Outlander Costume Design: Jocasta

At River Run, Jocasta’s look “demonstrates a relaxing of Jocasta’s formal attire and indicates a softer feel whilst her relationship with Brianna becomes more open and almost maternal. The Pet-en-l’ier, with sacque back is made from an overdyed cotton print fabric with self-ruched trim and shot metallic silk edging. ~ Nina Ayers The caraco was made from a digitally printed cotton sateen with a braided … Continue reading Outlander Costume Design: Jocasta

Bree and Roger’s Time Travel Wardrobes

Brianna Time Travels Her costumes leading up to her time travel were deeply personal for me. Her ‘through the stones’ dress was quite the dilemma. We had previously decided that Claire knew too much of life in the eighteenth century to think that a “Jessica Gutenberg” (Gunne Sax) dress would pass muster, but I knew how much it meant to the fans and made the … Continue reading Bree and Roger’s Time Travel Wardrobes

Outlander Wardrobe: William

I wanted William to look as much ‘The Little Lord’ as possible and therefore used the finest materials to create his costumes. The cream linen ‘playsuit’ which he wears was designed to link to Jamie’s black linen suit, although purposely ‘impractical’ with the color choice. His silk ‘dinner suit’ is reminiscent of Lord John Grey’s suits, with the contrasting turn back collar. I wanted to … Continue reading Outlander Wardrobe: William

Outlander Casting: Duncan’s Return

Duncan Lacroix’s character, Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser, is truly a fan favorite. We were ALL glad to see his return and look forward to what the writers have in store for him. Again, the book readers and non-book readers are in the same place, as it relates to him, and have no clue what is going to happen!  ~ Vida Best Godfather E-V-A-H! Wardrobe: Murtagh’s Costume … Continue reading Outlander Casting: Duncan’s Return