and women are still trying to get up from underneath the thumb of men. Even in the Bible, they brought out the adulterous women to be stoned, but the men she was with was nowhere to be found. This is a man’s world or so they think.

O: Lizzie has a lot to learn!

I:  She is so innocent.

L: Yes, she is innocent and brave, she sees them from top to the bottom and notices that they look exactly alike. I don’t think Lizzie paid attention during the meetings.

O: Of course, you have to choose, Lizzie.

I: But, what if she can’t?

L: How does she choose who to be with?

O: Who does Mr. Bug think he is? He’s talking mighty big to Jamie here.

I: The Bugs have never missed an opportunity to show us tier smugness.

L: He was calling Roger weak.

I wouldn’t want to see a hog slaughtered either. I don’t trust those two. They aren’t loyal at all.

[V: I couldn’t believe how nasty he was to Roger. And, the way he matter of fact brushed off what Jem heard. He even puffed out his chest. What was that all about?

I don’t trust any of these people either and would STOP talking around them.]

L: Jamie needs to get them there to see which one will marry Lizzie before she starts showing. The way Jamie said vegetarians made it sound like it was unethical.

[V: I must have missed the point. That line (about vegetarians) made no sense to me.]

O: I like this discussion, with Roger wondering about his worthiness of seeking to be a minister when he has killed a man. And Jamie’s absolution is touching, and necessary.

L: Yes. And I like Jamie’s response that God is the only one that can judge you. Roger has to do what he is called to do and that’s that.

I: Jamie is such a nurturer. I love that even though Roger’s calling will take him and Bree away from the Ridge, Jamie doesn’t try to stop them.

L: I’m glad Jamie encouraged Roger, even gave him the courage to take it to Bree.

Their new and improved relationship warms my heart. They’ve come a long way.

O: Claire’s misery is palpable.

I: I can’t take it. She needs the space to heal.

L: How long has her body been there? Here comes this evil voice in her head. Her place of peace has been removed.

[V: Lorinda, I wondered that too. Her body should be smelling by now.]

[Lionel] You led Malva astray
with your meddlin’.
Always meddlin’.

O: Lionel’s pressure (actually it’s Claire pressuring herself) is going to make her crack.

I: She is clearly second guessing herself and wondering if it is all her fault.

L: I agree with both of you.

You bring pain to everyone around you.

O: Here it comes…

Your daughter, she got a good
taste of it when she came back here.
To save you.

L: I thought she had it beat.

Finding herself in a dark room
in the back of a tavern with a baby
in her belly that she never planned to have.

I: Looks like she is going to have to fight to stay sober.

O: Claire inhales, but oblivion doesn’t come this time, it seems. I thought she was doing the ether to get away from those traumatic thoughts in her head, but they all come out now.

I: She is trying to quiet her mind but she is getting no rest.

L: It’s not working anymore Iris, she has lost her way to quiet and shut out the voices.

And look at Lizzie.
She can’t even tell you

who the father of her child is.

How are you going to make that right, Claire?

O: The ether dream doesn’t give her the peace she craves. All the old traumas are surfacing anyhow, even Black Jack turns up.

Aren’t you the clever one,
Dr. Rawlins…

We are given a road map to Claire’s trauma, past and present. We know she has been through a lot. I suppose this is justification for her emotional collapse leading to the ether addiction. She’s finally succumbed.

[Black Jack Randall] Mrs. Beauchamp. Madam Fraser.

[Frank] Claire. Beautiful lies.

I: And now we see all the trauma she and her family have suffered and how it all takes a toll on her. She has to be wondering if her timeline traveling is the reason for so much misery.

[Lionel] I believe that you have secrets, Claire.

[Tom] I smell the vapors of hell.

L: The ether has worked opposite of what she wants it to do. This time, it brings about all of the hardships she has endured and the people who caused them. It all starts with her going back in time. She now has to decide if she keeps running or seeks help.

[Black Jack Randall] Dwell in darkness, madam.
Darkness is where I belong.

[Dougal] You’ve seen men die before.

L: Does it not knock her out this time? Has her body become desensitized to its purpose? That thunder seems to say danger is on the way or a storm is coming.

I:  Maybe that is why her mind won’t give her the peace she is looking for. It’s not over for Claire by a long shot.

[Geillis] You can come out now,
Claire–they say I’m a witch.

[Allan] We know what happens
to witches, don’t we, Malva?

[Black Jack] I will slit her throat, I swear.

[Dougal] Ye havena told the
truth about yourself.

O: Claire is watching how she is being perceived by the others. And it’s not good.

I: This has got to be one of the hardest things for Claire to do.  It is easy to hide out at home but facing everyone has got to raise heavy on her.

L: She is brave. I wouldn’t have gone. Look at them, judging others is a sin just like murder, but they don’t realize they are condemning themselves.

O: But names/words do hurt. They hurt emotionally. And sometimes naming something leads to actions, in this case no doubt unwanted.

I: If it was only that easy to diminish the words and gossip. She is hurting from the malicious words and insinuations.

L: Yes they do. They break down what’s inside of you. And while the sticks and stones leave bruises that will heal, words hurt your soul.

O: The court of public opinion, indeed.

I:  Yes, judge and jury.

L: Yes, and they are so wrong for that, to believe a lie and not have hope in those you know who have done their best by you.

O: Not everyone on the Ridge showed up for this funeral. Rather skimpy. Not even all the fisherfolk that came with Tom Christie showed up.

I: I was thinking the same thing. Was Obadiah there?

L: It’s amazing they believed her to be murdered, but they didn’t come to support the family. The funeral turnout was skimpy. Claire still feels guilty. I would have looked him in his eyes until he looked down. On second thought, maybe she wanted to keep the peace of the moment.

Who among us is not a sinner?

O: Nobody, Roger.

I: Rodger needs to remind them.

L: That was a great sermon. It made them examine themselves before they judged others.

Malva was a daughter, a sister

and a friend.

I: Claire looks away. I wish she would have stared him down.

L: Me too, but I think she didn’t want to make it a three-ring circus. Allan probably would have stood up shouted something and ran out.

She might never have been called

“mother” or “wife,”

but those are not the things
by which to judge someone’s worth.

God most certainly does not.

It doesn’t matter who we are,

nor what we’ve done,

L: It’s a sad moment, the smaller casket brings more sympathy to me than the larger one. Malva chose the wrong path and lost her life as a consequence for her actions. Whoever killed her wanted to keep her quiet.

I:  Lorinda, Malva miscalculated whoever she was manipulating, cause that person took the ultimate steps to ensure she couldn’t further endanger them.

or what has been done to us.
God forgives.

Lord, You alone are our judge.

We commend Malva’s soul to Your care.

O: Jamie is still acting like he has everyone’s respect. Doesn’t look like it.

I:  No, but he is letting them know he will do what is right no matter what.

L: Jamie is a man of valor. They will all need him again one day. And guess what, I know he will be there for them when they call.

O: I’m surprised Allan didn’t try to hit Jamie again. He’s close to hysterical.

I: I know is he hysterical because he has lost a sister or there is something else brewing here?

L: Olivia, Allan has felt his blows.

He won’t come at Jamie ever again unless he’s lost his mind.

O: Uh-oh.

I: You know the drama is coming.

L: Yes, it is.

O: Now why would Claire do that? She should’ve just waited for them to come back for the baby’s casket.

I: She, like Jamie, is trying to do the right thing. But sometimes, doing nothing is right.

L: Something in Claire is drawn to that baby, maybe it’s her memory of Faith.

L: I told you Allan would be the one to cause chaos. He likes to put the blame everywhere, but where it needs to be. He has the mindset of an immature teenage child.

He is so focused on blaming Jamie and Claire that he almost made Malva’s casket hit the floor.

I: After Allan told Jamie no regarding carrying Malva’s casket, I think Claire should have asked Bree to carry the baby casket. Lorinda, I can’t help thinking there may be more to Allan’s grief, but hopefully I am not reading too much into it.

You put that down.
They’re dead . . . because of you.

O: That’s right, Ian. Stand in front of Claire.

I:  He is not going to let anyone harm Auntie Claire.

You bastards.
Ye took my sister from me.
And yet you still get to live yer perfect,
happy little lives, as if nothing’s happened.

L: Ian will always be there to protect his auntie. He was ready to go.

O: Watching Allan carry the baby’s casket out the church was arresting. I thought, when he left his position as pallbearer for his sister’s casket, the whole thing would crash down.

I:  Right! He seems to be inconsolable, but is this love for a sibling or something else?

L: Allan is…You know, I have no sympathy for him. He is a broken person and he’s mean. Now him saying, you get to live your perfect, happy little lives like nothing happened, isn’t setting well in my spirit.

O: That was odd looking as well as sad, seeing the two caskets together like that.

I: Very sad indeed.

L: Yes, it is.

O: Using the Jamie finger twitch is good here. We know he’s really troubled.

I:  I think he realizes just how much trouble they are all in.

L: Yeah, that look means business. Do as he says do and all will be well. If not, then you’d better run for your life.

O: Jamie is really blunt with Lizzie. “Spreading your legs” for two of them, he said. That’s talking straight with no chaser, Jamie!

I: I think he is done with this situation.

L: Well she said she liked it, so there’s no other way to put it. They did it, now they must marry.

O: I didn’t really get Lizzie’s explanation. I missed her meaning.

I: I think she views both twins as the same person in two bodies. Remember, she said they are identical in every way. She couldn’t decide which one she wanted more.

L: Olivia I’m with you. One soul in two bodies? Nah baby girl, that’s two different souls in bodies that look alike. She should just say I want both of them. Did y’all see how Jamie looked at Claire? He was like really?  His – get them here or they’ll die – was it for me. Enough of this foolishness.

O: Okay. Drawing straws. I suppose that’s as good as any other way to make a choice.

Christ was born in a manger.
It was good enough for Him.

I: I don’t know if there was any other way. If Lizzie couldn’t make the decision, what else could Jamie do.

L: That drawing the straws reminded me when Claire pulled them out for Rupert and Angus for the woman during the gathering.

L: Lizzie’s really in the stables. If it was good for Christ . . . meaning, it also should be good for you. He was matter of fact about it. Dougal comes to mind here with him and Claire. The Beardsley boys aren’t going to question that look.

[V: That was a great line!]

It was just so exciting to play a dual role… and to play a story that is rooted in love and has its foundations [and is] innocent and beautiful.

~ Paul Gorman

O: I’m surprised Josiah would go off without complaint.

I:  I think he respects Jamie and may think this could have gone worse.

L: Yes, they do, that’s why they were hiding. They thought he was going to tan that hiney.

He’s done what he thought was the best solution to the problem of Lizzie’s pregnancy—make her marry the father (as he brusquely says, ‘Pick one.’), and banishes the other twin until the baby is born, in order to avoid potential suspicion.

~ Diana Gabaldon

O: I know it’s theology, but…

I: As if God would turn any of his children away.

L: God isn’t going to turn away a child.

O: Be careful Bree, this is your husband’s calling we’re talking about. Step lightly and with forethought and sensitivity.

I:  Hopefully, she will think about the best way to support him in his calling.

L: She has to support him otherwise he will be unhappy, he said it makes his soul happy.

O: I like his promise that his calling won’t come at the expense of his family. I wonder, though, if that’s a promise he can truly keep, in light of war coming and all.

I:  Hmmm. It’s nice that he thinks that, but he will have to be available for his flock day and night.

L: She has it right and the minister is always at the beck and call of his people. He will be out and called on in the middle of the night.

Now the fisherfolk are going to say they are unequally yoked, because she’s Catholic and he’s Protestant. Let’s give them something to talk about.

O: Is Claire really just getting a cup of tea?

I:  She probably was considering a huff or two.

L: He isn’t buying it. He knows she has a problem.

O: I’m surprised Lizzie didn’t even respond.

I:  Claire is her mistress. So, she may not have wanted to respond, but she is walking a very thin line.

L: She just walked away like she didn’t say anything, very disrespectful.

I knocked at the door,
but it was locked.

L: Himself has said so and so it must be. Poor Lizzie, she can’t have her cake and eat it too.

You knocked at the door?

L: Claire’s reaction is relief and it’s a relief for all of us as well. That conversation was only a dream.

Banged and banged.

And you’re sure it was that morning?

I’m very glad you told me.

O: I hope she’s put that ether mask away for good (just use it on patients for surgery).

I:  I think Lionel’s ghost may push her over the edge.  He is determined to haunt her into craziness.

L: She finally feels like she is free and here comes Lionel, who just won’t shut up. She needs an exorcist and some sage to burn.

O: Brown’s vision comes back. Ugh.

No, I didn’t do it.

I: I would kill him if he wasn’t already dead!  I need for him to be vanquished.

That doesn’t change a damn thing.

L: I told you they need a good old exorcist or some holy water. Time to kick his dead behind out and into the light, where there is peace and serenity.

Lionel is a pretty effective mechanism for… reflecting, shall we say?… Claire’s inner turmoil.

You think you can get rid of me?

This is not over, Claire.

In fact, he often is literally a reflection, showing up in mirrors, glass doors and windowpanes. He also usually shows up behind her, slithering into view from the side, sneaking up on her. Which is, of course, exactly what her fractured thoughts are doing.

~ Diana Gabaldon

Lionel’s what her mind is using for a metaphor to articulate itself, to say the things Claire can’t bring herself to look at. And to be honest, I think one reason for using this device is that Ned Dennehy is just so good at playing repellent evil, the showrunners were loath to lose him.

~ Diana Gabaldon

O: Okay, I think everything’s going to come out in the open now. That’s right, Jamie. Don’t let this go.

I:  Finally, the conversation between Jamie and Claire that we have been hoping for.

L: He knows she’s frightened and he wants to know what it is. Enough tiptoeing around it and hoping she will get better.

L: I like how Jamie goes to the place she is running from. It’s time to tell all of it. Don’t listen to Lionel, Claire. If you talk about, it will help you release it.

[V: I felt so badly for her in this scene. You could tell just how frightened she was. I am so glad Jamie was finally around to see what she was going through.]

L: He is actually helping her and leading her to the place of her distress.

He wants her healed and whole.

O: Yes! Finally!

This is what I’ve been waiting for: Claire telling Jamie what she’s been wrestling with emotionally.

I:  Holding it all in was probably making her go crazy.

L: The more she kept it to herself the stronger he becomes. But, if she talks about him, then his power will diminish.

L: We all have a feelings, especially when it comes to our family and loved ones, where we would kill anyone who threatened to harm them.

[V: You’ve got that right!]

O: It’s all coming out now. And she is telling it to Jamie, her “home,” the one she’s connected to across all time.

I:  She finally spills the beans!

L: Tell it all Claire; it will help you to heal.

The ether was no longer working because her subconscious would not allow it. There was no way she could keep her life in those little boxes because her mind was slipping.

O: Of course, she needs him to unburden herself to in order to help her confront her demons. She did the same for him those many years ago when he needed to heal from his trauma. Thank God you told him, Claire!

I:  Hopefully, she can start the healing process with Jamie’s help.

L: It’s amazing how at least 30 years later Jamie is now helping Claire as she helped him. Please God let this be the end of her torment.

O: And he responded how we knew he would . . . with love, compassion and logic, even. “Without you,” he says, “our whole world crumbles into dust.” That’s wisdom. At another point, he says, “Don’t lock me out,” and “We have to face this together.” Exactly.

I:  That is why he is the King of Men! He’s got her back no matter what.

L: My heart just swelled with every word that he used to build her up!

I love me some JAMMF!!

She pulled so much energy from her state of being and channeled it to devastating effect. You’re totally with her, feeling her anguish in every word. Beyond that, her confession implicates Jamie, doesn’t it?

While it was certainly her choice(s), he’s directly responsible for the fact that she did abandon Frank (and then Brianna).

So, this climax of the episode shifts the inner conflict she’s been dealing with all through the season to an explicit outer conversation/joining with Jamie; it’s like Lionel bursting through the looking glass, as it were, and being (more or less) vanquished by the two of them, together.

~ Diana Gabaldon

L: He would go bless the devil. That’s some powerful stuff, right there.

O: I heard a snippet of the love theme here. Good. It was needed and appropriate.

I:  If only all men were Jamie Fraser!!!

L: Yes, I heard it too! JAMMF is a man’s man, as my husband calls him.

O: I wonder who came up with this trick, Lizzie or the twins.

I:  The three of them are scheming!

L: Lizzie and the twins are little sneaks. I think she is the mastermind.

O: Of course she is, Bree.

I: More than Bree knows!

L: Bree, she’s pulling one over on you and Roger.

O: Man, his shirt looked really dirty, too.

I:  My thoughts exactly.  It looked like it’s in need of a good boiling in a lye bath.

L: My thoughts too. Bree must be off duty due to morning sickness. She still isn’t showing.

[V: Yes, she is. Look at her arm. She is showing more in this episode than she was last week.]

I think Malva’s death is a catalyst in their decision to go behind Jamie’s back and get handfast by Roger because they’ve seen how short and dangerous life can be and therefore need to do what makes them happy.

~ Caitlin O’Ryan

L: Cats out of the bag, she beat you at your game Jamie.

O: Valid or not, it’s a triad.

I: Lizzy is a bigamist!

He’s [Jamie] been neatly outwitted by Lizzie and the Beardsleys, who must together have more brains than they seem to singly.

~ Diana Gabaldon

L: Yes, ma’am a constant ménage à trois.

I: Lizzy and Beardsley tricked Roger into a second marriage. Bree and Roger always leave at the worst time. I know Roger has a calling, but I think they should stay around until Malva’s murder is solved.

L: I think so too. Jamie and Claire need their strength.

But then, Roger Mac is neatly bamboozled into marrying/handfasting Lizzie to the other twin. So… what, exactly, can Jamie do about it?  He could, I suppose, banish all three of them from the Ridge, but that looks like being the only alternative.

And aside from the fact that his family loves Lizzie and wouldn’t want to lose her, banishing them all from the Ridge would mean putting a pregnant young woman and her child in no little peril. The potential for danger (in a time of increasingly imminent war), starvation, etc. would be augmented by the very strong probability that people would be shocked at the Beardsleys’ leaving and would start asking questions.

Jamie’s a just man, but he’s kind-hearted. He bites the bullet (as Claire remarks in the book, “No man of spirit likes to admit that he’s been done in the eye by a 19-year-old bigamist.”) and does his best to keep them from being exposed.

~ Diana Gabaldon

O: Wonder how that will go over.

I: Not well. But no matter what Jamie says, they will all feel like they are married in their hearts!

L: I don’t think Lizzie or the twins care at all. They will have their cake and eat it too!

O: This is not good. Now I see it’s Richard Brown and his militia.

I:  Oh no!

L: Dang it; I knew it!!!

They brought enough men to bring her in.

[V: I don’t think all of those men were for Claire. Some were backup for Jamie.

They know he is not going to just let Claire go with them.]

O: I don’t think this is Revolutionary War related.

I:  I wonder if this is the prelude to the fire at Fraser’s Ridge, that Roger found in the archives when they were searching for Jamie.

Mr. Fraser,
we’ve come for your wife.

L: Here comes another old devil, he said he was coming back for them and today is the day. Damn it!!

Well, you can be on yer way then.

O: To quote Jamie: Christ!

I: This is just the opening Richard has been waiting for to exact his revenge on the Fraser for the murder of Lionel.

L: That’s what I said, and I know that young bull-headed Allan has something to do with it. But Jamie isn’t going to let Claire go without a fight. You best believe that.

Now, see there, you’re wrong.
We’ve come to arrest her
for the murder of Malva Christie.

Epispppode Rating (1-5 Shots)

We give this episode 4.5-shots! This episode was foreboding, suspenseful and revealing all at the same time. It covered a few things that needed to be settled and set us up nicely for the season finale. The dramatic tension played well, and it flowed smoothly.

The title was perfect. There were no sticks or stones thrown, but the words that people used cut the Frasers deeply, especially Claire. It amazes us that no one had sympathy for Claire after the ordeal she suffered. The deviousness of Malva and her lies, and how that affects everyone on the Ridge was well done.

We were glad Claire finally found out she didn’t murder Malva. It was good to see a little light come back into her when she reached that conclusion. We also felt relieved when she finally confided to Jamie what she’s been through brings things to a satisfying climax. Now, he can provide the support and balance that she needs. As much as we detest the ether-addiction storyline for Claire, the traumas she has faced were detailed. The writers did an excellent job of highlighting how trauma can impact even the strongest person and make them doubt themselves.

We had a few favorite scenes in this episode. MALVA. The opening was fantastic. We witnessed the sinister side of her and how she set out to destroy those who were always there to help her. The confession was chilling, and Jessica’s deliver of Malva’s lies to the congregation was simply outstanding. ALLAN. We noticed some bizarre behavior from him in this episode, beyond that of mourning a sibling from grilling Claire about Malva’s murder to accusing them all of killing her. His reaction at the funeral and his break at the church was emotional and foreboding.

JAMIE & CLAIRE. We finally received the scene when Claire reveals to Jamie that she was emotionally unraveling. He patiently listened to her and, once she finished, he reassured her they would work though her issues together, as they had done with him decades ago. LIZZY & CLAIRE. We also liked the scene with Lizzie and Claire. Lizzy’s naivete and sexual awakening was both funny and refreshing!

We want to give kudos to the director. We liked the thematic connections made and how the tension was ramped up throughout the episode. The director did a wonderful job of conveying just how precarious the situation was for Jamie and Claire by building not only on the tension, but also the dissension among the inhabitants of the Ridge.

Caitriona Balfe plumbed emotional depths with her performance in this episode. Her performance of Claire’s mental state was outstanding. The looks of wariness as she perceived the contempt from her neighbors to her pain and terror of her visions of Lionel Brown. Then being so overwhelmed, she finally tells Jamie and the dam breaks. Alexander Vlahos’s portrayal of Allan’s grief at the church was spot on for someone who simultaneously lost two family members.

We loved John Bell’s portrayal of Young Ian’s protection mode/stance that made it clear he would always protect those he cares about; his Auntie Claire, for one. The way he immediately and smoothly walked up and slid between Claire and Allan at the church was a boss move and he did not budge. Then there is Lizzie. He didn’t want to embarrass her in front of everyone at the family dinner, yet came the next day to let Jamie and Claire know of her predicament because he feared what would happen to her, if others found out. Cailin O’Ryan did a wonderful job of showing Lizzie’s vulnerability, naivete and how she felt making love to the Beardsley brothers. She brought the much-needed comic relief to this very heavy episode.

Although we really didn’t look at most of the costumes this episode because we were captivated by what was going one, we do have one. Jamie always looks confident and handsome, but that vest he wears (scene when Claire explains what’s happening to her) is tailor made for the King of Men.

We loved that the cinematography added so much to this episode. The way that they shot Malva’s confession in the congregation – blurry, contorted angles set in a dark, hazy mode conveyed the gravity of the situation. We also noticed some of the colors were dulled or muted throughout the episode representing mental illness and death. However, when Bree and Roger left, it brightened up, just a bit.


What we are looking forward to in the finale S6 Epi8 (Season Finale) – I Am Not Alone

Lorinda:  I want to see Malva’s murder solved; Jamie and Claire get a small slice of peace together and the Browns gone away. Hopefully, the ending won’t leave us with too big of a cliffhanger. Follow Lorinda on Twitter – @RindalovesBruce.

Iris: I am hoping we get some resolutions. Malva’s murderer is revealed. Jamie and Claire are able to prevail over Richard Brown and his men. Follow Iris on Twitter –  @IJMeTV.

Olivia: Well . . . Will they haul Claire into a courtroom? Will she and Jamie win back the respect and trust of residents of the Ridge? How will they tie this up, or will we be left with one heck of a cliffhanger? Follow Olivia on Twitter – @newsollie.

S6 Epi8 (Season Finale) – I Am Not Alone 

~ Video via STARZ


Richard Brown and his committee of safety arrive to arrest Claire for murder. However, due to the rising political tensions in the colonies, Brown’s plan to find a judge for a trial does not go as expected.

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